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Nothing fancy here, just trying to get started with RS and Arduino. So here we go for a basic setup with one master that only emits and one slave that just listens. See the comments for the wiring:.

If all goes according to the plan, you should see something like this: The idea is that the leds switch on as you approach the desk. The detector is a bit sensitive, but it does the job ok. I was curious about the free run consumption when the leds are turned off. Doing this project I got my answer: Less than mW according the wattmeter.

Adding some nice little things like RTC, light sensor and a little led display, I plan to build a better light management. For instance, if the room is bright enough the leds stays off. And of course a single push button to iterate different modes. I believe the light is improved if it adapts to our presence without our explicit will or interaction.

Lire ce billet dans la langue de Voltaire. Pour suivre le workshop dans les meilleures conditions, il faut amener un laptop mac linux ou windows et un kit arduino.

Sur place, vous trouverez plein de composants marrants: No need to suffer from autumnal sunday spleen anymore… Come discover the electrical wonders of the arduino platform with the allstar modprobe 2007 runescape wine makerbots Finally, on general moral support, David Hodgetts the pixel pusher. The workshop is open to all. Artists and sunday do-it-yourselvers welcome! To follow the workshop in the best consitions, you will need a laptop mac, linux or win and an arduino kit. Le zoo-usine has 16 arduino starter kits to sell for interested participants.

Plenty of fun components will be available to play 2007 runescape wine makerbots The workshop is in french. But if there is subscribers speaking only english, the workshop will be translated in live for them. To order an arduino kit or to to book a seat for the workshop please fill in the following form.

On the 19th of February we 2007 runescape wine makerbots a party to celebrate the new arrangement of our offices. The idea was to bring up the lab and improve the use of space. 2007 runescape wine makerbots is why the magnificent man call dad sent 2 guys to drill, screw and fix long pieces of wood on the walls cm X 90cm each.

The result is pretty nice, very useful and already paying off. So earlier this year, in our new lab, David and me had a great time building our first project together.

We were very proud of our new born, and had the honor to present it during the 2007 runescape wine makerbots. A lot of people enjoyed the table and the 2007 runescape wine makerbots window turned into a multitouch screen with our 2007 runescape wine makerbots IR funny throwies. The 2007 runescape wine makerbots is the following: So why the spoon? The symbolic of the spoon used to 2007 runescape wine makerbots is strong. No need to define what sort of emotions have been transmitted through our first spoon of food.

No need to express the feelings we had towards those who used to feed our mouth. We all have a different kinds, but probably strong for everyone. Feeding is the responsible act for keeping alive. The spoon is a cold iron tool. With at least one curve and a nest for something liquid, difficult to keep by definition.

Spoon by its shape, size and material is also an erotic object. Not to feed we agree, fork is more romantic, but for imagination. I keep alive the dream and wait patiently for a receptive body, no need to spread desire if I release the code and plans, no? Somehow, the spoon is for food what this prototype is for the relationship, an artifact of love. A new tool to feed the relationship. Code and electronic will come later. Right now, what matters is: Arduino, modified servo, spoon, capacitive meter.

See the comments for the wiring: In attachment, code, schematics and video for reuse and improvement. Hard Pour suivre le workshop dans les meilleures conditions, il faut amener un laptop mac linux ou windows et un kit arduino. Hard To follow the workshop in the best consitions, you will need a laptop mac, linux or win and an arduino kit. Program Saturday november 710hh Object-Hunting: Saturday november 1410hh Flea-market:

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BBC report about mosquitoes evolving to shrug off the insecticide Deet. At the Bureau of Infectious Disease Control, as part of her participation in routine infectious disease surveillance for New Hampshire, Dr. Mathewson reviews case reports of vector-borne disease. He spent ten years working in alfalfa integrated pest management before moving to southern NH. He has PhD in botany and plant pathology with a minor in entomology. Join us as we discuss the science of brewing beer Wednesday, February 20 from 6 to 8 p.

Confirmed Brewing Panelists include: He retired from paid chemistry in and moved to Walpole, NH. He spends his time reading, skiing, hiking, gardening, winemaking, beermaking and singing with a Barbershop Chorus, the Keene Cheshiremen.

The American Chemical Society has sponsored a couple of webinars on the science of wine and beermaking. The beer ones that I have seen are listed below. He has been making mead since and is a 3-time Mead Maker of the Year. Fairbrother produces over 60 varieties of mead at Moonlight Meadery which is distributed to 23 states. Rob North began as a homebrewer in the lates — not making beer, but making wine.

Unfortunately, it was never as good as commercial wine, using grape concentrate and tap water as opposed to crushed grapes. In , shortly after getting married and buying a house, it dawned on Rob that he could make beer at home using the same ingredients that professional brewers use — malt, hops, yeast, and water — and worked on making beer that would rival the best commercial craft beers available on the market.

Since then Rob has brewed over batches of beer, mead, and cider. Rob attained the rank of National Beer Judge in and he helps organize and judge both local and national homebrew competitions. While he currently still homebrews, Rob is in the planning stage of opening his own brewery and restaurant. Christian has helped teach classes on the Arduino and basic electronic projects and worked with members of dorkbot to collectively fund and build a shared 3D printer from one of the first comercial runs of the Makerbot.

Wigand has been with Solidscape since when he joined as a co-founder of the company. Previously he was Director of Engineering and the software director for the Model Maker program. Bob Gillette, former science journalist and foreign correspondent with the Los Angeles Times. Bob Gillette, a former science journalist and foreign correspondent with the Los Angeles Times, and an amateur astronomer living now in Ossipee, NH. Ted Blank has been an avid amateur astronomer since and is a member of several local astronomy clubs.

He enjoys bringing his telescopes to public outreach events and is currently the organizer for the monthly New Hampshire Astronomical Association Sidewalk Astronomy evenings. Recommended readings and links in relation to the science of concussions can be found in our homework section of our website.

Jeremy Turner, Athletic Trainer Photo coming soon! He has been a member of the pediatric department at Dartmouth Hitchcock Concord for over 17 years, and has been chairman of the pediatric department for over 8 years.

He also is a physician coach. He is currently serving as the vice-president of the New Hampshire Pediatric Society. Given his passion to insure the safe handling of athletes with concussion, he has given dozens of talks throughout the state on the topic. Engage in lively discussions about traditional and alternative paths of pain relief as Science Cafe kicks off their fall event series with Feeling and Dealing with Pain: The Science of Pain Management.

Science Cafe New Hampshire is pleased to introduce the panelists for their upcoming event on The Science of Pain Management happening September 16, from 7 p.

This event will be taking place at The Barley House in Concord, NH, a comfortable atmosphere to enjoy food and drink while participating in the conversation. The Science of Pain Management discussion will revolve around a panel of experts from New Hampshire who can address both traditional treatment plans for patients with chronic pain as well as alternative paths of relief such as acupuncture.

In this two-hour Science Cafe, attendees will have the chance to hear a diversity of viewpoints, ask questions of the panel and contrast the different philosophies and treatment options. Nanotechnology inspires curiosity, wonder and maybe even fear. This month, Science Cafe New Hampshire explores the world of the very small and what that means to our quality of life.

Lyme disease has become a constant threat to residents of New Hampshire. From early spring until late in the fall, tick born diseases are on the rise and Lyme disease is one of the primary outcomes we all fear. Ever wonder why February seems to last forever? Has cabin fever got you down? You may be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder. How can you protect your digital privacy and safely survive in the online world?

Biomass, or the harvesting of the energy in wood, is both an opportunity and a risk for residents of New Hampshire. Join our panel of experts to explore biomass and what science says about the feasibility, functionality and future of this renewable resource here in NH! Click the link below to search through past sessions, starting in Jan. Science Cafe NH Join NH residents and area experts as we discuss current scientific issues in a comfortable and informal setting.

Humans Posted on March 5, by admin. Science of Beer and Brewing Posted on January 25, by admin. Posted on January 5, by admin. Posted in Astronomy , Upcoming Events Tagged dark skies , environment , light , light pollution , science Comments Off.

The Science of Concussion Date: October 17, Time: The Barley House, Concord, NH Recommended readings and links in relation to the science of concussions can be found in our homework section of our website.

For a very quick snapshot of how things went at the Sept. Photo by Earle Rich The Sept. Arsenic In Our Environment: Posted on August 28, by admin. Posted in Environment Tagged arsenic , environment , food , safety , water Comments Off.

Invasive Plants in NH: Posted on May 16, by admin. Join the experts to understand how invasive plants are impacting NH. Posted in Environment Tagged invasive , nh , plants Comments Off. Posted on April 18, by admin. Posted in Technology Tagged nanotechnology , science , small , technology Comments Off. Posted in Health Tagged health , lyme disease , medicine , nh Comments Off.

Seasonal Affective Disorder Posted on February 15, by admin. Posted in Health Tagged health , medical , mood Comments Off. Posted in Technology Tagged digital , online , privacy , safety , security , web Comments Off. Join the free event as local experts discuss vaccination. Posted in Health Tagged health , medical , vaccines Comments Off. The Future of Food in New Hampshire! Posted on June 21, by admin. Posted in Health Tagged food , health , nh Comments Off.

Climate Change in NH: Posted on May 24, by admin. Posted in Environment Tagged change , climate , nh , preparing Comments Off. What ARE the Impacts? Posted on January 18, by admin. Posted in Energy Tagged biomass , energy , impact , nh , wood Comments Off.

Want email notifications of upcoming science cafes? Add yourself to our email list: The Concord Monitor Vetflix: Science Cafe NH Supporters. Proudly powered by WordPress. Licensed acupuncturist for the states of New Hampshire and Massachusetts.