4040 12 bit ripple counter circuit

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Logic Noise is all about using analog circuits to make sounds. Preferably sound that will be enjoyable to hear and useful for making music. Although the sync oscillator 4040 12 bit ripple counter circuit extension was kinda cool. Counters binary or decimal are going to be fertile ground for more musical noise experiments. Because octaves are just doublings or halvings of frequencies, and because a lot of rhythmic patterns have factors of two underlying them.

Just think about the most basic drum pattern you know: Each different instrument fires off twice as frequently as the one before it. They count up in binary. Q11 is the most-significant bit, and Q0 is the least. Look at a counting pattern in binary: So if the clock input has a constant frequency, a binary counter can be used as a series of factor-of-two frequency dividers. The difference between rhythm and pitch is just a matter of degree, after all.

In fact the is built internally exactly as a cascaded series of frequency dividers, and this type of counter is called a ripple counter. The individual frequency dividers in a ripple counter are flip-flops. A flip-flop just changes state between the high and low voltages each time it gets a clock input.

This is the same as dividing the frequency in half; the output requires two cycles of the input clock to get through one full high-low cycle of its own. So if you put in an Hz signal, the output of a flip-flop is at Hz. The is twelve of these chained together. Before we leave the topic of counters, if you end up 4040 12 bit ripple counter circuit a datasheet note that some manufacturers label these outputs Q1 through Q12 instead of Q0 through Q Unfortunately, both options make sense.

The three octaves just next to 4040 12 bit ripple counter circuit other give you a classic sound. In the scope trace below, the green trace is the clock input and the yellow output is the sum of Q0, Q1, and Q2. As you can see, the result is a glitchy ramp waveform.

The gotchas in the circuit here include the usual caveats about providing enough local capacitance and grounding unused inputs. In this case, the unused input is the reset pin pin If you want to use it, all you need to know is that it sets all the counter outputs back to zero low voltage when a high voltage is present.

For instance, if you just happen to have the sync oscillator sitting around on your bench from last time, try that as input to the 3-octave divider. As you sweep 4040 12 bit ripple counter circuit and down the 4040 12 bit ripple counter circuit, you get ridiculous aliasing and other artifacts.

Somewhere populated by angry machines. So, instead of operating at audio frequencies, operate at much higher frequencies, encoding the values as pulse frequencies, then turn into an analog voltage at the end with a simple lowpass filter.

Some operations are obvious: This reminds me a lot of http: Looking forward to the next installment. Yeah, wait a minute! Soon we get to start torturing some of the analog out 4040 12 bit ripple counter circuit the chips. This seems like an idea 4040 12 bit ripple counter circuit to mention http: And you totally can.

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But for now, enough blabber. Acutally this all sounds pretty rad… and yes I believe that is the proper word for it! I enjoy these articles. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public.

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