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April 20, 3: Last Airbnb bitcoin April 26, If you drove for a ridesharing service inyou need to report any income you earned from that activity as self-employment income on your return. The good news is that, as a self-employed taxpayer or their spouse or airbnb bitcoinyou actually have until June 15, to file your return; however, any taxes owing for must still be paid by April 30, to avoid non-deductible arrears airbnb bitcoin, charged at the current prescribed rate of 6 per cent.

Of course, you can deduct appropriate, reasonable expenses against your ridesharing income. As of July 1,new tax rules were introduced for self-employed taxpayers earning income through ridesharing services.

The ride reports from the rideshare platforms are a great way to keep airbnb bitcoin of kilometers driven in the year. They also offer a free, minute tax webinar for Uber drivers. In most cases, the occasional Airbnb rental will be airbnb bitcoin rental income as opposed to business airbnb bitcoin. For example, if you airbnb bitcoin new sheets, pillows, blankets and towels for use by your guests, you can claim those on your tax airbnb bitcoin.

Other eligible expenses include property taxes, insurance, heat, electricity, municipal annual licensing fees, mortgage interest but not principal paymentstax depreciation, cable and Internet if provided to your guestsas well as various repairs and maintenance costs.

Keep in mind that only airbnb bitcoin portion of these expenses are deductible. For example, if you only rent out one room in your home a few times per month, airbnb bitcoin need to pro-rate your utility bills not only by the percentage of your home you rent out either by room or square metres but also by the number nights you rent it out annually. Virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ripple, etc.

Any gains losses on the sale of a commodity are reportable airbnb bitcoin your return. In most cases, the conversion of, say, Bitcoin back into Canadian dollars or some other currency will result in a capital gain or loss.

Airbnb hosts, bitcoin buffs and Uber drivers have special considerations when they are filing their tax returns. Filed under Personal Finance. You might have to pay tax on that — What Uber, Airbnb and Bitcoin could affect your airbnb bitcoin.

Did you drive for Uber or Lyft in ? Disappearing credits, principal residence sales and more things to watch for as you fill out your tax return These are the rules of the road when it comes to deducting automobile expenses on your taxes If you sold or used Bitcoin last year, Canada Revenue Agency wants its due As of July 1, airbnb bitcoin, new tax rules were introduced for self-employed taxpayers earning income through ridesharing services.

Premier John Horgan's pension. David McKay says Canada is at airbnb bitcoin of getting left behind by the U.

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