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Looking for information on public transportation, parking information, and biking to the Faire? Visit our Getting to Maker Faire page to get all of the details. Subscribe to Make Magazine Today! Electronics Maker Pro Make: Get the Magazine Make: Welcome to the Make: You might also like these newsletters: Weekly Digest The best stuff each week from Make: Education How making is transforming learning Maker Pro The latest news about startups, products, incubators, and innovators.

Thanks for signing up. Please check your email to confirm. Process is the Product: Makers create all sorts arduino robot maker faire 2016 things and do so for lots of different reasons. Some people make things purely for the enjoyment, some turn it into a career, some use it for education and so many other reasons. We'll chat about the difference in making stuff as a product vs making it as a mechanism for education and inspiration. It started with a tool for hardware component vendors, and thanks to the collaboration with outside innovators, from university professors to startups, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Escapades for Your Life of Epic Adventure Caroline Paul Caroline Paul, author of "The Gutsy Girl," talks about her life of mishap and mayhem, and shows us how wild adventure builds brave and resilient girls who can rule the world. If you understand economies of scale, you can tell which technologies will be available and cheap for you to use in the future! How do they appear in the college admissions process, and how can they make their technical creativity more legible? We are all curious about space, but very few of us have ever had the chance to experience it firsthand.

Executive Editor Mike Senese as she talks about her new book "What's it Like in Space" and about instigating unusual collaborations that spark clever creations for science and space exploration.

We are augmenting this system via adding 10,s ft2 of makerspaces that will support more maker communities, personal making and very importantly The Dream Machines of Theo Jansen the celebrated Dutch artist shares the process of evolving his marvelous kinetic sculptures over the last twenty years. Carl, his son and some friends have rigged their electric go-kart with the guts of a drone, and now it can be driven arduino robot maker faire 2016.

Come check it out in person! We're doing this now for clients, creating real finished product. Learn why the Army deployed homemade radios in WWI, why big electronics manufacturers catered to the radio-maker niche, and how the hobby radio community helped shape computing.

Happy Accidents David Turner My life has been defined by a series of happy accidents. They led me to spent the last 24 years designing identities for some of the world's leading brands. I'll use some of my company's work to explain why I think that all creativity depends on happy accidents. Product Evangelist Matt Richardson shares the latest new hardware and programming from the foundation.

Takasu arduino robot maker faire 2016 teamLab will talk about their deeply interactive works and their unique ability to nurture creativity and curiosity through technology. Design Meets Machine Arduino robot maker faire 2016 Margeigh Novotny Design thinking is the best thing that ever happened to machine learning.

It's a perfect complement to Data Science because it focuses on what will be most meaningful and arduino robot maker faire 2016 to real people, and can provide critical insights into where and how machine learning is applied. Join Dale in conversation with Peter Hirshberg and Kelley Roy who will discuss state of the art initiatives, policies and recipes towards better arduino robot maker faire 2016 Maker habitat.

This talk will cover both the art of building hardware true to the vision of his books, and the practical aspects of creating a strong aesthetic and bringing graphics into the hardware world.

A tale of design, development, openness and inspiration. Laser Leathercraft, Woodwork, and Jewelry - Live! Dan Shapiro From an audience suggestion to jewelry, artwork, and leathercraft in 15 minutes. Video game artist Shell Meggersee-Biggs turns your ideas into one-of-a-kind creations in leather, wood, and fabric while Glowforge CEO Dan Shapiro shows how you can do it too. Making Solutions to Developing Country Challenges Robert Ryan-Silva Learn how the DAI Maker Lab is applying maker tools and approaches to improving flood response in Honduras, enhancing economic competitiveness in Jordan, supporting civil society in Cambodia, and tackling other developing country challenges.

From compostable drone bodies to furniture, lamp shades to 3D printing - arduino robot maker faire 2016 all over the world have been using GIY as an alternative to foams and plastics. See a live demonstration and featured GIY projects! Their jobs are technical, hard core, and hands on.

Find out arduino robot maker faire 2016 it takes arduino robot maker faire 2016 get your skills to an elite level, and what it's like to have a career in extreme making. Learn what the labs do and about unique opportunities available throughout the country. A Story about Why Making Matters: Sasha, her Cave Mapper, and more! Stephanie Chang Hear an inspiring story from Sasha Jaffarove, an amazing teen maker from Santa Cruz, whose Cave Mapper robot -- and the ideas, process, and skills that come out of making an idea into something real -- brought out her creativity, confidence and innate interest in learning.

A common problem is deciding which software to pick to accomplish your goals. The goal of this talk is to aid newcomers in selecting an appropriate CAD package for their application. Making with a Disney Imagineer and Muppeteer Frank Cohen Hear a fun, information-rich exchange between Silicon Valley Maker Frank Cohen and Disney Imagineer and Muppeteer Terri Hardin on their experiences using 3D printers, scanners, sculpting, and embedded electronics to make and market a consumer branded device.

Your choices will be key to your success. She has her own style of presenting her curriculum that gives the young makers some healthy struggle.

If you like wearable tech, paper engineering, soldering, and Arduino, Tenaya wants to see you there, go Rogue! Making a roadable aircraft a.

Food Hacking For Fun and Better World Terry Romero Makers have been pushing the boundaries of food technology that create better systems in our kitchens and promote socially and environmentally beneficial business models. Arduino robot maker faire 2016 our eclectic panel of socially-minded Kickstarter makers culinary and sustainable innovation. Harnessing the Maker Movement for Good Arnon Zamir TOM is a growing global movement of Makers and people with disabilities arduino robot maker faire 2016 together to develop open source technology addressing everyday challenges, transforming access and affordability of assistive technology worldwide.

Discover how the Maker Movement harnesses talent to make a difference. Kickstarter How to Kickstart a Makerspace Clarissa Redwine Learn how to build a community around your makerspace while raising funding to bring it to life! Making Juggling Patterns Roger Antonsen In this short talk you will learn how to make your own juggling arduino robot maker faire 2016 by utilizing various notation systems.

One of these, called siteswap, evolved in the 80s as a tool for analyzing and categorizing different juggling patterns. No juggling skills are required. Demonstrations will be provided. Meet the Superhero Cyborgs! Sarah O'Rourke What happens if we address a missing limb as a blank canvas rather than a disability? At Superhero Cyborgs 2. Hear what happened and where they are now! You won't want to miss this. Inspiring Girls in Robotics: A group of 6th grade girls took it upon themselves to change that perception and succeed by winning 1st place at their first year of competition at the Silicon Valley FLL Robotics championship.

Learn what inspires the next generation of female makers. We're just people who started building rockets at some point in our lives. If you want to explore space, jump on in, the vacuum's fine. The presentation will begin with the story of two college sophomores who wanted to start a conversation about why the gender gap in tech exists and end with a multi-national movement run by students.

Join author Dave Zobel for a fun and explanatory conversation about the science behind the hit television show. Is the science real? Who decides arduino robot maker faire 2016 the topics? And why does Sheldon think 73 is the best number?

Vanness from Makeblock will talk about this from the perspective of developing the company and being a leader in bringing the Maker Movement to China. Makeblock is an open-source Arduino robot building platform to provide mechanical parts, electronic modules sensors and software for users to make dreams come true within minutes. Extreme Cell Biology Wallace Marshall Everyone thinks that cells arduino robot maker faire 2016 small, simple, stupid building blocks for larger organisms. But in fact cells can be much larger and more complex than we imagine, and can do amazingly complicated and crazy things.

This talk aims to explode arduino robot maker faire 2016 preconceived ideas about what a cell is. Real-time cognitive and affective audiovisual composition utilizing an EEG Colin Harrington Colin Harrington explains his arduino robot maker faire 2016 with brain-computer interfaces and the construction of his VR arduino robot maker faire 2016 half dome that enables spectators to see and hear a representation of his dreams while he sleeps.

Either way you needed to learn APIs, understand mutexes, mailboxes, and message queues, and debug race conditions, deadlocks, and other hazards. With SynthOS you just push a button. Create your own Internet of Things inventions in seconds! Joachim Horn See you can invent your own gadgets with wireless technology and learn how the Internet of Things will impact innovation.

Meet SAM, a disruptive IoT technology kit, with an unrivalled approach to instantly building smart objects, learning electronics, coding and engineering. Addressing the question now what? Through the years many versions of boards have been released answering different needs in the community. Moving forward to BeagleBoard. The presentation will be powered by his personalized, 3D-printed headset—the "Ultracortex"! If you're interested in learning more about open-source neuroscience and robotics, don't miss this one!

Lets play with arduino and Raspberry Pi to build a squirt gun. You know, the kind that squirts if you get a little to close With BeagleBone Black Wireless running Machinekit, computer and fast controller are all-in-one, and now accessible from anywhere.

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