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According to analysts' forecasts, ethereum can outrun its main competitor - bitcoin - in popularity and cost in Ethereum co-creator Steven Nerayoff explains that integration of the Ethereum platform into business may contribute to this process. There are a number of criteria that should be considered when choosing a pool. First, pay attention to the fee. Then, check where the server is located the closer the farm is, the more efficient it works.

Thirdly, you need to take into account possible ways of withdrawing and the frequency of payments. It is the biggest Ethereum mining pool. Best mining pools for ethereum operates at a speed of The minimum payout threshold is 0. Service was launched in earlyhowever it is already called one of the largest and fastest ethereum best mining pools for ethereum pools.

The speed is Nanopool has now more than 72 thousand miners. The administration of the pool has officially stated that there will be no refund in case of any technical problem or balance loss. The service best mining pools for ethereum a respectable history. If the balance exceeds 0. The pool speed is There are many Ethereum mining pools today. But not all ensure security and are easy to use, which is important for beginners.

Professional miners advise newcomers to pay attention to the following pools:. A promising pool that offers participants favorable terms. You can withdraw funds once a day. According to the pool administration, soon users will be able to repeate the operation twice a day. You can adjust the amount, but you can not reduce it. Supernova is another popular Ethereum mining best mining pools for ethereum. The interface of the Supernova pool site is easy to use, but the service requires registration.

Good performance, quality of service and reliability are among main features of Supernova. The withdrawal is automatic. The minimum payable amount is 0. Ethermine It is the biggest Ethereum mining pool. Nanopool Service was launched in earlyhowever it is already called one of the largest and fastest ethereum mining pools. EthereumPool The service has a respectable history.

Ethereum pools There are many Ethereum mining pools today. Best mining pools for ethereum miners advise newcomers to pay attention to the following pools: Supernova Supernova is another popular Ethereum mining pool. Meet new speakers and key news of the conference. Contacts Valeriia Auckland Conference Coordinator v. Aleksandra Yanko For exhibitors and sponsors a. Pavlo Machulianskyi For exhibitors and sponsors p. Edgar Ilyuk For exhibitors and sponsors e. Valeriy Gordyna For exhibitors and sponsors v.

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I haven't found a currency that wasn't affecting my ETH hashrate so as long as the second currency is not worth more money, I'll stick to ETH. It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! September in Mining. Hello all, I've been mining for a bit more than a month now, I have tried multiple mining pools and was curious to see what your experience was.

All ETH counters remained at zero after 8h so I gave up. Your experience with noobpool is surprising because there are miners on right now. I've been mining on noob for a while, but because it is smaller, it can be trying when you get a block with a high variance. On a really big pool like dwarf they get lots of blocks all the time, so it is a lot smoother.

Noob had 1 block yesterday, 3 the day before, and going back 1, 4, 2 and 5 days of trouble before that. I don't endorse any pool, but the only time I've had trouble with noob is when they first started, but even then he paid out for the stolen block. How does it work out when a block is found? Do you get more money because there are less miners?

Klintistwood That doesn't make sense, since I was a miner last night as well. We can't be 2 out of the 3 or I would have a much higher percentage of the current work. In any event, there was a block found yesterday around 8: Eastern time, so if you joined after that time you would still be waiting for a new block to be found to get anything.

Typically you get a proportional share of the reward based on your mining versus the total that went into the block. The number of miners would not be the largest factor, it would be the amount of work.

So if the 3rd miner had some mega amount of hash, they could conceivably take a majority of the reward. For ETH you have indeed miners. Have you seen a better return on Noobpool than on the other pools you have tested?

Klintistwood Ohhhhh, that explains it. As for a better return, yes, I feel like I do better during certain times. But when a hard block comes, it feels terrible.

I was using Dwarfpool originally, and I felt like it was too low, but I never really did a very good analysis so I'm not sure. The following miner has a very similar hashrate compared to mine: With the same kind of hashrate I'm above 0. Hey guys, i have my miner for couple weeks at noobpool, the payout was in 24 hours or less, now my miner is working for almost 5 days and no payouts yet. I have contacted the admin by email and he explained is because the difficult to get those blocks But how changed so much like that in couple days?

I was getting around 0. Even the balance pending is not changing since day one. Thank you for the info. I have an 8 gpu rig gtx s as well running windows 10 and have used only ethermine. I think i'm switching to nanopool today after reading a bit.

Nicehash is high on the list as well. If you want more regularity, you should use a bigger pool. In the end it's a bit, in theory you should be rewarded more with Noobpool but that's not for granted. I found another miner with similar capacity as mine on Noobpool and compared it with my return on Nanopool and I chose Nanopool. Today I have switched to NiceHash because my profit has gone down too much after the difficulty bomb.

I'll give a try to Zcash when I have more time. Klintistwood Noobpool was great. Gave me more ETH everyday. Nanopool pays less than the mining calculator. My rig it's around mhs Do you dual mine? I dual mine with pascal thinking about dual mine with DCR Thanks for sharing your experience.

I've only mined with Dwarfpool, very solid and reliable, very few hiccups, although lately it's been a little flaky. Now I'm thinking of trying Noobpool just for shits and giggles. Klintistwood - I dual mine DCR. I've never heard of Pascal. September edited September Klintistwood Do you recommend any pool for DCR? How much you make with DCR per day? Sign In or Register to comment.