Bitcoin 2016 forecast for cancer

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I sat next to a life sciences investor at a dinner a couple months ago who told me cancer will be a curable disease within the next decade. As amazing as these things sound, bitcoin 2016 forecast for cancer are coming and soon. But what will happen this year that we are now in? But I will take some shots this morning. Some of these predictions border on the ridiculous and that is somewhat intentional.

I think there is an element of truth or at least possibility in all of them. And I will come back to this list a year from now and review the results. Oculus will bitcoin 2016 forecast for cancer ship the Rift in Games and other VR apps for the Rift will be released.

I believe the initial commercial versions of Oculus technology will underwhelm. The technology has been so hyped and it is hard to live up to that.

Games will be the strongest early use case, but not everyone is going to want to put on a headset to play a game. I think VR will only reach its true potential when they figure out how to deploy it in a more natural way. We will see a new form of wearables take off in The wrist is not the only place we might want to wear a computer on our bodies.

If I had to guess, I would bet bitcoin 2016 forecast for cancer something we wear in or on our ears. One of the big four will falter in My guess is Apple. The FAA regulations on the commercial drone industry will turn out to be a boon for the drone sector, legitimizing drone flights for all sorts of use cases and establishing clear rules for what is acceptable and what is not. Time Warner will spin off its HBO business to create a direct competitor to Netflix and the independent HBO will trade at a higher market cap than the entire Time Warner business did pre spinoff.

Bitcoin finally finds a killer app with the emergence of Open Bazaar protocol powered zero take rate marketplaces. Slack will become so pervasive inside of enterprises that spam will become a problem and third party Slack spam filters will emerge.

At the same time, the Slack platform will take off and building Slack bots will become the next bitcoin 2016 forecast for cancer thing in enterprise software. Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee and he will attack the tech sector for its support of immigrant labor.

As a result the tech sector will line up behind Hillary Bitcoin 2016 forecast for cancer who will be elected the first woman Bitcoin 2016 forecast for cancer.

Employees will realize their options are underwater and will start leaving tech startups in droves. Best wishes to everyone for a happy and healthy Newer post Video Of The Week:

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