Bitcoin bulls are backbtc price over $10k usd again

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Also, thanks to all who contacted us about sponsorship. The people behind Tether and Bitfinex need their names and addresses listed on the darkweb. Jesus Christ the greed of core and finex is what satoshi did not want This is going to end with bitcoin bulls are backbtc price over $10k usd again. Maybe a bull trap. As soon as bitfinex releases their horseshit announcement stating "everything is ok you stupid fucking goyim" BTC is going to tank.

Even if they magically pull an audit out of their arse it's still going to tank, buy the rumour, sell the news. Many people have set their goals to 10k i bet. I think whoever is pumping this is taking it a bit too far. Seriously, no news yet bitcoin randomly pumps from to past in less than 10 minutes? I mean come on, look at that spike out of no where. This is clearly becoming a scam at this point. This is making me rich nigga.

Please tell me they didn't Tether once again. This shit is going to end very bad. But they started pressing the tether button bitcoin bulls are backbtc price over $10k usd again goddamn hard especially this month with no intention of being subtle. Are they sensing sharks getting closer to their scam and want to pull as much money as possible ASAP? Fucking transaction fees, such a bitch to sell when you're poor on coinbase, hopefully it doesn't drop massively again.

Completely ignored I hope they lose everything. They are artificially pumping the price of bitcoin with free tether that they can make out of thin air. It costs them nothing, and we're the ones getting fucked if they dump on us. Holy shit I'm out. They've been warned over and over by practically everyone else in the entire crypto community, but they plug their eyes and ears and say they don't care.

Those are the types that really do deserve to lose everything. N-nooo stop Bitcoin you were going so good. Please go up for daddy! I need to pay rent. I just went all in at 8k and now its crashing. Look at the news, the hype and the reality.

I mean i'm sure this tether business is some factor, but there is so much more going on around BTC right now. You're narrowed in on this one little thing like it's the whole picture. Nah, back out and widen your perspective a little.

Look how many millions worth of tether have been created and then out of nowhere a giant spike in price. Also notice how this happens every time bitcoin is on the verge of a downtrend?

Could happen anytime although they could do a switch-a-roo and dump it into BCH and fuck your arse raw. It's bitcoin bulls are backbtc price over $10k usd again because Bitfinex cleared everything up and everyone is satisfied now and there are no problems. What we're saying is that Bitfinex is using fraudulent, unbacked Tether tokens to manipulate the market. Imagine if your market had a magical stopgap that prevented significant price downturns. Of course it would largely go nowhere but up.

Bitcoin bulls are backbtc price over $10k usd again think you're too focused on one little thing. They're so zoomed in on race that race is all they can see, and racial tension is all they can feel. They're missing the rest of reality. You enjoyed the golden year. And this is perfectly pair with the Bitfinex issue, before they started to print USDT the crypto market was stagnant or slowely rising.

I'm not a tin foil hat retard, but I can see a correlation. I'm not here to try and convince anyone who's not already convinced. But after a trial period where I fucked up and lost big, I'm making money now.

That's why I'm in this, not to become some kind of religious zealot beholden to some agenda or another. Seriously almost everyone acts like a fucking cultist around here. Try not to be so emotionally invested, or attached to these different points of view. Everyone's pushing an agenda. Take the actual information, and leave the rest.

If I was on bitfiniex, I would consider moving tho: The exchanges have a lot of capital on their hands from all the transactions that occur. They are fully capable of inflating the price of bitcoin on their own, through buying and selling their bitcoin bulls are backbtc price over $10k usd again holdings.

Bitfinex sets a sell order at They buy that then set the price at They then buy it atset it at continuously. Meanwhile, all of the fees are going into their own accounts, the price of bitcoin is rising, and they haven't spent a cent of their own money.

All that money is doing is going into accounts that they hold. This creates the illusion that there is a market, when there isn't. The show is over boys, the exchanges like Bitfinex are taking it too far. If it's evident to me it's evident to others. This is about to come crashing down hard. I knew I should've sold yesterday when everything was green. Why everyone is dumping Alts when BTC goes up? We are trading in BTC so bitcoin bulls are backbtc price over $10k usd again the point of these sells?

Because unlike shitcoins, BTC moves in very large numbers very quickly. Do bitcoin bulls are backbtc price over $10k usd again honestly think you're safe in an alt-coin that trades in accordance to BTC's worth? Alt holders in general have just been getting fucked for the past 2 months. Look at the dollar price, it only gets relatively smaller to a higher BTC price. Hence the visually red candles. May and June weren't the norm. Ok so this makes no sense. So just got rekt in Ark and Groestlecoin right now.

And then he rewarded us a few hours later. Tether reach the maximun Tethers they said can print in their "transparent" tab. So, likely they put most of it in this pump to achieve a all times max.

And there was a reddit thread just a couple of hours ago on this. The 30mill tethers are still in a wallet unused for the time being. Go to school kid. Which makes it so BTC stays around the same price. If BTC drops back to alts will keep rising. Third time failing now to breach and stay above And it seems we are moving down again.

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