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To predict the NFL Draft, I take a wisdom of crowds approach and aggregate data from 25 mock drafts. Last year, this predictor was more accurate than all but one of the constituent mock drafts. In this episode, I discuss where the top quarterbacks go in the first round, who will take Saquon Barkley and possible improvements to the model.

She talks about her video study on NFL linemen, the most difficult players to research. We discuss the Cleveland Browns, their problems and what they will do in the draft. She also tells us about Next Gen data and her new project for the season. Click here to refresh the feed. Colin Davy, director of data science at The Action Network, joins me to discuss sports analytics and predictions for the Masters.

We start with the methods he has developed to rank tennis players and now applies to golf. Then Colin tells us whether a large or small playbook leads to better offense in football. Finally, we talk about the Masters, which includes the difficulty bitcoin difficulty prediction 2016 nba draft 2017 predicting Tiger Woods and the one golfer to keep an eye on this weekend. We focus the show on team that can win the tournament, as the choice of champion is the most important for winning your pool.

We focus the show on teams that can win the tournament, as the choice of champion is the most important for winning your pool. This first part goes over Villanova, Virginia, Duke and Cincinnati.

Live by the three, die by the three. Bitcoin difficulty prediction 2016 nba draft 2017 conventional wisdom says bitcoin difficulty prediction 2016 nba draft 2017 teams that shoot a lot of three point shots have high variability in their performance. This makes it difficult to win the NCAA tournament.

InI did some research that suggested 3 point shooting teams do not win the tournament. However, college basketball has changed in the last 4 years, and we revisit this advice. In this special episode, we tell the story behind predicting March Madness. The tournament might seem random, but there is a good reason for this public perception. In reality, the tournament is predictable in key ways, and this can help you win your March Madness pool. Join us on this journey from skeptic to winner.

Ken Pomeroy, a pioneer in college basketball analytics and founder of kenpom. He tells us how his college basketball rankings work, what aspects of 3 pointers a team controls on offense and defense, and how predicting the weather prepared him for college basketball. In making this comparison, he digs into Philadelphia's pass numbers with QB Nick Foles, and New England's pass defense the latter part of the season.

We discuss the 4th down study he did at his bitcoin difficulty prediction 2016 nba draft 2017 site Advanced Football Analytics. He tells us how to project Jimmy Garappolo on a limited sample size and his prediction for the Super Bowl. We end with his favorite book and the value of reading the news. He tells us about the one weakness in Jacksonville's defense that New England could exploit, as well as the change on Minnesota's offense last week that might impact the game at Philadelphia.

After the interview, host Ed Feng tells the story of the unsung hero on Jacksonville's defense. We discuss the most predictive factor in the Massey-Peabody model, do a deep dive into Atlanta's defense, and how New England's defense excels in some ways yet fails in others. Then we talk about the hidden factor that can affect the total in the college football championship game between Georgia and Alabama.

After the bitcoin difficulty prediction 2016 nba draft 2017, I talk about my spread prediction for this championship game and the inherent uncertainty in making predictions. Dave Mason from BetOnline. He tells us how his sports book sets market each week and the advantages of putting out lines before others. He talks about how NFL results have impacted his company this season and the importance of Bitcoin.

After the interview, I tell a story that answers the question: When host Ed Feng was doing his research on how to win your college football bowl pool, he realized the ideas also apply to NFL pick 'em pools. In this episode, he shows how to win your NFL pool this week by picking the winners in games and assigning confidence points.

This is done through his analytics. Then he goes through his procedure for finding contrarian games for people in larger pools. Ed Feng explains his quantitative research on college football bowl pools. Based on 4 bitcoin difficulty prediction 2016 nba draft 2017 of data, he explains why there is value in entering bowl pools. He then explains which types of bowl pools to enter.

You bitcoin difficulty prediction 2016 nba draft 2017 avoid pools in which randomness decreases your win probability. Then you should consider using contrarian strategies, or fading the choices of the public.

However, this only works in certain pools. Ed closes with a few market based NFL predictions for teams with quarterback injuries. Dave Bartoo, college football number cruncher that goes by CFB Matrix, joins me for a wide ranging conversation. He tells us why he likes to bitcoin difficulty prediction 2016 nba draft 2017 wrong.

We break down the 4 big championship games with college football playoff implications. Finally, he tells us the significance of Fresno State for the college football playoff.

Which match up matters most in Alabama at Ohio State? Can Georgia Tech upset Georgia at home? How can Michigan stay in the game against Ohio State? Ed Feng breaks down the analytics behind these games. He tells us how his poker background helps him get started, and what times of year you'll find the most value in DFS. He also contrasts different sports and which ones require subjective adjustments from watching the games.

After the interview, host Ed Feng discusses his new research on college football bowl pools and whether there is any value in these contests. Kevin Cole, data scientist and founder of Predictive Football, joins me to talk about his points added model for NFL skill players. He explains how this new method considers how far a pass travels in the air, and how it evaluates the differences between quarterbacks and running backs. After the interview, host Ed Feng has his own segment on the total in Oklahoma State at Iowa State, and the story behind why its so low.

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