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This is mainly due to the increasing number of citizens of the European Union interested in cryptocurrencies. Long before the emergence of the first exchanges supporting transactions in Euro, the first users made purchases on the Bitcoin Talk forum, setting rates individually. The Euro is the official currency of the European Union, which was adopted by 19 of the 28 Member States forming the so-called Euro Zone: Both countries with high and low GDP have an active participation in the exchange of currency FIAT for Bitcoin and vice versa - only motivations differ, which consistently co-create the cryptocurrency market.

These platforms continue their activities, taking pioneer steps in the development of the European cryptocurrency market. One of the first was Bitstamp, which on obtained a license from a payment institution from Luxembourg, becoming the first "official" Bitcoin exchange in the European Union.

The biggest challenge for the EU is appropriate sanctioning of cryptocurrencies and regulation of their use. Due to the relatively anonymous transactions of digital currency, the European Parliament is struggling with money laundering and tax evasion.

The European Union is financing numerous projects investigating the connection between blockchain technology and cybercrime.

In the face of the growing popularity of the so-called Privacy Coins, guaranteeing encrypted and anonymous transactions in the block chain. Despite the guidelines issued by the European Commission, European Union Member States retain a considerable degree of autonomy in the field of cryptocurrencies.

The decisions belong to the local authorities, which makes the selected countries faster to adopt bitcoin exchanges, while others stay behind. At the moment, Bitcoin is legal in every country of the Member States. It is not prohibited to trade or exchange, and differences between countries are primarily based on the taxation of revenues from transactions using digital currencies. Selected countries dont have any rules regarding cryptocurrencies yet.

German law defines Bitcoin as "private money", which means that it is neither foreign currency nor electronic money, which makes it taxable. Although Slovenia doesnt provide a tax on capital gains on the Bitcoin exchange, but it imposes tax on the extraction of cryptocurrencies. Companies selling goods or services in exchange for Bitcoins are also taxable. Interestingly, Spanish legislation treats transactions of BTC as barter transactions, devoting them a separate legislative entry.

Wordpress was very important when Bitcoin was introduced to the global market. Unlike the services provided by PayPal, Bitcoin is global. Wordpress noticed the business and PR opportunities in the introduction of fees in the digital currency. By accepting payments in BTC, one of the most popular domains in the network has opened up to over 60 potential countries, and clients from all over the world.

An unquestionable milestone was the agreement signed by the Cypriot Government and the European Union to save the country's finances from A one-time fee of 6. At the time of making this information public, people started looking for a way to save their finances. A large part of those with funds in Cypriot banks decided to buy Bitcoins.

Another important news that increased interest in digital currency was the announcement by Dell on July that dell. Thanks to this event, more and more enterprises have begun to take this form of payment, including Microsoft.

The platform began accepting fees for games and other media at BTC. This has once again strengthened Bitcoin's position on the stock exchange. Buy offers - BID Exchange rate amount price. Sell offers - ASK Exchange rate amount price. We are in business for 3 years 10 months. Daily transaction value - PLN. Bitcoin price BTC Bitcoin is undoubtedly the largest digital currency that has revolutionized the financial sector by introducing an independent, decentralized transaction network.

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