Bitcoin newsbitcoin tops $11k for first timewill the bubble burst

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It has been almost exactly 6 months November since parity or better was reached most recently, and that only lasted for a week. In the financial circles, the FOMC announced no increase in the Fed interest rate this month, but almost promised one next month. The USD landed at 1.

April until a flurry of news reports hit the wires. After that, the rate more or less stabilised there, but with some ups and downs as this is written. BTC today represents about Ethereum and Ripple both lost ground. The negative news from China is that police in a smaller city siezed more than computers used for CC mining in an action to reduce power thefts.

More such actions are anticipated. BTC climbed until about There is no explicit reason for this fall available. I can tell you in advance, I am really getting tired of this narative! There is some question about finagling the EOS prices recently — things do not appear to be market-related. There was a bitcoin newsbitcoin tops $11k for first timewill the bubble burst strength at about The Bitcoin newsbitcoin tops $11k for first timewill the bubble burst was up again today with 1.

The stock markets were off slightly on both sides of the Atlantic. There were no large buying or selling spasms, and that helped keep things relatively stable. Stocks are slightly lower. Brent crude is roughly even, although there was some excitement since the 3-month contract rolled over today. Bitcoin Pulls Even With Yesterday Page 1 Page 2 … Page 28 Next page.

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I'm doing this manually now, but it takes quite a while to cycle through when you have a couple strategies loaded in there. If you have obtained the Luminosity Software from one of Luminosity.