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This is something that I thought that others might find useful. Plus, I work in the enterprise data center and cloud space so I know a few things about servers, colocation, and power. This is all very important for calculating power costs for your mining rigs.

Feel free to skip ahead of the next couple of paragraphs to get to power as it relates to mining crypto currencies. A kiloWatt kW is comprised of one thousand Watts. For the majority of bitcoin and other crypto currency miners you will never deal with MegaWatts MW. However, there are some miners that are utilizing MegaWatts MW. Now that we've covered the basics on converting power, we need bitcoin power cost calculator look at it from a pricing perspective.

How do utility companies charge for power. They charge in kiloWatt hours kWh. Data centers and other hosting providers also charge their customers in kWh. There are also several different tiers of kWh rates depending on whether you are residential, commercial, or industrial.

You can find average kWh rates in the US per state by visiting https: This is helpful if you want to find cheap power. It's states like Wyoming, Utah, and Washington State that have some of the lowest kWh rates in the nation.

Next, we need to covert Watts into kiloWatts. Most electronics computers, appliances, lights draw Watts from the wall outlet. Now we need to figure out just how many Watts or kiloWatts per hour, day, and month they will use. Now that we have kW, it's time to convert that into kiloWatt hour kWh. To do this, you will take the bitcoin power cost calculator and bitcoin power cost calculator by 24 hours. To do this, we need to calculate kWh by the number of days in a month.

That will get the bitcoin power cost calculator power consumption for your monthly bill. We assume that the electronics such as a mining rig would be drawing the same power over a 24 hour period.

This does not take into consideration fluctuations in Watts or having electronics on for certain hours of the day. With that being said, we would simply multiple the kWh and number of days in the month 30 days.

Next, simply multiply by the average cost per kWh for your utility bill. You can typically find this information bitcoin power cost calculator the manufacture or by a third party website. Here's a great resource that has a lot of the GPU cards, their performance, and power usage. Thank you for explaining these facts about electricity and its consumption.

I use a kill-a-watt myself. With this little machine you enter the electricity price and it measures the usage in euros or dollars from one bitcoin power cost calculator plug or one mining rig.

What is a MegaWatt MW exactly? How much power is in a MW? For this example, lets use Watts. What is it in kiloWatt hour kWh? Bitcoin power cost calculator get paid when people like you upvote their post.

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