Bitcoin price reaching $10k by april 2018 no surprise mike novogratz

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A little over a month later Novogratz got a nice birthday present: Speaking to CNBC's Fast Money, Novogratz raised his price target aggressively, and predicted that bitcoin could quadruple in price by the end of It easily could," Novogratz said. He's right about the influx of funds: While Novogratz' bullishness is hardly surprising - he is after all talking his book - he did make a good point: So every price move gets exaggerated.

It's going to get exaggerated on the way up. There will be 50 percent corrections. It will get exaggerated on the way down. That mush is true: More importantly, so far every dip has been furiously bought. Novogratz also said that in contrast to oil and renewable energy products, companies cannot produce more bitcoin in order to meet demand since the digital currency's supply is limited to 21 million coins.

And speaking of talking his book, Novogratz is certainly putting his money where his mouth is: Novogratz is not the only one to revise his price target as bitcoin shoots higher: Create Tethers out of thin air and bid up Cryptos. Nothing can go wrong In reply to The higher they fly, the by Bigly. Good bitcoin price reaching $10k by april 2018 no surprise mike novogratz see this getting around.

It's screwy as fuck, and the Core shills just want everyone to ignore it and pretend that you can have a store of value with no use case. Bitfinex is shady as fuck. This is worse than any fiat money I have ever seen. When Bitfinex goes down, and it will, what happens then??? In reply to Good to see this getting by tmosley. People not only need to beware Bitfinex, but also any other exchange that deals in Tether. They might be dependent on them. Also, if the Bitcoin price falls significantly and stays down for any extended period vs BCH, the network will freeze up again.

Lots of people may wind up being stuck with coins on a dead chain. In reply to Bitfinex is shady as bitcoin price reaching $10k by april 2018 no surprise mike novogratz. Actually I think that next year at this time ETH will be dead. Reason being very poor tech stack and process management. In reply to Mt.

People not by tmosley. In reply to Actually I think that next by Luc X. In reply to Ultimate fuck the bankster by overbet. In reply to Get your coded math units. In reply to A lot of middle to pick up in by overbet. Sure, on an individual basis the quantity of a crypto is constrained by the math, but bitcoin price reaching $10k by april 2018 no surprise mike novogratz the aggregate there is no bitcoin price reaching $10k by april 2018 no surprise mike novogratz to the crypto supply as an unlimited number of different types can be created.

This is the doubt I have with the concept of distributed ledger currency. They have lots of characteristics that make them attractive and utilitarian but that unlimited dilution in aggregate worries me. You don't understand how Bitcoin works. It doesn't bitcoin price reaching $10k by april 2018 no surprise mike novogratz how many 'other' crypto currencies you might have available, since one that everyone wants has a fixed supply.

In reply to " In reply to You don't understand how by blentus. You do not understand human behavior. When an item gets too expensive people search for alternative. There already other digital "currencies". Bitcoin has a head start but does not mean it will win the race amongst them. Myspace had a head start on the Facebook. Does the creation and introduction of more companies on the stock market dilute the value of the others?

In reply to Does the creation and by btClunker. But we both know they won't. It's a huge problem. I think everyone has seen the shill brigade bombarding anyone and everyone questioning Core with personal attacks. I don't think everyone has noticed that this is the exact same tactic that has been employed against the "alt-right" and the "Bernie Bros" who failed to get in line under Shillary.

You can't have a store of value that doesn't have some sort of use. If you try, you get "trading sardines" that will collapse in price once people realize there is nothing to them. The ability to buy and sell goods outside the dollar system, more cheaply than you could transact with Visa, etc, gave BTC a raison d'etre. Now that Core proponents themselves are telling people to transact using other coins, it's all over but the crying. Will be interesting to see what happens to LTC as this progresses.

In reply to They never will. In reply to It's a huge problem. I think by tmosley. In reply to Just keep it real, money is by MonetaryApostate. Ok, so you had to go there did ya? Let me appeal to your superior intellect like this then Just watch any of the Max Keiser shows about cryptos to see just how much the British are in on this. I notice that you said absolutely nothing to back up your utterly ridiculous claim that cryptos are subject to capital controls, which was literally their first bitcoin price reaching $10k by april 2018 no surprise mike novogratz public use case.

In reply to Ok, so you had to go there by MonetaryApostate. Well, if that's what you are looking for, then let me explain it simply. A You'll be forced to pay transaction fees High B The gov has an open accounting book on you. In reply to I notice that you said by tmosley. In reply to Well, if that's what you are by MonetaryApostate.

Gold coins used to be traded, now they are impractical. BTC started out as a payment mechanism but was ultimately designed as a digital surrogate for gold. This is exactly the problem, one of the big ones at least. There are already better coins than BTC and better ways to secure the network. Bitcoin is just surging off of PR and name recognition at this point.

It's the one everybody has heard of. And new coins can always come out that keep getting better and better. What are we supposed to have a new global currency every 6 months? Better switch over or lose all your wealth. Or is everyone just gonna stick with the old shitty currency because it came out first? It's a pipe dream spawned out of the festering abcess of yet another state failure.

There's so much misallocated captial here and everywhere else. When the everything bubble pops it's gonna be glorious. If we were still using honest money none of this would have even happened. In reply to Gold coins used to be traded, by Mango Maybe I'm just a young dude but the idea of stepping from one boat to the next really doesn't stress me out that much. BTC has had and will continue to have a solid value proposition as slow-payment, store of value, digital gold.

Dash et al can serve as digital cash, which ye exchange some 'gold' aka BTC for as needed. Saddle up, ya nancies. In reply to This is exactly the problem, by HillaryOdor. Well maybe step outside your own bubble for a minute and think about the average person who can barely even figure out how to use a computer. Hell most people still use garbage point and click OS to get around and do everything on a computer.

That's why absolute crap like Windows and MacOS are still the most popular. They're scared of a keyboard and a command line for Christ's sake. You think these people are going to sit and research currencies all day? Compile wallets from source? You think they're going to properly secure their wealth?

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The ZenCash Secure Node system is a unique compensated blockchain network with enhanced client-to-node and node-to-node encryption. The system was designed to rapidly and massively decentralize the blockchain network to provide unparallelled censorship resistance, network capacity, and to lay the infrastructure for a high-performing privacy-oriented platform.

Within just three months …. The Liquidity Ecosystem provides blockchain payments for everyone with the off-chain Liquidity. Network and the Liquidity DEX, a non-custodial off-chain exchange. Click here to refresh the feed. DNAtix is developing the future ecosystem for Genetics where consumers, researchers, laboratories and clinics meet to use and make Genetics in a more transparent, accessible, applicable and secured manner. Topics discussed in this episode: Corl is revenue sharing on the blockchain and is a revenue-sharing token designed to support and participate in the growth of emerging companies.

MEDIA Protocol redistributes power from existing media owners — third-party intermediaries that disproportionately benefit from the exchange of content and centralized distribution platforms — to media creators, publishers and consumers.

MEDIA Protocol provides the data publishers need, the reward creators deserve and the relevance consumers desire.

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Material durability, technological obsolescence, loss, theft, and hacking vulnerabilities are just some of the factors consumers must consider before choosing a system. Current cold storage solutions are built on outdated technology and are only created to protect …. Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day! Fetch is a next-generation protocol built with a ready-to-go Proof of Work system invented by world-leading AI minds. Toby is a pioneer in …. Malta is partnering with Omnitude ….

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