Bitcoin today prices fall from weekend high but stay afloat above $8000

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I would not call it a bubble, but a new HIGH. I hoped for a high price for the holiday season, just did not expect it to be this high. Green candlesticks on this chart! All other payments that have to do with your house, like electric bills, water, trash, you will use Ethereum on smart contracts. Electroneum, litecoin, and monero will be useful for weekend get-togethers such as BBQ or picnic.

So, is it time to pull back? Or are you doubling-down? If confused, just buy bitcoin and mine Bitcoin. Oh what a time to learn HTML code. Nowadays the Cryptominer is the Webmaster. He can know how to assemble hardware with software to marry into a hashing computer. The software marries eloquently with the hardware providing for bare-bones basic linux computing OS platforms pushing hashes through graphics cards.

And the hashes it pushes are completely configurable to meet your desired result. Bitcoin today prices fall from weekend high but stay afloat above $8000 example, you can mine Ethereum, Bitcoin Gold, or even Monero.

You can mine many more coins and setup the unit for remote stats and headless operation. Monero XMR is no newcomer to this market value. Also, with the Electroneum a fork of Monero blockchain being released, Monero has grown in value as a result. Solo mining would be the equivalent of buying your own lottery tickets and keeping the winnings, if any, to yourself.

The result is a more consistent expected weekly payout. Monero has a backing similar to bitcoin, but without all the fuss. We let the hairy llama talk for us and bring updates and new features to the platform. If you are into Ethereum, then your neighbor is into Dash. Bitcoin today prices fall from weekend high but stay afloat above $8000 you are into Monero, then your Aunt loves Electroneum.

At that time I worked for a startup software company and kinda felt a change coming in the tech industry. In March I resigned from my post and soon after the bubbles starting popping. It seemed to be the gravy train, but it was not. Soon after, lots of companies and websites folded. They even sent me a T-shirt for joining. Basically this company would receive all your bills, then they would open them, scan them to PDF format, and then email you the results.

You would then give them authorization to debit your checking account to pay those bills via a check. On this fall day I noticed on Poloniex exchange some major player coins on a positive upswing, all except for Bitcoin Cash. I watch the market for swings to see when is a good time to sell a little bit, in bitcoin today prices fall from weekend high but stay afloat above $8000 to catch more coin when the price drops if it drops.

Recent big performers include Dash, Litecoin, and Monero. Monero, along with other coins like Dash, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, other top 10 currencies, have been getting a fresh flow of upswings lately. This may or may not have to do with the whole Bitcoin Segwit2X postponement. All-in-all, this gives Monero a strong bull-run going into the Holiday Season.

Will you be asking Santa for a Monero coin this December? Bitcoin is going to revolutionize the world! You hear it all the time. Is it just stop-limit orders being automatically processed by trading bots? If you are into this crypto market just for the profits, then this type of Pump-And-Dump is exactly what you were bitcoin today prices fall from weekend high but stay afloat above $8000 for.

Notice a rise in price on a coin, read about the news releases, invest in it, double your money, cash out. Seems like a great winning principle. Going in the opposite direction today was newcomer Electroneum ETN. It dropped to just over 2 cents from a 5 cent start to the week. Problem is that they have not been able to access those coins yet.

Release date is set for early next month. Next month is still three weeks away. By the time the coins are released the price may be below what they bought in at.

At which point users will have to sell at a loss or hold until a future recovery, if there is a future recovery. Being a copycat coin is not easy, but it can work IF there is a community behind it. Keep that dream and when you wake up on November 12, check the price of ETN.

See in this new market all you need is a dream and the patience to HODL. Truth is bitcoin has already been forked earlier this year and as a result Bitcoin Cash emerged.

With the Bitcoin BTC fork just days away, about nine more days, the prices and excitement surround cryptocoins is skyrocketing, to the moon as they say. What is up indeed. However, what has me perplexed is the mining hash rate for Monero as a whole. Where did they go? One dev, Fluffy Pony, laughed that basically the coin copies Monero, adds more to circulation, based off cryptonote, spouts that it can mine off of mobile phones, etc.

So, what have all the Monero miners been doing the last week? They jumped ship to Electroneum to gobble up those first blocks with the average reward at coins. With blocks hitting around the same frequency as Monero, quicker even. Now if my pool would just hit a reward already, its been five days! Now is the time to analyze both networks for their strengths. Bitcoin is digital gold and a standard in bitcoin today prices fall from weekend high but stay afloat above $8000 whereas Monero has more privacy in remittance activities.

Decentralization could also be argued as most Bitcoin miners are congregated in giant groups with advantages to low-cost electricity. Monero miners seem more dispersed. SHA is the algorithm used by the bitcoin network to solve the random chance block reward.

Monero uses a different one called Cryptonote. Cryptonote as of yet does not have an ASIC miner. Growth in ANY network shows support for that network whether or not the price goes anywhere. Now is a good time to buy Monero. The times of in crypto mimicked the times in with the internet. Meanwhile miners are back to work mining coins using up electricity and equipment. Even if mining equipment distributors accepted bitcoin as payment, they themselves would need to transfer it back to fiat most likely to pay other expenses.

What will stop the frenzy surrounding the upcoming Bitcoin fork? One day you will be able to make a house down payment with one bitcoin. Mining pools are like office lottery-pools. Bring it back Cryptopia! The tragedy of it all….

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For those keeping track, this is how long it has taken the cryptocurrency to cross the key psychological levels:. There has been no news to catalyze the move, and as most recent buying, it has been attributed to excitement over the upcoming December 10 CFTC bitcoin futures launch.

In a surprising tangent, Sprecher gave another impetus for the bulls when he questioned the existence of natural sellers of bitcoin futures, or investors who short the contract, noting that much of the wealth in the bitcoin world has been amassed by data miners in China and algorithmic traders. He decided that may not be a good scenario for one of his exchanges.

They may have a reason to do that if there are additional state crackdowns: However, contrary to some headlines that South Korea would restrict crypto transactions, all this means is that the Blockchain Association, an industry group of some 30 cryptocurrency exchanges, including Bithumb and Korbit, said it will encourage customers just one bank account in the selling and buying of cryptocurrencies. Under the voluntary restrictions, which will be implemented Jan. Currently, customers use virtual bank accounts when they buy or sell cryptocurrencies.

South Korea is home to one of the world's largest bitcoin exchanges, with about 1 million people estimated to trade the digital currency. I know I should be buying because it can only go up Then boom, back to zero. In reply to How is shitcoin doing? In reply to I know I should be buying by Newbie lurker. In reply to I love the smell of tulips in by Stackers.

If one altcoin is going to drop to 0 in the near future, that's Ethereum. In reply to IOTA. Kind of getting boring, LOL. I'll by Luc X. Most can't even afford living expenses, for real! Actually, for me, accounting is very hard. I am a numbers guy, but the admitted logic of accounting just eludes me. One reason I am pretty aggressively selling out my BTC at a measured but slow pace.

In reply to Come on, this shit is not by MonetaryApostate. The haters sure do cry a lot. Big towers of salt. It's LiteCoins turn to shine and it is coming very soon.

Hearing next 18mo will be insane. In reply to The haters sure do cry a lot. In reply to Yeah fuck that man, this is by AUD. At least LTC competes on its own merits, unlike some shitcoins. All crypto is going to go insane in the coming months. This is just the beginning.

LTC gets many nice comments on its solid technology. But, it still does nothing to advance privacy? Or am I wrong? Our friend in the Philippines has covered the matter of privacy coins at some length. None at present is truly private. Zcash maybe closest, but cumbersome; as far as I'm aware there's no straightforward wallet available I don't use exchanges , and I don't want the fuss of running a node.

Vertcoin VTC too might be worth your consideration. Also, stealth addresses will be implemented very soon. I'm less happy with other features such as LN and atomic cross-chain, which are almost de rigueur these days but from what I understand can undermine robustness. Like you, I sense something is tainted with BTC right now. So many unresolved issues.

I sense a big correction before long, which of course is likely to impact all alts. SImply military branch of Inner City of London. Would kill itself if Crown Corporation asked. Saying it will drive Ethereum to zero is a stretch, but at the very least it should take a big bite out of Ethereum's space. The Ethereum design flaws are so bad - not the concept theory and foundations, kudos to Vitalik for it, but the choice of the tech stack and architecture, that personally, sincerely I don't see them possible to address by refactoring but by a complete from ground rebuild of the stack, redesign and new implementation and that's what practically Cardano is doing.

Ethereum just grew too fast like prince wonder, founded by young guys with solid mathematical skills but lacking solid years of designing, implementing and testing software. Not only is this making it hard to play the game, but this scaling issue is a real concern for the Ethereum network in general. In reply to I think Ethereum will die by by Luc X.

Look at Monero, I remember seeing it at This cannot go on infinitum, or can it??? But the winner of the crypto war if there is a single winner will take over the role of money globally. Hard to imagine higher stakes than that. Worship at the Golden Crypto Calf. You want your chip in your forehead now? In reply to Infinite? But the winner by tmosley.

In reply to Sure. Worship at the Golden by Bay of Pigs. I take it that you'll be making a donation to the Bitfinex'ed legal defence with some of your profits? You were spot on with your recommendation a week or so ago. What wallet do you use to store your IOTA? In reply to You were spot on with your by Mine Is Bigger. Servers are all melted. Even if they weren't, withdrawals are suspended due to exchange wallet issues. Someone posted a link in one of these threads earlier going to an Australian service that anyone could send coins to and trade for IOTA.

Don't have the link, and haven't used the service, but it might be the only option ATM, absent being a monumentally stupid idiot and leaving your coins on the exchange. In reply to What exchange is best to get by freedogger. Directed Acyclic Graph is interesting, but I don't think the network itself is out of beta alpha? It mimics some aspects of "Proof of Stake", which I think has its own problems - so the jury is still out on that one. And yeah, don't leave any coins on any exchanges.

Just common sense in crypto-land. In reply to None of them. Servers are all by tmosley. It's so buggy its more like alpha, but they call it a public beta. They are supposed to be coming out with a better wallet that automatically handles all the arcane shit that experts have trouble with. Getting rid of the central coordinator will be a major step forward as well.

I don't know where it is on their milestones, but I would consider that the end of the beta. They themselves have called the coordinator something like "training wheels".

You keep saying the more users the faster it gets????? The one I use is just off of their website, but it is buggy as hell. It may look like you have lost coins, but you haven't, unless you sent to an address you had already spent from, or used an online seed generator.

Dozens of people had their IOTA stolen by doing so. I was also stupid enough to do that, but got lucky and didn't get the one that was stealing everyone's coins. Use one of the methods listed in the comments here: I said it before that IOTA is NOT ready for prime time, but the damned concept is so amazing it has attracted the attention of the degenerate gamblers in Asia.

In reply to Thanks. There isn't a good by tmosley. Agreed, the wallet is a complete piece of crap. No inherent seed generation, won't even synch, etc. I bought IOTA on binance.

As an aside, anyone fathom the crazy move in Monero all of a sudden other than all of crypto be going nuts? I plan on holding onto that, as it seems to still be the best anonymous option left along with Zcoin. Bit my lip and bought more. Wishing I hadn't taken the other half of my portfolio to cash now. It would take a week to get back in. Not sure whether I am going to take profits or wait to see what the hell this "Q" thing is all about.