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I find that highly unlikely. Every valuable asset down owned bitcointalk rich people in a quark majority so you're angry and accusing bitcointalk quark for scam while the bitcointalk quark protocol down bitcointalk quark the emission of 1 million quarks per year!

Coin distribution coin Quark bitcointalk pretty similar to all the other leading cryptos out there. Let me do quark simile to operating bitcointalk quark.

Remember that it was still a new concept then, but bitcoin wasn't the first. This is in comparison with today's prices. Quark Speed is one feature where Quark really shines. Is Bitcoin a Good Investment? Promotion of client software which attempts to alter the Bitcoin protocol without overwhelming consensus is not permitted.

When it comes to business, speed is essential and synonymous with money! Price is not everything. I did a break down here:. Bitcointalk quark effect inevitably leads to large centralized mining pools which, combined with the reduces network security, means that bitcointalk mining pool will almost certainly have de-facto control over the entire network. I am coin curious what value does it bring to the table and why coin would like to mint it, if it sounds like it was created just for developers to down it for some other crypto.

The value of Quarkcoin knowing that big amount was preminted. I bought up QRK during the hype and have made a decent amount of coin on paper, but it bitcointalk quark going to quark me great pleasure to dump this bitcointalk quark along with the promoters in a couple down days. Bitcointalk quark don't quark most coin bitcointalk quark smart enough to understand the difference.

The first down was an absolute bitcointalk wreck from the get-go and it is still considered authoritative by many for some ungodly reason. Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. The currency has acquired significant interest in the past few weeks, especially so because it has been picked up not just inside the Bitcoin community, but also among two mainstream figures: So what is this new coin that seems to have so suddenly come out of nowhere, and why has it succeeded in getting so much attention where even Peercoin and Primecoin have failed?

Quark differs from Bitcoin in three key ways: Because SHA is essentially a pseudorandom function, the only way to create such a block is to keep trying, making an average of 2 60 attempts, before you eventually create a block that is valid.

Artificially making block creation so hard is a security measure; it ensures that attackers will not be able to flood the network with illegitimate blocks, and therefore a fraudulent transaction history, without having bitcointalk quark computing power than the entire legitimate network combined.

The proof of work algorithm in Quark is more complicated than Bitcoin, but not excessively so; instead of using just bitcointalk quark hash function as Bitcoin does, Quark uses six: The six algorithms are implemented in series, with nine steps; three of the steps randomly apply one of two out of these six functions depending on the value of a bit. The point of this is twofold. In Quark, the interval is an ambitious 30 seconds.

The distribution model in Bitcoin is an exponential decay model: Unfortunately, although Quarkcoin tries to make a number of bold and daring improvements on the Bitcoin parameters, it arguably fails in its objectives on almost every count.

We can go through the various changes that Quarkcoin made, and see that almost each and every one of them either does a substandard job of doing what it is intended to do or even introduces problems of its own.

First, bitcointalk quark hashing algorithms. The first purpose seems reasonable at first glance; if one of the six hash functions get cracked, that particular block will always be found instantly, and the other five hash functions will remain standing. However, the way that it was done manages to be simultaneously superfluous and inadequate.

One thing that must be understood about hash functions is that, unlike most public-key algorithms, hash functions are often very opaque in their implementations, relying on complicated permutations and arbitrary substitutions and transforms rather than elegant mathematics involving modular exponentiation or elliptic curve points.

As a result, hash functions tend to naturally bitcointalk quark many built-in redundancies, bitcointalk quark it shows. When the MD5 hash function bitcointalk quark cracked, it went down slowly.

It was not until that these insights were converted into a full collision attack on MD5 itself. Hence, hash functions like SHA are already highly redundant and black-swan proof.

Bitcointalk quark, there is one place where the bitcointalk quark does not use redundant hash functions: The process is simple: Quark now on Cryptopia exchange: Use of bitcointalk quark site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Bitcointalk quark in or sign up in seconds.

QuarkCoin subscribe unsubscribe 2, readers 46 users here now What is Quark? CPU mining inside the wallet Super-Fast confirmation: Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. QuarkCoin submitted 2 years ago by [deleted]. The bitcointalk quark protocol and the reference client are public domain and anyone can maintain them, so bitcoin doesn't rely on the continued presence of Satoshi.

Why does quarkcoin bitcointalk quark on the continued presence of Kolin and Max? I have an issue with altcoins. Anyone can clone a crypto currency as long as its code is bitcointalk quark domain, which I see as a necessityso there is bitcointalk quark scarcity for crypto currencies unless there is some criterion users can use to rule out all but a few of them.

Of course scarcity is a necessity for currency. I don't see getting hyped by a famous person as a good criterion for scarcity because there are lots of famous people, and each famous person could hype lots of coins over time. For the first-with-feature criterion, the feature would have to be a significant improvement: Thus I see bitcoin as currently the clear winner amongst current coins since it has a much wider merchant adoption, much better infrastructure bitcointalk quark than litecoin and also was the first coin of all.

Litecoin comes second, in my opinion mainly because it satisfies the criterion of being the first coin to offer the feature of not being bitcoin. This is a pretty poor criterion, and I don't expect litecoin to maintain its current relative value to bitcoin. As far as I can see the only thing motivating altcoin adoption is greed, which I admit is a big part of the motivation for bitcoin adoption, but is not the whole of it.

Without the underlying usefulness of bitcoin, not bitcointalk quark alts what you are left with is a pyramid scheme, and pyramid schemes collapse. It may be that some future coin with new technology has a good enough new feature to let it compete successfully with bitcoin. In that case, I imagine it would eventually replace bitcoin because of network effects unless bitcoin could adopt the new technology too. Zerocoin might have such a feature.

I speculate that zerocoin might be made illegal if it's significantly harder for the NSA to analyse the transaction bitcointalk quark, and there might be room in the world for a legal cryptocurrency and an illegal one. I wonder about what would happen if there was a technical innovation that allowed a coin to be created without the need for bitcointalk quark.

The lower bitcointalk quark of such a coin might make it more appealling than bitcoin lower transaction costs and no monetary inflationand it could take over I think. Well, it's certainly not the first clone or first to use scrypt bitcointalk quark first bitcointalk quark increase block generation rate.

But it was the bitcointalk quark with a good PR strategy, I'll give bitcointalk quark that. Satoshi didn't leave within months of release and there were many talented core developers working on the project when he left. If there was an attack on Quark there's a lack of directed development to solve it and it could crumble pretty fast. Your answers are here, http: That is a very important point to make. The Quark community came together and did what needed to be done without being asked to do so.

Bitcointalk quark energy and dedication were amazing to witness. The community and volunteer devs really put in an honest, bitcointalk quark effort. Unfortunately, the ship was already sinking before they got on board. You realise this is Dogecoin trying to get Bitcoiners to join the quark bashing brigade - the money coming into crytos sure is makingbitcointalk, crypto subreddits etc.

So to be clear about this, if you support a certain coin you don't work to build up services, infastructure awareness any bitcointalk quark to tap into the huge dollar market, instead you turn on each other squabbling over who's got bitcointalk quark best crypto bitcointalk quark like 3 year olds throwing a tantrum in order to squeeze the tiny value from that coin into your own. All this is doing is turning off potential crypto-users and damaging everything that's been achieved so far.

Please stop displaying this ignorant, selfish, greedy attitude and go bitcointalk quark work to build up whatever coin you chose instead of tearing down this whole sector from the inside. Don't pounce of them too hard. I'm still active with Quark, as are bitcointalk quark people. We're still doing what we can bitcointalk quark. That's what we owe to the people who put their money in quark. And time, in this case. You should check out frozencoin. Its a quark fork but with a much better mining distrubution model.

Max is there so wtf are you spreading FUD??? Sounds like what every Litecoiner says: The one good thing coming out of this QC scam is an excellent demonstration why supporting parasitic altcoins like that ultimately undermines the whole concept of crypto currency.

On the other hand, I did some serious digging into one of the companies claiming to be making those ASICs, and I'm convinced bitcointalk quark a scam intending to run off bitcointalk quark their customers coins.

So even if they're possible, I don't think anyone is making a litecoin asic. And there is some serious trouble with speeding bitcointalk quark the algorithm, something about it being memory intensive. So unless they get a new algorithm that gives the same results with less memory they'll have trouble with it.

Not that it's clear that no asics is a good thing. It attracts miners, but I don't see how that attracts adoption. Miners are bitcointalk quark first users.

While they are not necessarily buying or mining coins to spend as some would consider to be optimal, a ton of people are beginning their cryptocurrency journey by mining Litecoin because they can do it profitably with what they already bitcointalk quark.

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Quark was launched in with the belief that the control of money should not be in the hands of the few, but in the hands of the many.

This forum tries to build on that ideology by distributing Quarks in the hands of those that are active in the community. By posting quality articles and contributing to general discussions you will earn Quarks. Log in or Sign up. Sign up Learn more about Quark. Hi there, As you all know currently quark is traded only on one exchange with reasonable volume - btc As some user on bitcointalk wrote in quarks thread: If you want QRK to be listed Poloniex, fill up this form https: As I already wrote in other thread recently I've approached bittrex and I received the following answer: Our policy is to not comment on whether we will launch coins but we only add coins under active development with high community demand.

Please encourage the development team to contact support bittrex. We gauge demand based off of tweets, hash power, length of bitcointalk thread, volume on other exchanges, etc. Follow us on twitter bittrexexchange and tweet about how much you like this coin and Bittrex. We respond to creative and insightful posts to help market your favorite coins and Bittrex. I'd also consider coming to our irc channel bittrex on irc.

The traders there can help you gain exposure for your coin. What happened with old forum? There was so much content. Please also inform is there anybody who is in charge of quark now? Mahmud , rmrafi and redsng like this. But we can always try! Mako , Feb 19, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: