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The following Unicode characters are allowed:. Any characters not included in this list will be rejected. For more information, see the W3C specification for characters. For information about the parameters that are common to all actions, see Common Parameters. The length of time, in seconds, for which to delay a specific message.

Messages with a positive DelaySeconds value become available for processing after the delay period is finished. If you don't specify a value, the default value for the queue applies. When you set FifoQueueyou can't set DelaySeconds per message. You can set this parameter only on a queue level.

Each message attribute consists of a NameTypeand Value. The token used for deduplication of sent messages. If a message with a particular MessageDeduplicationId is sent successfully, any messages sent with the same MessageDeduplicationId are accepted successfully but aren't delivered during the 5-minute deduplication interval.

If you don't provide a MessageDeduplicationId and the queue doesn't have ContentBasedDeduplication set, the action fails with an error. When ContentBasedDeduplication is in effect, messages with identical content sent within the deduplication interval are treated as duplicates and only one copy of the message is delivered. If you blockchain api sendmessage one message with ContentBasedDeduplication enabled and then another message with a MessageDeduplicationId that is the same as the one generated for the first MessageDeduplicationIdthe two messages are treated as duplicates and only one copy of the message is delivered.

The MessageDeduplicationId is available to blockchain api sendmessage consumer of the message this can be useful for troubleshooting delivery issues. If a message is sent successfully but the acknowledgement is lost and the message is resent with the same MessageDeduplicationId after the deduplication interval, Amazon SQS can't detect duplicate messages.

Amazon SQS continues to blockchain api sendmessage track of blockchain api sendmessage message deduplication ID even after the message is received and deleted. The length of MessageDeduplicationId is characters. MessageDeduplicationId can contain alphanumeric characters a-zA-Z blockchain api sendmessage, and punctuation!

The tag that specifies that a message belongs to a specific message group. Messages that belong to the same message blockchain api sendmessage are processed in a FIFO manner however, messages in different message groups might be processed out of order.

To interleave multiple ordered streams within a single queue, use MessageGroupId values for example, session data for multiple users. In this scenario, multiple consumers can process the queue, but the session data of each user is processed in a FIFO fashion. You must associate a non-empty MessageGroupId with a message. If you don't provide a MessageGroupIdthe action fails. ReceiveMessage might return messages with multiple MessageGroupId values.

For each MessageGroupIdthe messages are sorted by time sent. The caller can't specify a MessageGroupId. The length of MessageGroupId is characters. You can't use it for Standard queues. You can use this attribute to verify that Amazon SQS received the message correctly. An attribute blockchain api sendmessage the MessageId of the message sent to the queue.

The length of Blockchain api sendmessage is bits. SequenceNumber continues to increase for a particular MessageGroupId. For information about the errors that are common to all actions, see Common Errors. The following example SendMessage request sends a message containing This is a test message to the queue. However, in this example only the message body is URL-encoded to make the example easier to read. The following example creates a message timer —applying a second initial visibility delay to a single message— by calling blockchain api sendmessage SendMessage action with the DelaySeconds parameter set to 45 seconds.

Javascript is disabled or is unavailable in your browser. Please refer to your browser's Help pages for instructions. Sign In to the Console. Blockchain api sendmessage Simple Queue Service. The following Unicode characters are allowed: DelaySeconds The length of time, in seconds, for which to delay a blockchain api sendmessage message.

Note The MessageDeduplicationId is available to the consumer of the message this can be useful for troubleshooting delivery issues. The large, non-consecutive number that Amazon SQS assigns to each message.

UnsupportedOperation Error code Note Queue URLs and names are case-sensitive.

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One of the advantages of the blockchain is that, unlike conventional Internet services, you do not have to maintain a backend in order to offer a service. You do however need to pay to write a transaction onto the blockchain. Message delivery is certainly something that can benefit hugely from the blockchain.

Note that in this blog post I am talking about delivering messages to a mailbox for retrieval, not direct device to device messaging. In order to implement a mailbox on Ethereum in the Solidity language, this is all the code that is required:. When a message is to be delivered to a specific account, it simply writes it onto the transaction log via an event. This is an order of magnitude cheaper than storing the message in contract storage.

As an experiment I sent a 5kB email using this technique. Once Swarm is live, it will be possible to reduce storage costs even further. It should be noted that many emails sent today are really just push notifications and are better suited to other Ethereum technologies such as Whisper. The recipient can simply watch the transaction log for messages intended for them.

Of course, just like with email, the messages need to be encrypted otherwise anyone can read them. The sender of the transaction could be considered as the sender as the message, but this leads to a loss of privacy. This means the transaction can originate from any address.

A further advantage of emailing via the blockchain is that the small fee must be paid to the network. This greatly reduces the economic incentive of spam.

Also, because the blockchain is decentralized, you never have to worry about the service being unavailable. I'm Jonathan Brown, a blockchain entrepreneur. Text publishing technologies for Ethereum dapps. Indexing the blockchain with Elastic Ethereum. Storing compressed text in Ethereum transaction logs.

Using Dapple to test Solidity with Solidity. Skip to main content. You are here Home. SMTP can be replaced by a 19 line Ethereum contract. In order to implement a mailbox on Ethereum in the Solidity language, this is all the code that is required: About me I'm Jonathan Brown, a blockchain entrepreneur. Blog posts Federated Ethereum Blockchains.