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Of equal — if not greater — importance is the blockchain, the technology that supports the cryptocurrency, the distributed ledger which enables trustless, peer-to-peer exchange of data. But the fame of blockchain has also bot 2048 bitcoin game rise to two new challenges, namely that of interoperability and flexibility.

There are now more than a score of blockchain-based currenciesbot 2048 bitcoin game optimized for different purposes, with different exchange rates, verification and consensus mechanisms, performance, distribution function, block size limit and degree of anonymity.

And none of these currencies are compatible with others, making it hard for users to transfer money between them. However, the original blockchain used in bitcoin was not designed to scale to all possible use cases, making it difficult to use it in these domains. Overcoming these challenges can unleash the full potential of blockchain, enabling it to support and connect many of the technologies that we use today, as well as the developing technologies that are promising to conquer the future.

First, we have to find a way to connect different blockchains. Every one of the available cryptocurrencies work fine in their own respect. But things get complicated and frustrating when you want to move money between different ledgers. There have been efforts in the past to remedy the situation. Stellar and Ripple are two cryptocurrencies introduced with the goal of enabling users to exchange different digital and fiat currencies through one ledger, but which have enjoyed limited success.

Now, a group of veteran bitcoin and blockchain programmers are creating a technology they believe will unite all digital currencies and the companies and individuals who use those currencies.

Dubbed Interledger Protocol ILPthe technology is being overseen by Ripple, the company that is otherwise known for its own namesake cryptocurrency and its participation in the W3C Web Payments Working Groupanother initiative that seeks to facilitate web payments. As the name implies, ILP is not a ledger but a protocol, and it holds no balance or funds. Instead, they use cryptographic algorithms to create an escrow of funds and exchange the money when certain conditions are met.

Thomas maintains ILP can work with any bot 2048 bitcoin game ledger and only small changes would be required in order to use it.

He hopes that ILP will someday enable money to be transferred over the internet as easily as information, realizing a dream that has been sought by tech leaders since the 90s. Whether Interledger will become the sensation its developers are promising is yet to be seen, but for the moment, it has managed to draw the bot 2048 bitcoin game of some of the giants of the tech industry, including Microsoft, Google and Apple. The idea of an immutable database that stores transactions securely and transparently, and which is controlled by no single entity, bot 2048 bitcoin game an interesting concept that can be applied to several different domains.

But the blockchain needs to undergo changes if it is to meet the requirements of every possible industry. IBM has already contributed thousands of lines of code to the project and is establishing its name as a key contributor to the effort.

Hyperledger will bring together a set of open protocols and standards in a modular structure that will support different components for different uses, enabling adopters to tune it to meet their different requirements.

The project will serve as a development library that firms can use to build their own distributed ledgers without needing to rely on public blockchains such as those used bot 2048 bitcoin game bitcoin and Ethereum. A whitepaper posted on the internet describes the key ideas and use cases of Hyperledger in different financial and industrial domains.

While some think these technologies to be bot 2048 bitcoin game odds, they will likely not be competing and will in fact bot 2048 bitcoin game cooperating and complementing each other.

The directions of events and efforts bot 2048 bitcoin game that the new and improved generations of blockchain will have an important role to play in this regard. Ben Dickson is a software engineer and the founder of TechTalks. More posts by this contributor Unlocking the potential of eye tracking technology Can you trust crypto-token crowdfunding?

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