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We care about your right to privacy. We believe it's an important piece of democracy that we have the right to be anonymous. Njalla was started because we couldn't find a domain name service that we ourselves wanted to buy domains with bitcoin. Our goals are to be caring about privacy, simple and flexible.

When you buy a domain in our system, we're actually purchasing it for ourselves. We will be the actual owners of the domain, it's not an ownership by proxy as found with all other providers. However, you will still have the full control over the domain name. You can either use our information, our nameservers or you can go with your custom data. If you ever want to move the domain from our system, we'll of course give you the domain without any additional costs.

The idea is to make sure that we minimise your visibility to the public. We're not going to give your customer data out easily. However, we will help if there are legal buy domains with bitcoin to any formal government requests to our system.

If you use our service in a way that affects anyones health or safety, we reserve the right to suspend your service. A njalla is a traditional type of storage hut or cache built on top of a long stump of a tree or pole in order buy domains with bitcoin prevent animals getting hold of the contents typically food or other perishables.

We're not actually a domain name registration service, we're a customer to buy domains with bitcoin. We sit in between the domain name registration service and you, acting as a privacy shield. When you purchase a domain name through Njalla, we own it for you. However, the agreement between us grants you full usage rights to the domain. Whenever you want to, you buy domains with bitcoin transfer the ownership to yourself or some other party. We don't do packages.

All of the domains include the same service, if you use them or not. We want to keep things simple and we're not trying to compete on price but security. We will never be the cheapest domain name registration service but we'll always be the most privacy centered one. For e-mail we also support PGP so all of our outgoing e-mail will be signed and encrypted.

We're a team of committed internet buy domains with bitcoin and we're also involved in other privacy projects such as the IPredator VPN service. Or to keep it simple; we've got a long history and serious understanding of the issues of anonymity on the internets. Media requests can be sent to media at njal dot la.

It's possible to transfer your current domain to us. Search for your domain and choose 'transfer'. You need to have credits in your wallet for the option to show up. About Njalla We're a different type of domain name registration service!

Njalla is run by LLC based in Nevis. What does Njalla mean? What separates Njalla from traditional domain name registration services? What packages do you have? That's our promise to you. How can I register? Transfering an existing domain It's possible buy domains with bitcoin transfer your current domain to us.

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You could host any number of websites in each bitcoin hosting plan. Buy Bitcoin hosting from us right now. The order process of our Bitcoin hosting is easy and fast. In simple words, BitCoin is the "Currency of the Internet".

A digital currency that is generated, exchanged and stored totally electronically. No one controls it. It embraces the concept of a total freedom in payment. With no governmental control and a decentralized infrastructure and protocol, Bitcoin has the potential to be the world's global currency. BitCoin uses a peer to peer decentralized network that enables secured and instant payments in between any person on earth.

Bitcoin has no central authority, so managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the P2P network. Considering all the above benefits, we now accept Bitcoin for buying bitcoin hosting, domain name registration, VPS servers and dedicated servers.

Buying bitcoins is easy. Simple check the standard exchangers list here. Once you get your bitcoin wallet and have bitcoins in it, you can use your bitcoins to buy Bitcoin hosting, domain names, or any other goodies you like.

If you have some bitcoins and want to sell them into cash, then please refer to the standar exchangers list here. According to your country and which exchanger you are using, you could sell bitcoins into cash and withdraw them to your back account, or to your debit or credit card. Exchangers can also send your money to other online payments methods or crypto currencies.

Buying web hosting plans from us with bitcoin is easy, fast and secure. Our billing system is fully automated and your new web hosting account as will be activated instantly after payment confirmation.

If you ordered a domain name with your web hosting order, it will be instantly registered too. When buying bitcoing web hosting, the cryptocurrency has many benefits over standard money. The privacy, security and low transaction fees that is offered by bitcoin transactions are highly suitable for buying web hosting services. You can also buy domain name registration with bitcoin. When you buy bitcoin web hosting, We provide instant bitcoin hosting activation and instant bitcoin domain registration.

You order willl be activated instantly once first confirmation is received. You can buy bitcoin web hosting and choose from 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or 24 months billing cycles. When you purchase hosting with bitcoin, we provide you the ability to host unlimited websites and domains per web hosting plan.

Bitcoin is accepted for buying web hosting. Yet still you can buy web hosting using any of the following payment methods: Buy Web Hosting with Bitcoin. Buy Domains with Bitcoin. Bitcoin domains are Registered Instantly and come with 2 Free email boxes.

Find your Domain Now. Bitcoin Hosting Features Each of our bitcoin hosting plans paid by bitcoin comes with cpanel control panel. Decentralized Distributed over a peer to peer decentralized network. Better Privacy Exclusive privacy makes it hard to link you to your transactions. Cross Border Buy, Sell and exchange anytime, anywhere in the world. I dont' have bitcoins yet. How to buy bitcoin? How to sell bitcoin? How to buy Bitcoin hosting?

Why use bitcoin when buying web hosting? What are the web hosting types that I can buy using Bitcoin? How long does it take to get a bitcoin hosting order activated? What are the billing cycles of bitcoing hosting? If I am not satisfied with my bitcoin web hosting, can I get a refund? Your bitcoin web hosting is covered by 30 days money back guarantee. Can I host more than one website in my hosting with bitcoin? Do you accept other payment methods than Bitcoin?