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Abstinence-based programming is, by far, the most common approach for treating substance use disorders and addictions. While it is the most optimal outcome health-wise, chronic substance and alcohol use can have such sever effect on the brain that immediate abstinence is too difficult no matter the desire to stop.

Drugs like opiates e. For many people with this sort of experience, abstinence likely seems impossible. Unlike other opiates, Methadone takes longer to metabolize in the body. Earlier this year, Methadone had some drastic changes.

Previously, patients would attend a pharmacy daily to receive methadone — a powder solution mixed with a sweet drink often Tang by a pharmacist. Methadose was developed to reduce the likelihood of abuse such as injecting it versus ingesting it orally. Methadose congeals underneath the skin or in the veins and can cause abscesses and discoloured, swollen arms. He, himself, admitted to buying methadone illegally from the back door of a pharmacy.

One of the biggest concerns with this changeover to Methadose is the increased risk of overdose. People who have been regularly receiving diluted Methadone may also have an increased risk of overdose when they begin taking Methadose. Long-time MMT participants have reported they felt withdrawal symptoms much faster than when they were on the original solution.

Unable to get more Methadose in their prescription or return back to the original solution, many have reported to using heroin and other illegally purchased substances as a supplement between their Methadose times. Have you experienced a similar situation with the new Methadone? What have you done to address its shorter effects? We want to know. Alternatively, if this change has made you consider tapering off Methadone completely, contact us to discuss your options in BC, Alberta, Ontario, and the rest of Canada for Methadone detox and treatment.

I have been on the program for over 20 yrs. Have you asked your methadone doctor if you can go back on methadone? BC became the guinea pig province for this new formula and many people are having this problem.

Another — maybe less ideal — option is to stay off of methadone for the 72 hour period necessary to be rid of it in your system and then go on suboxone. You can also contact the BC college of physicians and surgeons to see if any methadone clinics are still prescribing proper methadone and change clinics if that is possible. VANDU may have some solutions, too. Hope some of these ideas may be helpful. Feel free to call us at 1.

I hold off on indulging in other substances because I fear repercussions. I have never want to use drugs more in my life since the switch over to methadose. Methadose was a terrible mistake in my opinion. When I awaken in full-blown withdrawal at approximately 4: I just want to say I have been on the methdone program over 15 years.

Since the change to methdose I feel withdrawal way faster and the feeling of being unstable all the time. Not anything like the methdose. I asked my Dr he to hears the same complaints from most of his patients. I just want to say I have been on the metrhdone program over 15 years. Since the change to methdose I feel withdrawal faster. And the feeling of being unstable all the time One day I hope it changes back to the methadone.

I spoke to my Dr and he hears the same complaints from most of his patients. I have been a long time stable methedone patient. I along with many others have noticed that the lifespan of methedose is less than half than what it is supposed to be. It leaves me feeling sick by mid day. Pls look into this matter further as I am trying to lower my dose in hope of one day ridding myself of this medicine for good.

However it is very difficult to lower my dose on a weekly basis due to the short life span and me feeling sick all the time. I am concerned it will make it that much more difficult to get off. I agree i took methadone for 10 yrs and was doing great they switched to methadose and everyone went downhill im in withdraw in 4 to 5 hrs after my dose there is no way methadose is ten times stronger thats completely false its just another medication cheaper and weaker to make more money off us suffering addicts.

Posted on 30 Mar By Tammy. Recent Posts Mental Health Week: Recovery Terminology to Know about Drugs and Alcohol. Tags addiction addiction treatment alcohol Alcohol Treatment bc calgary curling decriminalization depression detox drug Drug Rehab drugs ecstasy edmonton grande prairie hockey inpatient liberals marijuana mdma medicine hat mental health methadone methadone maintenance methadose molly Ontario Alcohol Treatment Ontario Drug Rehab opioid ottawa outpatient party public recovery red deer rehab saskatchewan sober sobriety treatment treatment.