Buy qsp quantstamp a must for every ethereum erc20 token and ico

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Quantstamp is the first smart contract security-auditing protocol, call it Security 3. Y-combinator demo in California Check out their website: Quite in an interesting position before the Y-combinator demo in 11 buy qsp quantstamp a must for every ethereum erc20 token and ico. Here are some poorly written pointers: With automated software and manual checks Quantstamp improves the security of Ethereum smart contracts by fixing fatal flaws in their code such as those which led the the DAO failure in or recent parity wallet hacks.

I think this element of security protocol is directly needed in order for block chains to achieve mass adoption. Token utility and master nodes: In addition, thought not officially confirmed yet, buy qsp quantstamp a must for every ethereum erc20 token and ico rumored that there will be validation nodes speculated over k tokens to earn passive income and further strengthen your reason to hodl your investment.

With the long awaited Y-combinator demo and code realese in 11 days, we might very well see some price action and media coverage following!

Consisting of 13 members and eight additional advisors. Richard Ma algorithmic trading fund manager and Steven Stewart worked for Canadian Department of National Defence as a computer systems analyst. From what I know, they even have the first mover advantage and is furthest ahead to secure and achieve this function.

A balanced review I would recommend cryptogurus. Sorry in advanced for any typing errors. Do your own research before you decide to invest. I am biased cause of my holding, which i recently doubled cause of this discount price, which might reflect my belief of the ingenuity of Quantstamp. Now, let me hear your feedback and thoughts of QSP. The solution layer for securing the block chains for mass adoption? Doomed to fail cause of better option? Quantstamp QSP altcoin bitcoin cryptocurrency investment undervalued best moon best altcoin undervalued altcoin.

Ethos, Ardor, Power Ledger, and Quantstamp! Will Quantstamp Moonshot In Q1 ? Quantstamp Review - Securing Smart Contracts. My Top 5 Crypto Exchanges! Future of Audit - Technologies that will change the future of the Audit.

ChainLink Ready to Rocket? Taking Profits from Crypto Trading. Top Three Undervalued Cryptocurrency Projects. Morpheus Labs Smart Contract - Audit. Quantstamp a Detailed Review and Insight.

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Quantstamp QSP is a protocol that aims to create a scalable and cost-efficient auditing system for all smart contracts that operate on the Ethereum network. At the moment smart contract auditing costs are high prices can range within thousands of dollars per audit and take several weeks to conclude. Quantastamp aims to solve this problem by providing a fast and inexpensive smart contract auditing services prices will range from as low as 10usd dollars per audit and take minutes to complete.

In this review, I will be analyzing Quantstamp from a crypto investment perspective. For a more technical analysis, please do your due diligence and read the whitepaper. Essentially Quantstamp is a protocol that offers an inexpensive and speedier alternative to smart auditing contracts then traditional options.

Quantstamp is not the only crypto project aiming to reduce smart contract auditing expenses there are emerging alternatives such as Etherparty, Agrello, Block Cat and other competitors. Regardless of its competitors, I feel this sector has room for many key players, and I welcome competition as it inspires innovation and leads to better customer services. The QSP token will also offer incentives to those who contribute to the software for verifying the solidity programs; users who run the Quantstamp validation node a specialized node on the Ethereum network , and members who find bugs on the smart contracts.

Holders of the QSP token will also have voting rights that lessen the chances of hard forks and lead to a more decentralized environment. Richard Ma is the CEO of QuantStamp it should be noted that he retired before starting Quantstamp his former work experiences include algorithmic trader at Tower Research and, a derivatives trader at Archelon Group.

He is also a co-founder of Many Trees, Inc. Each of the Quantstamp team members holds numerous achievements I could write all day about them. Investors should take comfort in knowing that as an investor the team is composed of experienced developers, Ex-Google, Amazon, and IBM employees.

Equally Qualified are the Quantstamp advisors. Quantstamp has a large social media following on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. They also appear to be creating YouTube videos on a frequent basis which is a great way to promote the Quantstamp brand and listen to the team members. Reddit has a growing community where you can find up to date information on the Quantstamp project.

Quantsamp also has a personal blog where the team frequently updates its users. They have been busy on Github you can find that they have been hard at work developing the protocol. Overall they are doing a great job at marketing and considering that they have recently completed their successful ICO the project is gaining lots of support within crypto communities.

Overall I feel that Quantstamp has a bright future the team is very experienced and accomplished. With cryptocurrencies becoming more mainstream and adopted I believe Quantstamp to be a key player in its sector. This investment will be most beneficial for long-term holders who can wait until the main net releases in August of next year As always please do your research before investing in crypto projects this review is my own opinion and is not meant to be taken as investment advice.

I already know that I would use Po. I will be reviewing Po. The critical areas that I will analyze in regards to the Po. It allows users to create immutable and timestamped titles for authentic works and then register their holdings to the Po. POE functions as an ERC Ethereum-based token that represents a share of fees and revenues obtained from the commercial apps built on top of the Po. For further information on upcoming developments, you can view the Po.

The current market cap is low for a crypto project with a lot of upsides many publishers and content creators will find this platform useful.

At the moment POE has a market cap of USD 15,, and a current supply of 2,,, tokens and a total amount of 3,,, tokens. The core team is composed of eight individuals from various successful backgrounds some of the notable achievements from the Po. D in Chemistry from the prestigious Stanford University plus many other achievements that I have not listed.

Recognizing that they need to do a better job updating the crypto community Po. I can tell by looking at their recent Github activity that they have been hard at work developing the Po. Sometimes crypto teams prefer to do more marketing later on once they have a working product and I believe Po.

They have such a high functioning team and level of advisors from individuals in the industry that marketing will not be a problem once they get the ball rolling.

They seem to have a decent Twitter following, and you can find them on Reddit , but unfortunately the community there is not very active. For the most up to date information, their blog is useful since they update it frequently.

The Team and advisors are well known and competent plus the project is unique and useful outside of the crypto world. I foresee many companies utilizing this platform shortly. Aventus AVT I have been following this crypto project closely it all began when I watched a documentary about how ticket fraud is rampant in the entertainment industry.

Shady characters use bots to purchase tickets within seconds of being released for sale online and then mark up the price significantly on websites such as the centralized StubHub website. Unfortunately, the police consider this a petty crime and do not devote many resources to the prosecution of these shady characters. The paradise papers leaked this year and exposed many wealthy individuals and corporations participating in tax evasion.

What surprised me the most was that certain shady characters in the ticket reselling business were presented in the paradise papers and had used these tax shelters to hide their assets. Some of these individuals were earning millions of dollars. Thankfully Aventus and the blockchain era is beginning with a decentralized blockchain Aventus hopes to reduce costs and fraud.

I will be reviewing Aventus and the AVT token as a crypto investment. When I discuss cryptocurrencies I always cover four crucial areas such as the following:. The purpose of AVT is to work in conjunction with the Aventus ecosystem and ensure that the protocol operates autonomously, de-centrally, and with zero chance of fraud.

AVT is used for stake weighted voting and consensus mechanisms for voting on the Aventus Platform. For more technical information you can view the whitepaper by clicking here. The best exchange to purchase the AVT token is the popular Binance exchange since they have low fees. Having a low market cap and supply of tokens should lead to a significant increase in the token valuation once the project matures. Aventus finished their ICO on the 6th of September in under ten minutes.

They raised 60k ETH in total, 30k presale, 16k white-list sale, and 14k during their public crowd sale. The team is composed of six experienced core team members and advisors. They have recently partnered with Townsend music to help assist them with technical needs.

Townsend Music is an established leader in D2C service solutions and they have many high profile clients such as Ellie Goulding, The Prodigy, and many other Artists. Aventus is pretty transparent and you can reach them on popular social media platforms such as Twitter , Reddit or LinkedIn. The best way to keep in touch with updates on Aventus is to join them on Telegram or visit the Aventus personal blog.

Also, they have a Youtube Channel where you can watch the core team members explain the Aventus platform. I believe Aventus has done well marketing and forming partnerships.

The website allows users to view their current balance and the top 50 most recently traded ERC tokens within the last 24 hours. The four areas I will be reviewing are as follows:. Everex can be described as a fin-tech company that specializes in applying blockchain solutions to cross-border payments, trading, and lending.

As a crypto investor, a low market cap and supply of tokens often means that we should see a significant increase in the valuation of the token price furthermore the team has real working products not just a whitepaper like some crypto projects. The most accessible place to purchase the EVX token is on the Binance Exchange after buying the token you can store them safely with myetherwallet.

Everex is based out of crypto friendly Singapore, and the team is composed of four highly qualified individuals and five advisors all of which are proven in their related specialties. Everex has partnered with prominent companies in the Fintech fields such as ValidityLabs, ViewFin, Holley and many others.

The Everex team has done well marketing the token thus far, and they seem to have a significant following on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

What surprised me the most was that Everex has many Youtube videos I was happy to see that they are promoting their brand with video marketing. They also have a blog where they post frequent updates about recent developments and partnerships. I believe that the Everex project will be a great long-term hold for crypto investors that wish to add EVX to their portfolio.

I believe that Satoshi Nakamoto must feel a sense of disgust of what a spectacle it has all become. Regardless of what has become of everything I would be lying if I said I have not benefited from all of these recent hard forks. I chose to review Bitcoin Gold because I wanted to inform people about the investment potential of this crypto project and the inherent risks associated with it.

In this crypto investment review, I will be covering four crucial areas that I consider before making any significant investments. The Four key areas I am reviewing will be the following:. Bitcoin Gold is a Fork from the popular Bitcoin blockchain At block ; Bitcoin Gold miners will begin creating blocks with a new proof-of-work algorithm that branches off of the Bitcoin blockchain and forms a new cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Gold has an undetermined market cap and an unknown circulating supply of coins. We do know however that there is a total supply of 21,, BTG coins similar to the overall amount of Bitcoins. If you wish to purchase or day trade then the Binance exchange would be one of the best choices as it is easy to use and has lower fees then most crypto exchanges.

It should be noted that currently, scam accusations are making rounds on the internet that suggest the Bitcoin Gold wallet listed on the official website has stolen users BTG after they have downloaded the wallet. Rumors are that the developers could be behind this scam. You can view some of the recent complaints on Bitcointalk or by doing a quick Google search.

The lead developer of BTG goes by the anonymous nickname h4x3rotab. There are also four other team members who assist with the BTG development. However, the project does have strong support within the crypto business community many prominent exchanges, mining pools, and wallets are supporting this crypto project.

They have a significant presence on popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. I was unable to locate a BTG community on Reddit which I find troubling as most crypto projects do prefer to use Reddit to communicate with its investors. Investing in cryptocurrencies is risky enough but investing in BTG is even riskier than most projects. If you wish to be involved in the BTG project, I would recommend mining the coins instead of risking your hard earned money by purchasing it on exchanges.

I believe short-term traders that are experienced could profit off of the volatility, but still the project has a lot of red flags that you should consider before investing. Signals SGN is a new cryptocurrency project that allows users the ability to develop crypto trading strategies enhanced by machine learning to generate crypto profits.

The Signals platform is easy to use, and it will enable anyone with or without programming skills to be able to create compelling crypto trading strategies.