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I've seen many people run through devices and I've accepted many working Android bytecoin bcn blowing the lids from people. After about 5 devices I realized there's a better way then just donating a device to charity. I started setting the devices to Wi-Fi only and I had mobile game players! The kids loved it for a few times until we realized most of these devices are not powerful enough for more then one or two games.

In a drawer they sat until I decided to re -up my hash power. Then I saw they had a mobile application. I thought easier to use since I'm bytecoin bcn blowing the lids mobile only user. The app wasn't what I thought, it turns your phone into a miner. I looked at my mobile game players MGP drawer and sparks engaged. All my MGP 's have quad processors, all have micro graphic chips, a few minutes later they all had the Minergate app.

I want to note that these Wi-Fi devices are on my mobile hotspot. So, I logged in and had them bytecoin bcn blowing the lids mine. At this point I have 3 devices running low but constant hash rates, per device. Monero has the highest payout but also the highest difficulty.

I have automator accounts on Google Play so I figured out which phone dies faster. The Minergate app stops at this point as well. I or my wife would flip a switch on a surge protector and power the devices, 2 hours later we flip the switch back off. As you get one issue fixed another appears.

Heat is always a problem and I knew this was coming, I designed a few docking-rigs to hold a number of devices. I picked the bigger version then built it.

It holds devices, has fans blowing on the devices and the power box fits beside it so more work could be done with it. This box can supply 15 Amps at once to 6 devices but it also has data transfer! I take a plung on myself and purchase an additional line with my mobile provider. Now I have to secure my internet. I run my phone through my old Raspberry Pi and then it's connected to a router. I run a a series of protection checks then sends out the data. I can't run these extra protection services on my phone reviving the connection and I can't run Minergate at full power on that one device.

After a series bytecoin bcn blowing the lids app updates I'm able to mine multiple coins at bytecoin bcn blowing the lids on a single T-Mobile mobile tethered internet line. Now I'm almost 3 months in after the first two devices. I'm earning approximately per week: If you noticed I had Bitcoins in there well let me tell you how, I was given a tablet that didn't mine at a profitable hash rate so I dropped it to Bitfun's Offer Torro video Ad bytecoin bcn blowing the lids.

So now I'm earning more direct Satoshi to help me along. People told me you cannot profit from mobile mining but I'm using mobile device mining to start a mining business. You cannot just listen to others and look at stats, sometimes you gotta know how to work your devices for better stats. I'm also working with an experienced Miner Building Team to build a R. Recycling Old Mobile Devices. Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.

Thank you, that sounds awesome.

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