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This has been prompted at least in part by all the issues with full blocks, rising transaction fees and the growing civil war within the Bitcoin community over the block size issue. However ethereum has been having it's own scaling issues - can litecoin beat bitcoin miner who has participated in any of the recent ICOs, or has tried to make any kind of transactions at the same time will have experienced that.

I find it unlikely that Ethereum can replace Bitcoin. I don't know if a can litecoin beat bitcoin miner "flippening" can litecoin beat bitcoin miner Bitcoin and Ethereum will happen for sure personally I find it unlikely.

From a functional standpoint ethereum is quite different from bitcoin. It is much more of a straight currency when it works as intended and there is something to be said for simplicity. I think it is therefore unlikely that ethereum will actually replace bitcoin even if they swap places in terms of valuation. Given time, I think the main competitor to Bitcoin is Litecoin and this is at can litecoin beat bitcoin miner partly due to how similar the two coins are. The Litecoin community is less divided than the Bitcoin community.

Thanks to point 1 it has already upgraded to Segregated Witness and so should be protected against scaling issues for the foreseeable future. The ability of the LTC community to agree on Segwit also sets a precedent that should bode well for future upgrades - it was not controversial. Litecoin has block times of 2. Charlie Lee the creator of Litecoin recently left Coinbase to dedicate his full time to Litecoin. Litecoin is a useful testing ground for new Bitcoin technology - it is not too much of a stretch for frustrated developers to just shift their focus to LTC if they get tired of the current issues.

Litecoin will grow stronger but I don't think it can litecoin beat bitcoin miner replace Bitcoin. Using bitcoin right now is a painful experience particularly when you compare it to newer currencies like Steem, but even compared to Litecoin it is torture. It is can litecoin beat bitcoin miner and incredibly slow.

If you get the transaction fee wrong then you could end up waiting for days for your transaction to clear - assuming it ever does.

This is increasing polarisation within the can litecoin beat bitcoin miner and there is fear of what exactly will happen. Some parts of the community are supporting it, can litecoin beat bitcoin miner are vehemently opposing it. There are also alternative can litecoin beat bitcoin miner being pushed by mining cartels and other vested interests.

Like many things in life the first time can be the most difficult and fear provoking. Please answer the Twitter Poll - it runs for 7 days. I also feel there is a reason why Charlie Lee the LTC founder for those reading who may not know about this left his steady paycheck at Coinbase exchange -- to go back to LTC full time.

I like Litecoin very well. Personally i am just waiting a little more for a correction in the market to buy some few more. The only way Litecoin will replace Bitcoin is if we see a split. Who will lead the way on which bitcoin is the better one to use or adopt as a digital currency.

Bitcoin should be used for large purchases and Litecoin can and is a game changer for every day fluid purchases. True you can't make anything out of digital information in the same physical way but then again gold and silver are bulky, hard to transport and in some respects more difficult to secure. I also believe they will keep co-existing. Maybe not as "silver" and "gold", but in some way anyway. Watching diverse cryptocurrencies evolve and the evolution of blockchain technology will keep being exciting.

We are just at the beginning of this stuff. I agree with you on this, silver and gold are physically different, the differences can be SEEN. Litecoin could very easily replace Bitcoin, or Bitcoin kill off Litecoin all together.

There's no need for both to exist. Whilst Litecoin has the best chance of doing this I personally do not feel anything will replace Bitcoin. I read this offline during can litecoin beat bitcoin miner break I totally have the same opinion it may change in the future but for now BTC is the most accepted crypto currency in the physical market and when those shops in Japan officially start accepting can litecoin beat bitcoin miner - it'll be like a hamehamewave: But there are multiple times in history when silver was overvalued vs gold.

China had a silver standard I believe at one point. I feel it's more like, "we're not sure yet who will be gold and who will be silver. I have sent your planet a new transmission.

Dennis did something and broke our regular communication method. I've got a wallet full of Litecoin my main holdings apart from steem, of course and your article gives me the courage in hang on tight and ride out the long game! Another home run posting, thecryptofiend! It'll be very interesting to see can litecoin beat bitcoin miner effect it has on Litecoin's price. Will be watching very closely as it happens, that's for sure!

I invested a large chunk of my crypto funds into LTC this morning, had an order in for a decent price and got matched when it came down. I'm happy to hold on for the long term also. The name brings legitimacy to the crypto world due to how long bitcoin has been around and would hurt the space to see it de-throned.

Etheruem will do its thing seeing as its a nice alternative but litecoin looks like a testing platform for the future of bitcoin. I would keep upvoting you but gotta let the steem power recharge so i threw ya a follow.

Good luck on the road to becoming a millionaire! Can litecoin beat bitcoin miner SegWitX2 goes off without issues, and it significantly decreases transaction cost and speed by at least half, but ideally x then I believe BTC makes a major move up and LTC will move down.

We will see litecoin going up in value significantly this summer. LTC won't ever take over, but will always be there as the emergency backup. In my opinion, your point is a very good point of view I think. After reading your writing, I decided to buy some litecoin as your post has interested me about the furture can litecoin beat bitcoin miner litecoin. Thank you very much for your information which I learn a lot from it! I like your article a lot my friend but what happens when Bitcoin can litecoin beat bitcoin miner SegWit?

Then Litecoin doesn't look at as appealing. Perhaps by that time there will be even more useful developments on Litecoin. Hard to say though. Exciting time we are living in: For me is the bigger question: Will cryptocurrencies replace fiat money? That would be amazing but you are right there can litecoin beat bitcoin miner now some problems with BTC.

Let's look what happens in future: I am invested in every of these 3 coins: I think that fiat money will be replace by fiat crypto. But governments always want their own game. I COULD see a cryptocurrency becoming a neutral trading currency, rather than using one of the existing so-called "reserve currencies". But the banking cartels which make major money from the trade financing through these currencies will fight this. Banks will start actively fighting decentralized cryptocurrency when they feel it is a big enough threat.

Banks are trying hard to figure out how they can utilize blockchain technology BUT without giving up control. Thanks to the masternode system it's keeping evolving and adapting to the new needs. And I think that with the fast transaction time and the low transaction fee could be an ideal substitute.

And as you may read here it may pass the "Coffee Shop Challenge" https: Litecoin looks like a solid long term investment I also think that the Bitstamp affiliation works great for it No problem it is a good post.

Also nice to see that I am not the only one who has been thinking this. From our talks way back, you may remember my love for the LTC. I have a love in my heart for this coin man LOL. I falling in love with LTC I wish the price could drop some I can get some Excellent analysis which provides plenty of Food-For-Thought To put it very simply bitcoin just sucks.

What is one thing bitcoin can do that any other currency can't do besides provide liquidity in trading? Eventually every coin will be liquid as markets are decentralized. So the value of bitcoin depends entirely on centralized exchanges making all coins convertable to btc. Eventually coins will be exchanged without middlemen in decentralized exchanges where btc will have no advantage at all.

Only problem is that by then everyone will be USD millionaires after the dollar collapses. I cheer for SatoshiLite every day. Interesting and maybe the best coin has yet to make it to the head table. I couldn't d find that magic ball this morning.

I wish I knew so I could ride that amazing wave.

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