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Why most of the transactions were being rejected? I have read and coinmama bitcointalk gawminers to bitcointalk terms of use and privacy policy Register.

Coinmama that you are not limited to using only one cryptocurrency exchange. I like CoinMama a lot. We stand behind the Consumer Review Fairness Gawminers ofmeaning we are not responsible for user published reviews and comments on this site. Whichever the case, rest assured that Coinmama does not receive any of the funds. This is due to expensive measures these companies have to deploy in order to avoid fraud and chargebacks.

This is an area that I think CoinMama can improve. For more details you can read coinmama bitcointalk gawminers complete review of Binance here. Hi Jimmy, Thanks for reaching out. Hi, thanks for this article. Very nicely summed up! IO can only be used with bitcoins and ethereum which are the main two trading pairs for gawminers. If you want to learn more about or get in touch we would love to hear coinmama you.

The gawminers include a 6. Here is the transaction ID: A lot more action has taken place since bitcointalk last weekly update as bitcoin has relentlessly broken new price records once again. Currently, the platform supports purchases with bitcointalk cards, wire transfers, or SEPA transfers for European residents.

Notify coinmama of follow-up comments by email. You have a lot of options when it comes to obtaining a wallet. Some wallets are cloud based while others reside on your computer, phone, or tablet. Some are free while others cost a nominal coinmama bitcointalk gawminers.

Trezor and Ledger Nano S are solid hardware options. Breadwallet, Greenwallet, and Electrum are good choices if you want your wallet to reside on your device phone, desktop, etc.

Blockchain and GreenAddress are good options if you want to keep your bitcoins in the cloud. You automatically withdraw your bitcoins to your wallet. You buy bitcoin with credit card and get sent bitcoin instantly.

You are paid out in bitcoin. On CoinMama, there is no way to turn bitcoin into fiat currency. You need to find a Bitcoin exchange that allows you to sell your BTC to others, much like you would sell stocks. Two popular options are Coinbase and Bitstamp.

Both are easy to use. Coinbase charges a 1. Bitstamp charges a 0. Withdrawals usually take between two and four days to arrive. Currently, you can use CoinMama in countries, from Afghanistan to Zambia. All you need is a credit card or debit card. As long as you have a wallet set up, you can buy them whenever you want, confident that your purchases will go through. And there are no obstacles aside from the verification requirements at various purchase volumes see above.

Not one element is confusing or ambiguous. That makes for an ultra-easy buying process. CoinMama store your personal data on secured servers, and use high-level encryption and authentication measures, to ensure your money and details are safe. If you have an issue that needs to be resolved, or a question about your account, you can reach out to a coinmama bitcointalk gawminers rep at CoinMama in three ways:.

Folks on Reddit and BitcoinTalk. First, CoinMama has an affiliate program. If you have friends who need a place to buy bitcoins, you can send them to CoinMama and earn a referral bounty every time they do so. Note that their payment processor Simplex might store your credit card number to streamline future transactions. You just need to provide an email address, first and last name, and create a password.

Buying bitcoins involves a couple more steps, depending on the amount you buy. CoinMama have four verification levels:. Simply enter your bitcoin address and once your purchase is approved by CoinMama they send the bitcoin to your address provided. They coinmama bitcointalk gawminers a solid reputation, have proven to be trustworthy, and have made coinmama bitcointalk gawminers process of coinmama bitcointalk gawminers bitcoins drop-dead simple.

And when you manage to get a support rep on live chat — those business hours make it difficult! Nothing you read here should be taken as a solicitation to purchase anything or investment advice. We do not offer professional legal advice, tax advice or investment advice. We stand behind the Consumer Review Fairness Act of coinmama bitcointalk gawminers, meaning we are not responsible for user published reviews and comments on this site.

We are affiliated with some of the products and services found on this website with absolutely no cost to you and often a benefit to you. Look at the comments below: Crypto prices can change dramatically over several days while verfication and buy xactions are on hold. Surely you need to update the review and downgrade your ratings?

HAs any of you been verified yet?? May I ask u when did u submit your documents. I did submit them about 6 days ago and still waiting for them to get verified. I submitted my documents more than 2 weeks ago. I am still waiting for them to be verified. Coinmama verification team sucks. Coinmama bitcointalk gawminers transaction also failed although there is a hold on my credit coinmama bitcointalk gawminers. There is no block placed by the card company confirmed with them. Seems like this is a common problem on Coinmama.

Could someone please help address this issue asap? Thanks for providing your order number. I too am having the same issue. I have the same problem very coinmama bitcointalk gawminers Here is my order please refund my money I do not want to deal with your business you have wasted enough of my time. Hi coinmama, I registered my account and coinmama bitcointalk gawminers the documents a couple of days ago and I still havent gotten any confirmation email that my account has been verified.

How long will it coinmama bitcointalk gawminers my account to get verified? In the meantime, thank you coinmama bitcointalk gawminers much for bearing with us, and for understanding. I see all your customers are looted with the failed but debited amounts numerous times, the amounts debited would be returned after few days or weeks and until then you enjoy trading with that money? Who is asking you to share personal info here?

You cans simply state the reasons coinmama bitcointalk gawminers declined or failed transactions. Does it makes sense? I have done 3 transactions at your site and coinmama bitcointalk gawminers 3 of them failed with 2 transactions deducting funds from my account but coins not received.

Please help in fixing it ASAP. Thanks for reaching out and providing your order numbers. Take a pic with your credit card then send in a photo of drivers license. Glad i read this before making an account. Government sure is trying to make this hard to get. We definitely do not require our customers to upload pictures of their credit card. Please find below a link that outlines our verification process.

Many of these sites want you to take coinmama bitcointalk gawminers pic with a credit card and DL license passport etc. We are sorry if it has felt dishonest. Everyone here at Coinmama bitcointalk gawminers is working around the clock to provide the best possible product and service we can.

Reddit users speak out. Last updated on January 22nd, at Ease of use 9. Pros Great user interface Secure transactions Fast delivery Good support.

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