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Realize you are just a little faggot overestimating himself. Than you go kill yourself because there is no hope for you. It's so funny to know you are right and will be rewarded in the long run. Most of you haven't even done a deep dive into how the system works you just heard "fast and cheap transactions! Bitcoin will rise a bit slower for now. Once LN and futures are in place, the price will bleed for a few months because bitcoin is still the same thing and the hype is over.

Since big money dumped, there's nothing holding the price. Oh no don't point that out OP, otherwise the ponzi collapses because they've pumped something up with no use. They'll call you a BCasher even without bringing it up, they'll call you a shill. I have a k bonus coming at the end of the year and I want BCH prices to stay low. This is a good start you seem geniune. You realize bcash only has bigger blocks and that literally solves no problems?

Were you paying attention to what happened to ethereum network this week? The reality is that most people won't use the lightning network. The majority of the congestion on the network is just from people buying bitcoin and transferring it to their own wallet.

They have no incentive to use payment channels. People don't realise this. Lightning will work pretty well for exchange to exchange transactions as they will probably have channels open with each other, but that's mostly it. Coinbase isn't even implementing segwit in the near future, so there's no way they are going to use lightning network anytime soon. This is really a lot of hype for a very small number of use cases.

That's not what BTC is about. Lightning is a meme. Raiden is working on ETH, and no one is using it What about having a channel just with certain sellers?

Would be great for centralized things like content micropayment services, or if you have an amazon account and know you'll spend your money there in the future. Satoshi's whitepaper outlines a 1-to-1 lightning channel, which is like a bar tab that you can close out.

Lightning Network is nothing like that. You just proved you don't know what the fuck you are talking about newfag. You have to lock up those funds in that payment channel. If they answer is yes, buy until you think it'll crash. Don't be an emotional or ideological trader. LN fudders are mostly chinese miners, who are salty because they are not going to get as much in profits anymore.

We will no longer have to pay 40 dollars to send 1 dollar of BTC anywhere. I fucking hate these miners. They can go fuck themselves for all I care. I hope chinese gubermint arrests them all and "convinces them" to give gurbminet the private keys.

Even if very large centralized payment hubs were needed, you wouldn't have to trust those hubs at all. You still control the bitcoin you haven't spent with lightning, and if they want to fuck you, you just got free btc.

I agree that this might not be what people had in mind for bitcoin if it stays centralized like that, but that's why they want to do a network on top of it. If that fails to work, the other tech will be nice to have while they figure out how to scale differently. There is no reason why we can't change to something better later on when it's finished if the network part doesn't turn out to work as intended. This sounds terrible for buying drugs.

Well trying to predict the irrational market is just gambling at it's core. If you put money into BTC at this point you are gambling. If you buy BCH it is for technical and fundamental reasons aka investing. So in reality literally everything will have to go through the lightning network. And so wouldn't it be in the hubs best interest to steal money from you, without making it enough that it's in your best interest to close the channel and dispute it? Investing is all about fundamentals.

You're not a genius because you gambled on a ponzi and made it out okay. ASIC resistance is terrible for decentralization. Bitcoin Cash is literally just Bitcoin following the original white paper. So you'd be calling Satoshis pile of shit. Why does everyone have a boner about ASIC resistance. You realize without ASIC miners your network is open to botnet attacks right?

You can only steal money by announcing an old transaction where you had less money than you have in a more recent one. But if they announce that one, you know a secret that will allow you to get ALL the funds, theirs and yours, of the channel. If you had less money in the channel in total than the fees cost you, then they can make you lose money while losing all of their own money in the channel in the process.

Your argument makes zero sense. Centralized miners bad, centralized lightning hubs good? The free market will decentralize miners, bitmain won't be top dog forever. Blockstream literally wants bitcoin to be their company asset, charge people for off chain channels. I don't understand Moore's law, miners are evil!

Don't price out full nodes for the homeless. Bitcoiners kept saying Segwit would lower fees, than segwit didnt. Then now they are saying Lightning Network is just around the corner, just hodl some more guys haha. I was making an argument why it doesn't hurt Bitcoin because it can be an interim tech. Centralized lightning hubs can't do shit but make lightning not work, there is no danger to them. Worst case is that the tech doesn't work and we need to figure out something new. Bitcoin security is not affected at all.

I like how economic incentives are okay for LN hub owners but not for miners. Down with big blocks! People forget that Chinese miners used to be against big blocks due to bandwidth limitations in China.

Where did the narrative change? You will just have botnets controlling everything instead of legitimate mining ASICs then. Finally someone with intelligence in this thread. Cashies are utter retards. As soon as miners double spend, the coin loses all value. The block reward provides better economic incentive than trying to attack the network.

Please read the white paper you moronic shill, it literally explains all of that. Once LN comes out it'll have been over 4 years since the movement was started. When it doesn't work bitcoin still has absolutely nothing.

Another thing, you could say bigger blocks are an interim fix. You could increase to 2mb and see if it works, if not, undo the change.

The problem is they KNOW bigger blocks fix the problem outright. They can't make money off bigger blocks. They intentionally stifle scaling in order to market their own solution. Not sure what you are saying about the difficulty part but it is definitely profitable. Every advanced RAT being used right now pretty much has a miner of some sort.

Running a full node will require buying 8TB disks every few weeks. The lightning paper talks about increasing the block size, too, btw, so miners will profit from widespread bitcoin adoption. The block size increase is much smaller than you'd need if you scaled linearly, though, and thus even you and me will be able to run a full node.

If I have to trust other people to validate my transactions, the whole Bitcoin experiment is over. Look up Moore's law, read the white paper. Go look at the actual size of the blockchain. Bigger blocks fix everything and they fix it now.

Look at the incentives blockstream has to stifle growth. Why the fuck did it have to be this way. This should have happened years ago when we still had some commerce and adoption.

The truth is that you chinese miners are a vile group of people and Lightning Network will fucking destroy your scheme.

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