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Thanks to the comments dragon ball z robot character maker gameshark codes a quick web search this demo is actually available in North America, somewhat negating our first line below.

While dragon ball z robot character maker gameshark codes was promoted and given a 'shelf' in Europe, its release in NA has been rather stealthy - apparently a search for the name or a rummage through the region's demo section will bring it up as available to download. Extreme Butoden demo is apparently going down rather well in Europe - Bandai Namco is trumpeting over 80, downloads in less than a week, which isn't bad for a relatively niche download.

In honour of the landmark, or more likely pre-planned but being branded as a triumphant response to thousands of downloads, the company has released a new Z-assist character that can be unlocked with an extravagant start menu code. Unfortunately the demo has a use limit, so if you've burned through all of your plays you're out of luck.

We do have the demo in NA, it's just very well hidden. I found it in the demo section page 4 or 5. Didnt think I'd get Dragon Ball spoilers on this site of all places lol Seems like Toriyama completely ran out of new ideas, tho.

Tsurii Not really a spoiler, it's a code they're promoting! Yrreiht I didn't say he was playable. ThomasBW84 I know, still a bummer he's not. I'll update with the fact it's actually available in NA, I had no idea! It wasn't even listed in dragon ball z robot character maker gameshark codes DL update, so that's utterly bizarre. Super saiyan god super I watched all of the episodes when I was a kid and I have no idea what's going on with that.

Pixel-Perfect 2 movies ago. And thanks to this article, we didn't even know the demo came out in the US. He still wants Xenoverse instead though. It's from the newest movie, which continues events from the previous movie, which is a prelude to the new anime, which, is apparently starting with a recap OF said movies!

But, yeah, if you thought power levels were already getting out of hand You're blaming Reggie just because? He has bigger things to worry about then an accidentally hidden demo on the eShop. So much like how they just keep throwing new power ups at dbz they're not just throwing random letters in front of character's names.

DarthNocturnal - "You're blaming Reggie just because? He's the head of NoA. Something bad happens to Nintendo in America, from where I'm sitting that's on him.

Not that he's responsible for it, but he's responsible for the people who are responsible dragon ball z robot character maker gameshark codes it. The buck stops here as they say. Then Iwata dies and nobody at all is talking about him replacing Iwata, not a one. Guy has to be butt hurt, he's only human. You can't have your boss vacate the position and then not be annoyed when you aren't even being considered as his replacement. Not that he wants it or would take it, but we all want to be considered for our boss's job.

He's probably spending as much time job hunting as doing his job. Not that he'll find one, who wants to hire a failed mouthpiece, but I'm sure he's looking. Probably has been for years. He certainly hasn't been spending any time playing SSBU, dragon ball z robot character maker gameshark codes for sure. Tsurii Sadly, there's no part of the recent film that hasn't been spoiled already.

The promotional material and product preorders are widespread and feature all the new transformations.

I wouldn't get too upset about it, though. The way things are presented in the animation, there's no big reveal or explanation. It's really just a new visual gimmick. A new enemy shows up who's stronger then everyone else. The main characters need to go train to achieve a new transformation and use a brand new super secret ultra mega new attack to defeat the enemy? Yorumi If you can't Frieza as a new enemy then pretty much I still cant get over how utterly ridiculous this name is Wouldnt " Super Saiyan God" be cheesy enough?

ThomasBW84 wasn't talking about the code. I didn't know this new Saiyan god thingy was a thing. And I actually managed dragon ball z robot character maker gameshark codes avoid most of the spoilers till now Can't quite get the code to work. I must not have the required motor skills to input the code fast enough for it to register. I don't think I've seen so much nonsense in one place Yeah, it's fun, but the CPU must be on a super easy setting.

I don't much care for the command lists all being more or less identical, either. Maybe I'm just stupid or crazy but I've put in the code 3 times on the title screen and nothing has happened. Do i have to hit start or something after or do I have to have super saiyan speed to get it in fast enough lol. I've been entering the code for quite a while now, and not seeing anything different at all.

I just wish it was a playable character. Wish he was playable but that unblockable kick while a bit underwhelming allows for some great combo extenders. Should still work if you took your time. When they do instead of the standard yellow hair SS, it's now blue due to the godly power they absorbed. RoF seems to hint at this aswell so waiting for Super to confirm or deconfirm the theory. LethalX08 I got it to work, but I'm pretty sure I didn't input the code the way it's shown on the promotional image.

Mainly ignoring pretty much all the directional inputs made it work. DarthNocturnal Obvisouly not, you've been on here long enough to know the US has gotten the short end of the stick on a few memorable occasions over the past few years. If you can' tsell a handheld gaming device in Japan it just can' tb eany good.

Yoshi's Wooly World in Oct rather than June. There's more, but the point is, no, 1 demo didn't start me on all of that, it started over 2 years ago. Though personally I started disliking Reggie after he lied at E3 It's truly amazing that after 3 years of Wii U sales he still even has a job. Keeping his job during the high flying Wii and DS years would have been easy.

Xenoverse, and by extension, Battle of Z. They called the Saiyan God "Super Saiyan God" despite never having been called that by Toei Animation, but the folks at Toei are lazy goons and never bothered to tell Funimation until they gave them the localization right for the "Resurrection F" movie.

Tsurii I feel your pain, I purposely avoided watching the newest movie to avoid spoilers I'm watching Dragon Ball Superbut I guess it's a matter of time before you find them somewhere. I agree with rjejr that Dragonball Z Extreme Butoden, is a solid release for the 3DS, yet there is absolutely no promotion for this game here in North America.

Nintendo of America is in turmoil, since Reggie is pissed off that Nintendo of Japan hasn't dragon ball z robot character maker gameshark codes considered him to become president of Nintendo since the corporate heads in Nintendo are racist and don't want an America calling the shots.

VIIIAxel the code works just keep trying. Also you need to enter the code quickly or it will not work. It took me three tries to get it right. Luffymcduck It was a fun movie. I had a blast seeing the action on a massive imax screen. The hidden character is the only love they are giving this game. Meaty-cheeky Reggie is having a tough time running NOA. There is no way NOJ would put him at the helm. Iwata probably made the right choice by becoming the head at NOA. Reggie is a pr guy and nothing more.

That said, the list isn't exactly lacking to begin with, but I guess they didn't want it stealing Splatoon's thunder? And it's not the first Europe-first game. And we North America still get most games sooner or at similar times. Same reason as Wooly World? I find it hard to care, given that the creator seems to interpret technical issues as "you just suck at playing". Club Nintendo was always blah in North America. That's certainly not new. Even back init was kinda overhyped. You got an incentive via a Zelda compilation A Phantom Hourglass quill pen stylus just sorta showed up in the mail one dragon ball z robot character maker gameshark codes.

And that was it. And he certainly wasn't the president or COO then

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