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The highly-charged debates around both Ethereum's potential hardfork and Bitcoin's block size appear different on the surface, but are caused by the same design flaw -- the lack of a cryptographic polling process. Who ethereums forkbitcoins block size different dramas same causedash detailed the real stakeholders?

What do they really think? No subreddit or Twitter thread can tell -- only a "decision-making engine" of sorts. Contact Super Hero Printing: Dash - Digital Cash. Video Condividi Scaricare Aggiungi a. Is there anythign in the Dash protocol that would prevent a bad actor from just spinning up large numbers of master nodes, and therefore having an unfair influence on voting? I think this kind of questions mechanism fits easily into a smart contract, you just need to program vote system with a kind of weight then you turn ethereums forkbitcoins block size different dramas same causedash detailed a DApp and voila asks to the network.

This analysis is obviously wrong. There is no such a thing as "decision making engine" as if it really worked. I'm not trying to offend but to tell the truth: It is an enteprenour's job to profit or suffer losses when predicting future market conditions and correctly acting according to that antecipation. So it's every miner and holder duty to predict and face the future market "actual" condition. It's impossible to escape that. Right, you can "vote" and whatever, but that already is a complete arbitrary decision about what to do in the future.

It is risky on itself, before seeing any voting result. Even with the voting result in hands, people still have to decide whether they will continue to do what they thought they would do, and that's where that voting can become useless. So just because this system is not plugged in coin X in doens't mean that system is impossible to be used with coin X, they will just need to used it from outside in a less effective way.

What are you doing in the south? Stay away from Atlanta. All kinds of weirdos like myself live there! Wirtshaus Am Bavariapark wirtshaus-am-bavariapark. What percentage of the master nodes does Duffield control? I have to assume this is not a big secret? When you highlight how quickly a decision was taken I think we need to take into account that I bet it was taken by a very select few?

This comment is not a criticism even if im right in my hunch. And clearly is noticed you are smart. Amanda, i am happy to enjoy your beauty into the crypto currency world! By the way, your name is beatiful also. When it come to Bitcoin.

I always wonder how much of this is ad lib and how much is read from "cue cards". You baffle me Amanda. She, is one smart cookie ; So smart in fact that she realized Dash is the next step forward in crypto-currency. Now the rest of the World needs to realize it as well. I love crypto but imagine if government worked by only the richest getting a vote. Something needs improving there. Hopefully, by the time it gets to the stage of being used by governments like that maybe government will be obsolete anyway?

Ethereum is not really divided that much. In the future, the Amanda B. Johnson transhuman attractiveness modification will be available for purchase with Ethereums forkbitcoins block size different dramas same causedash detailed. Hi Amana, Thanks for the video! It would not be a stretch to see proposals targeting a most hated group X which the dash voting majority may either see justified or coerced into stripping off their dash. Would the only safeguard against censorship be the relative pseudonymity of the accounts?

Nueva pagina de mineria Xmine regala 5x para empezar a minar xmine. Darkcoin's price is more stable in comparison to other currencies. Dash is a plutocracy Ethereum requires much broader consensus than just stake-based voting according to the will of the "master nodes". Consensus within Ethereum is far closer to the values of social anarchism, direct democracy, and "pure" capitalism. The Dash community has not solved governance. They have merely chosen the worse form of it.

Yes, there are things such as "Tyranny of the Majority" and "Voting in Ignorance". Sometimes the majority is not right. Absolute account privacy is on the short-term roadmap see blog. Interesting, thanks for that comment I was about to let Ethereums forkbitcoins block size different dramas same causedash detailed seduce me into it.

But Etherium has no privacy build into the protocol by default or am I wrong? Just getting into alt-coins more. You should post this on Steemit. What a terrible hair cut, jeez.

You just sit down in front of a mirror with a pair of safety scissors and go at it? Once the discussion came up about who should be making critical design decisions, it made me think a little more on it. As a stakeholder in lets say Apple, Ethereums forkbitcoins block size different dramas same causedash detailed get to voice a vote during stakeholders meetings via proxy.

I get to vote on who gets elected to the board of directors and business related issues like where money is spent. So I essentially vote in primary decision makers that I feel are qualified to make ethereums forkbitcoins block size different dramas same causedash detailed hard decisions.

I never get to vote on how their products get designed. Those votes come from the consumer in the form of sales. It doesn't really make sense for stakeholders to also be the designers of the products since they have no expertise.

I think the "decision-making-engine" so far has worked well for managing a budget as has been demonstrated already. So we have only really seen one example of a critical design decision being made so far. In conclusion, I want to see the weight of the design making decisions made by experts in their field. And I also want to be able vote in those decision makers.

Excellent points you make. I've heard talk in Dash circles that the very scenario you describe -- one in which stakeholders vote on people, not exact projects -- may be introduced in Dash. I'll look into it so that I can hopefully report back. Thank you for your comments. Join the beta wait list and receive lbry's lbry. What the Hell is Happening in Bitcoin?

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