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This post are written based on the experience of my transferring steemit money into USD of my paypal account. Here to share with you. What is Steemit SBD? As you know, Bitcoin is a new digital money, Steemit is something like bitcoin, both of steemit and bitcoin are new innovative payment networks and new kinds of money. At the other hand, Steemit is different with Bitcoin. When people upVote for your posts at Steemit, you will get SBD steemit based dollars money in your wallet.

The price of Steem December, What you need have: When your Poloniex account receives your steemit money, then follow these from paypal to bitcoin money transfersteemit How to Buy Bitcoin via PayPal? I am happy to know this article has helped many from paypal to bitcoin money transfersteemit who want to cash their Steemit money to PayPal.

If this article is helpful to you, welcome to register your VirWox via my referralThanks. Thanks for the info! But i think im more confused then evernow thers a third step VirWox! I thought it was difficult beforeso i have never done it! I only use a tablet and i live in Canadais it from paypal to bitcoin money transfersteemit the same way!? Can i do this on my tablet? And is it ever going to be any easier to do!? Thanks a bunch but i know very little about computers and these other networks like polonixis it hard to open an account there!?

So, it looks complicated? Don't worry, it is simple, trust me ;- the steps of transferring your steemit money into USD in your paypal account: At last, Do you get your USD?

If this post helps you, give your vote and share it, thanks. Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. I will keep these articles updated in my websites: It is usefull information. I have resteemed it.

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I could decide to invest in Steem, so I'm actually not going to redeem all of my money. But I wanted that "prize" everyone wants here on the platform. And that is the best feeling you can have when you failed on most of the earning platform on the net cough I mean really falling down.

At this moment, it's lower then 0. The first one is BlockTrades. You'll be asked to send the choosed amount of money to blocktrades on steemit and you'll then receive your BTC on your bitcoin wallet. The second site is , of course, my wallet.

The third and last one is Exchagemycoins. I'm adding Steemit to my "start from my 18yrs old birthday earning plan" and I hope it'll work, but as far as now I think I'll just continue to have fun in the community with so many awesome people. If you want to chat with me, feel free to reach out at ziogio on steemit. How to Buy Bitcoin via PayPal? One thing I would like to see is an article that shows the process of converting Steam Dollars into Steam Power. Just click on the little arrow after your SBD amount, select convert to Steem.

You will get a message saying that it will take 7 days. I thought Steem Dollars are supposed to be pegged to the US Dollar and when you convert from Steem Dollars to Steem you are supposed to receive the equivalent in Steem. So if someone had 10 Steem Dollars and converted it to Steem at the current rate of. I know in your situation you went a different route but am I misunderstanding the Steem Dollar being pegged to the US Dollar? I was under the impression that Steem and Steem Dollars are two different things.

I also found this chart for Steem Dollars: I think your graph is the right one: You're correct that Steem Dollars are supposed to be pegged one to one onto the US dollar, but it does fluctuate. Last I looked 1 SD is about 0. So you basically have two exchange rates you're dealing with when converting SD to Steem..

Sorry if that was confusing. Feel free to join the steemprentice channel in steemit. I also have Blockchain. Hopefully there is light ahead. With that you will be able to exchange crypto coins with payouts to your Master or Visa credit card. Hi, I agree with you, and I can testify that the above update is true: ExchangeMyCoins is no longer supported by PayPal. My first Withdraw from Steemit to Paypal! Today I received my first money in my PayPal account.

And they were from Steemit. I didn't withdraw all of my money The prize that makes you feel everything you're doing on Steemit is real and touchable.

You can buy things with it. You can have BTC with it. You can real dollars, euros or any currency you want with it. I'm still not sure why they become so little. How did you do that?? I used three websites to have my money directly on PayPal. I'm not sure about taxes involved in the process, but I suppose they're not so high.

Conclusion I don't know what's next for me. Please try to forgive me! Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. I will keep these articles updated in my websites: Just what my girlfriend needed to know.

Thank you for sharing this with us. I'm glad you found it helpful! You can ask about that in stemprentice too: Thank you for your answer! Blocktrades is not a wallet, as I know. So he needs to send you bitcoin somewhere ;. So far, I've made a withdraw to bitcoins only. This post is from last year but It still help me somehow.