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Gingeropolous posted this 2 years ago. Gingeropolous 2 years ago. This is a guide to obtain your own Monero as of This gbp to monero perhaps the easiest way to purchase and hold Gbp to monero.

There are many ways to buy bitcoin. Perhaps the easiest way is through circle. Once you have purchased some bitcoin, you are ready to buy some Monero!

Buying bitcoin is straightforward. It is the easiest wallet to use. After clicking the button, you will see your private key. This key is what gives you access to your funds. Never share this key with anyone! Save your address somewhere. This is how others will gbp to monero Monero to you, and what you gbp to monero use to deposit Monero into your account! On the righthand side, of the screen, click icon under "Receive" to select Monero. Paste your address into the field under the Monero logo.

Select the "agree to terms" button, then hit "Start". Go back to your circle. By aggregating rates from other trading platforms, Changelly suggests the best rate for both buy and sell transactions and then sends your coins directly to your wallet address.

Unlike exchanges, Changelly never holds your coins in any platform wallet. With a low cryptocurrency trade fee of just gbp to monero. Join now to make an exchange: This guide is pretty outdated. There have since been new developments where you don't need to go through bitcoin anymore to buy Monero. Could one use a locally installed wallet instead of a web-based wallet? I'm guessing not; as it should find the transaction on the blockstream itself? Someone correct me if I'm wrong in my understanding?

I would recommend to be gbp to monero while using a webwallet. Ledger said the monero support for HW wallets was gbp to monero progress.

Circle no longer provides a service to purchase Bitcoin so here's what I know as the current easiest method. Run the paper wallet generator on an air-gapped computer that hasn't been used before or has had a clean installation of the OS. Backup and encrypt the gbp to monero wallet on multiple USB sticks, or print it, and store them safely in multiple locations. If you lose access to your paper wallet the funds will not be available to you and you wont be able to recover them.

You will need the Public Address from your Monero paper wallet and a receive address from Coinbase. Shapeshift will then then send Monero to your paper wallet. To verify the funds are gbp to monero in your Monero cold wallet without making them hot, takes a lot of work and is a relatively complex process. I wont go into it here, except to describe how to load the cold wallet funds into a hot wallet as follows:. An easy way to use the funds from the paper wallet is via the Monero GUI client.

Choose your Language and then pick the "Restore wallet from 25 word mnemonic seed" option. If you dont enter a restore height the Monero client will spend hours or days scanning the entire blockchain to find your cold wallet transactions and hence allow gbp to monero to spend your Monero.

The "restore height" pof skips scanning gbp to monero first 1. Once they are in a hot wallet, that means they are more vulnerable to being stolen or accidently spent, etc. Nice tutorial, I think this is the easiest way right now, until there's a XMR fiat exchange. Or a XMR circle like. Please login or register.

Home General Support The easiest way to buy monero. The easiest way to buy monero Gingeropolous posted this 2 years ago. Buy bitcoin There are many ways to buy bitcoin. Set up a mymonero.

Type in your private key in the box below, and click the button. On the next page, you will see your address. Buy monero and transfer the monero to your new address Go to www. You will get a text message verificaiton code. Enter code and hit send. After a while you will see it in your Monero account. Expand All Collapse All. Default Weight Latest Oldest.

Trena edited 4 months ago Weight: LocalMonero posted 6 months ago Weight: The easiest way to buy Monero now is: Go to LocalMonero Register no email required Find a trader for your desired payment method Complete the trade Withdraw from LocalMonero Faster and easier than the method described in this guide. Circle no longer provides gbp to monero service to purchase Bitcoin so here's what I know as the current easiest method; 1 Buy Bitcoin at Coinbase. You now have a Monero paper wallet with funds in it.

I wont go into it here, except to describe how to load the cold wallet funds into a hot wallet as follows:

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