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The platform will provide users get gems blockchain wallet a complete view and control of all their digital assets, a secure universal wallet, and a consumer-friendly, design-centric approach. The platform also will provide timely and contextual information about tokens, and a gateway to the broader cryptocurrency community through a variety of features, including social media tools.

The platform will begin rolling out with a get gems blockchain wallet cryptocurrency portfolio, which will launch in public beta in May. Currently, building a portfolio of even a handful of token-based assets typically requires multiple exchange accounts, wallets, and tools to manage.

The Gem portfolio will cut through that complexity, giving users one clear, consistent view of all their funds, connecting to exchange APIs to create a single entry point for tracking all of their crypto investments and their net worth.

The portfolio will initially integrate with 22 cryptocurrency exchanges and grow from there. Portfolio users also will be able to manually track tokens held offline outside get gems blockchain wallet, such as in hardware wallets. Initially, the Gem wallet will support Bitcoin, Ether, and any other ERC tokens, with plans to rapidly add support for other tokens. Built-in trading tools will also make it easy for consumers to securely buy and sell tokens within the wallet.

The Gem platform also will include a discovery tool allowing consumers to explore, track, and research more than 1, cryptocurrencies to help them make informed decisions. Gem put the user front and center in designing the platform, using detailed surveys of both crypto investors and crypto newbies, conducting an in-depth analysis of more than wallets and portfolios, and soliciting consumer feedback of existing products.

The platform aims to eliminate one of the toughest get gems blockchain wallet challenges in the wallet space: We need to deliver a better user experience. Winkelspecht believes that a design-centered approach will remove the barriers to entry and allow the industry to scale rapidly, as cryptocurrency evolves from primarily a speculative asset into what he describes as the equivalent of oil, a fuel for the new token economy.

As Gem expands its platform, the goal is for consumers to experience a broad range of new apps and services beyond wealth management. Sign up for early access at https: Gem believes every person get gems blockchain wallet valuable.

We build people-centric products driving the movement to a new decentralized economy that values people over institutions. The platform gives consumers a single entry point for tracking all of their crypto investments and net worth, a universal secure wallet, curated discovery of new tokens and decentralized apps, and a connection to the larger crypto get gems blockchain wallet.

With its new platform, Gem is taking a more direct approach to attract the next billion consumers who are entering the digital economy. For more information, please visit https: Gem Chitra Ragavan, Mildred Ave. Venice, CA media gem. April 19, About Gem Gem believes every person is valuable. Log In Sign Up.

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