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Denn er schafft es, Mining und wissenschaftliche Berechnungen zu verschmelzen. Wer Gridcoins mined, hilft mit seinem Computer, Proteine zu falten, Modelle des Gridcoin blockchain size zu berechnen, Primzahlen zu finden und vieles mehr.

Mit dem Proof-of-Research Konzept spendet der Gridcoin nun die komplette investierte Rechenkraft an die Wissenschaft — und ist deutlich sicherer als zuvor. Juli ] Da immer wieder gefragt wird: Es gibt hier leider keine Gridcoins mehr zu verschenken.

Im Gridcoin-Wiki gibt es einige Infoswo man vielleicht die notwendige Coins bekommt, um mit dem gridcoin blockchain size zu beginnen. Das erste Jahr war turbulent und der Gridcoin war noch sehr beta. Am heftigsten wurde es jedoch, als die ersten Scrypt-Miner auf den Markt kamen. Zum einen sollte der Client unbedingt Asic-sicher sein. Eine Proof-of-Stake-Wallet ist ein wenig wie ein Sparbuch. Dass es funktioniert, hat der Peercoin bewiesen. Der Besitzer gridcoin blockchain size im alten Gridcoin gut 4.

Wenn es einen Coin gibt, den gridcoin blockchain size EU zum offiziellen digitalen Bargeld machen sollte, dann gridcoin blockchain size. Denn der neue Gridcoin hat leider eine Leiche im Keller: Die Distribution ist so unfair, dass der faire Mechanismus durch Proof-of-Research kaum von Belang ist.

Als Grafik sieht das so aus:. Die Early Adopter werden etwas zu stark bevorteiligt. Ob dies so kommt oder nicht, wird die Zeit zeigen. Und auf keinen Fall kann der Gridcoin mit diesem Setup beanspruchen, ein in irgendeiner Weise fairer Coin zu sein.

Aber das Interesse war gridcoin blockchain size nicht da, und der Preis ging einfach nur nach unten. Die Szene ist derzeit so, dass nicht das langfristige Potenzial eines Coins zum Ausdruck kommt, sondern eher sein kurzfristiges. Man verleiht quasi seinen Prozessor, wenn dieser ungenutzt ist. Die darin liegenden Gricoins vermehren sich mit maximal 6 bzw. Sie finden es beides auf der Gridcoin-Seite. Diese gridcoin blockchain size es in die Datei gridcoinresearch.

Sie brauchen mindestens einen Gridcoin auf Ihrer Wallet. Dort werden Ihnen gleich 20 Gridcoins geschenkt. Hilfreich sind oft folgende Mittel: Im gridcoinresearch-Ordner finden Sie die Datei gridcoinresearch.

Bearbeiten Sie diese mit dem editor und schreiben Sie hinein: Heute, am Montag, soll c-cex. An sich funktioniert der Handel auf c-cex reibungslos. Wenn die Adresse dort mit gridcoin blockchain size G beginnt, handelt gridcoin blockchain size sich um den alten Gridcoin; beginnt sie dagegen mit einem S, so ist es der neue Gridcoin. Das Entwicklungsteam ist personell drastisch unterbesetzt.

Zu tun gibt es noch eine Menge. Leider kann ich auf dieser Seite derzeit keine Gridcoins mehr verschenken. Habe die Software bereits installiert. Bin aber etwas aufgeschmissen gridcoin blockchain size der Konfiguration. Welches ist denn meine gridcoin Emailadresse und wo finde ich diese? Leider hatte ich immer nur 0,irgendwas. Super Sache, bin dabei. Und knapp einen Monat mit dem Gridcoin-Wallet. Aber habe immer noch nicht mit den Coins hingekrigt. Hatte und habe immer noch probleme.

Bin durch gridcoin blockchain size auf diesen Artikel gestossen. Ich fand den Beitrag sehr gut. Bin schon seit Tagen am betteln dass mir jemand bitte ein paar starter Coins gibt, ohne Erfolg. You are commenting using your WordPress.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Altcoins Cloudhashing Forschung Gridcoin. Das Bitcoinblog wird von bitcoin. March at April at 0: April at 1: April at June at June at 4: July at August at September at 7: October at 1: May at Der Beitrag ist sehr interessant.

June at 7: September at October at November at 7: November at 9: Hallo Thoma, ich habe keine Gridcoin mehr. Du musst leider woanders schauen. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public.

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As promised, I bring you a few stats from the Gridcoin block-chain. Let me start with the pretty picture:. The picture represents a difficulty plot from recent days. To smooth it a little, 28 blocks are grouped together, average is plotted as a green line and min-max with a pink band.

We can see that the value moves randomly around 2, precisely average difficulty since block is 1. The fact that the difficulty is mostly enclosed in and does not jump all over the place, shows how stable the chain is. Apart from the two dips around blocks and , where debug log indicated forks, there is nothing more interesting. Average block spacing was 96 seconds Average block size is too almost the same, 1. In the last blocks, there were transactions excluding stake and blocks without any user transactions, which is 4.

Yeah, it is not comparable to performance of bitcoin. Before the transition, there were sightly more transactions, but only a little. Now for the DPoR stats. From the last blocks, This is probably caused by small researchers loosing their magnitude boost, while the top CPIDs are probably more wealthy and therefore did not notice a difference. As you saw in my previous article, we are working on this known problem.

In total, GRC was paid in research rewards blocks and in interest. The average DPoR payment increased a little from I don't have an explanation to the increase in interest paid. On the bright side, we have an increase in superblock production. Average time between superblock decreased from As a last note, I would like to let you know that a new version of wallet, fixing some issues, will enter a testing stage soon. It is still work in progress, but I can tell that it will probably not be a mandatory one.

So stay tuned for updates. Thank you for the analysis but a question arises: Is this a temporary statistic or does this mean that the GRC system that is in place now rewards holded capital more than value generating labor? You know that if this is happening that it translates once again to the common saying: PoS interest is causing the danger of mass inflation.

There are many conversations taking place. I will be expanding on this idea soon Unfortunately, many of the current protocols greatly favor investors over crunchers. That is not the system I signed up for either.

Keep the conversation going and don't be afraid to speak up. There are no bad ideas. With regards to GRC, I do not think we should build our protocols on such assumptions. This is why we target existing Idle Processing Potential. There is no need for mom, dad, and grandma to go purchase a GPU.

You say you didn't sign up to that system but then you must not have read the Gridcoin home page because it's one of the main selling points. I do agree that inflation could get out of hand and that there should have been some ratchet where the interest gradually decreases to nothing.

Either that or fixed block rewards that reduce over time. However, In order for it to go to nothing, there would need to be a lot more transactions and the fees would need to be higher otherwise there would be no incentive in keeping the wallet running or to secure the network. Fixed block reward does not need to reduce over time, cause block per day is constant.

Yeah, changing to fixed block rewards would be good but it will make it even harder to stake so I thing we need to come up with the best solution for easily rewarding researchers first. If that is one of the main selling points, we may as well sell up and leave. The research should be the only main selling point. Everything else is extra. Make an announcement to take away all interest in the next release and see what happens to the value of the coin. I don't see why GRC, being the only coin with an established research platform, would suddenly fail like that.

I am not saying we should remove POS, but it should not be the focus in either development or marketing. For the change in interest, I would like to have a poll, please see the task , and the linked thread and add your ideas there. In my view, it is FAR too early to even consider an actionable poll. We need opinion and conversation right now. Look in poll-drafts on slack for an example of that conversation, much of which has to do with this issue.

I think this issue is premature. The conversation should be had on platforms which have greater visibility and less official standing than Github. After some weeks, then we start to create options for a poll. Right now we need to gather input and information. Instead, I suggest we slow down a minute and have some discussions in the community hubs before considering an actionable poll.

Please join poll-drafts on slack or any channel really and join the conversation. I have posted an example of what an opinion poll might look like in that channel.

I know it is early, therefore the poll "task" is marked as "preparation", to make it more clear, I now added a "draft" mark too. On the other hand, I think there is enough info in already. And it is now over a a year old. The thread is over a year old and the majority of it is general questions and discussion, which is great, however most of the discussion before May is restated afterward, so it's a very long and repetitive thread with weeks at a time of dead-air.

Also, the only real proposal in the thread was posted by dc7dgrid's only 11 days ago. The discussion in general talks about a lot of potential options, politics, philosophy, and intent, but only that one post 11 days ago explores potential paths and their consequences. I think we should give time for more posts like dc7dgrid and wait for a discussion to take place around detailed protocol proposals.

The alternative is to rush into something that is generally agreed upon by a loosely structured discussion between a few people. If we encourage serious and detailed proposals, and if we create several opinion oriented polls before an actionable poll, more people might join the discussion.

What is your idea of a timeline for addressing the PoS incentive protocol? When do you want to create the actionable poll?

The opinion poll is a very good idea. I tried one, but failed to make it clean enough. Please have a look: As you know, this discussion has been going on for over a year on GitHub. See GitHub Issue How long before a poll gets made for this topic or do we wait another year?

I've also been told there is a total of , mag. Therefore, to hit our target of 48k coins per day, we'd need to see an average magnitude unit of 0. Also, what's the point of a moving mag unit? If we haved a fixed magnitude unit, wouldn't we create the target amount of DPOR coins on a long-term basis? Mag unit also wrongly depends on the total magnitude in superblock.

I think the rest of the function is not right as well. You have to have a lot of capital to purchase mining hardware so the "rich will get richer" applies there as well. The poor get poorer because they spend their money unwisely and don't invest a portion of income. If the miners leave, the investors will see their investment plummet to zero. Or would people just sell everything they earn? Sure - the real value that can drive GRC in the long run is allowing project admins to buy, or encourage, research on their project.

I think cm-steem has mentioned in the past. Maybe a third-party donation site could work. A one where people can donate any crypto to a project and it automatically gets converted to GRC and rained on the researchers. That is a fair concern. The projects could just rain the GRC though, which would probably not classify as paying the crunchers? I am guessing here, and the law would probably be different depending on where in the world this were to happen I have to say that i find the ratio also strange.

I think its to much in favour of interest. I do not know if this was always this way. Its the first time i come across numbers for this - but to my understanding it is 6 times more interest after the update.

Which feels wrong from my point of view.