Gtx1060 mining bitcoin with nicehashprofit

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This sounds great and I was about to hit the buy button on 8x 3gb cards for but I read that the DAG file for ethereum is going to reach over 3GB next year. This will render those cards useless and unable to mine Eth. You will have to repurpose thos cards to mine something else or sell them off.

Currently running DaggerHashimoto v9. I'm curious, is your W rating at the wall including the rest of the PC, or the reading supplied by Afterburner? I have the following values for OC gtx1060 mining bitcoin with nicehashprofit afterburner: High latency memory on the kills performance. Was that a fix for anyone? I installed gtx1060 mining bitcoin with nicehashprofit latest Windows 10 and Any help would be greatly appreciated.

How much Equihash and Ethhash you can get from ? I heard Ethhash rate is almost same as It looks gtx1060 mining bitcoin with nicehashprofit you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! May in Mining. Here in Australia they are cheaper than RX no stock leftthey use slightly less energy tbc and deliver roughly the same performance es the RX I was testing with the latest claymore miner and latest nvidia driver on Windows I tested the power consumption.

The whole rig uses w with one RX no undervolting and uses W with the 3GB no undervolting. If you can't get gtx1060 mining bitcoin with nicehashprofit RX or it is considerably more expensive, then the 3GB is a viable option. May edited May Auto In terms of software: PoS is planned for around the end of this year if not early next year.

Now, I don't know whether this is for hybrid PoS or not but most info can be found by simply Googling it. June edited June Post edited by CCob on June For comparison, the gross return for my Gtx1060 mining bitcoin with nicehashprofit is 0. The gross returns might be even closer because it is difficult separating the profitability of the contributions to a single wallet.

Wattage is for only the GPU. The cards are purposely gtx1060 mining bitcoin with nicehashprofit for maximum return. I am updating this post when I observe different measured values. Post edited by atlr on June Set core clock to Difficulty way to high now with ETH, can still get a return but it's only going to get worse. July edited July I solved my problem by: My core is set to with hardly any reduction in hash.

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