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Start Mining Bitcoin and Ethereum Today: Take My Beginner Crypto Class: I am not a professional financial adviser. All investments you make are of your own. Do how to make money in a down marketmy investment strategybitcoin neo cryptocurrency own research. This always works for me You can't go into the market thinking your gonna make all this money just like that.

You have to understand that the market has to correct itself and has a chance of crashing. You have to HODL because once you sell and don't make profit, you already lost. Im tired of hearing people say "I've lost money" even though they are still in the market. Trust in your investments because as you say you havent lost until you sell at a loss. With the market the way it is, would you say it's worth the risk to take out a small loan to use to purchase coins at these great prices?

Obviously, a person should not spend more than they can afford to lose, but paying back a loan over time to buy now seems like a profitable idea.

I have patience and don't mind the HODL game. That you know with absolute certainty your investment will increase in value over time. Isn't it another good strengthening how to make money in a down marketmy investment strategybitcoin neo cryptocurrency strategy for these dip days? I currently hold NEO and it has definitely made my portfolio more valuable.

Thanks again for the information. This is an amazing time to buy, to have a chance to ride the next big wave. Also HODL your coins, because you will be awarded. Def keeping my eye on the market at this point and buy up some Bitcoin.

Thanks for all your knowledge brother keep up the good work!!!! I have almost doubled my wallet!! I love this show and shared it on all my social media platforms! I don't tweet though! Man what a time to have a few thousand and turn it into a few hundred thousand. I think this is a great idea. In a market crash the amount of dollars your coins are worth doesn't matter. It matters how many you have.

If you have 1 bitcoin worth dollars before the crash and in the crash you make 1. Just buy in what you believe In and hold. Why would you sell at a loss? I'm no expert but if you are involved in purchasing a coin you should be a firm believer in the technology and their roadmap and goals.

You shouldn't purchase a coin because someone said to do so. If your coin is hitting a dip you should HODL till it gains strength again, even if it means you have to hold for months, I currently am: Definitely not a great strategy for those working with smaller amounts of capital because the 2x-3x of Bitcoin may not be significant enough to really increase your other positions before they start to rise. Also the market has no definite pattern to follow. For us newer participants in this space take this time to study the market and form a few strategies for the next inevitable dip.

Hodl strong this market is well established and is not going away, going lower in the short term perhaps. If you invested money then you should be a believer in this space and riding this down turn should be no problem. This is not the most accurate information to base your trades on. That's why you can have an entry point at say 0. For example; You buy 10 NEO at 0. I believe Poloniex only lists the Satoshi value, which is more accurate, yet a little harder to process.

I hope this was helpful, I owed you one for all the knowledge i've gained from your posts. Keep up the good work, and good luck with your trades. How to Make Money in a Down How to make money in a down marketmy investment strategybitcoin neo cryptocurrency How to make money in a down market?

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. Me too, you have not lost your money until you pull it out. This video has given me more confidence to buy n sell. Coins mentioned in post: I really liked this video keep up the good work. My favorite holding period is forever. You have to HODL. Clinging to my TRX! Really frustrating to wait for your fiat deposits while watching the market prices tank. Boy do I feel you.

Up voted all previous comments! Trying to help the CCN community, be sure to up vote me: Hold it until you profit! Love the video, keep on making videos like this zach. I Love Philip J. Hodl hodl hodl till ya make a profit.

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