Iobit smart defrag 4 beta download

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Platform 15 Beta 5 May 07, The official release of Smart Defrag Portable can be found here. The below version is an outdated and unsupported development test.

IObit did release a iobit smart defrag 4 beta download 2. Smart Defrag helps defragment your hard drives more efficiently than any other product on the market —— free or not. This portable app was made using the PortableApps. Administrative rights are required to run Smart Defrag. You'll get an error message if you try to run it with limited privelidges.

Release Notes December 21, Well it turned out that I uploaded the wrong version of DT2, so, yeah. Run has been taken care of. Added RunAsAdmin and cleaned up better. FYI - When I run this without admin privileges Iobit smart defrag 4 beta download don't see any warnings or messages about having to run as admin.

The splash page just comes up and then the launcher shuts down. Not sure if this is by design or not same with security I'm on Win7 x This will bring up the UAC prompt to run the program as admin and will close if admin rights cannot be obtained.

If only there were users for other less known about dev tests. I tried launching this from within the IO Bit Toolbox. Instead of launching the application it launched a browser taking me to the download iobit smart defrag 4 beta download.

Some with Game Booster. Make it so that when clicking on one of these shortcuts it checks to see if that tool is installed and launches it. If not present then it opens the browser for a download. The IO Bit team could make the base application search for the EXE using a relative path which should then make your work easier. As for the mean time, go download Game Booster Portable: And Alien27, if your still in the forums, just post a little reminder in the future that the new beta came out, and I'll try to update ASAP updates are a bigger priority than new apps.

I think I uploaded the wrong version because I found both installers on my desktop. Doesn't start on Windows 7 x64 with UAC enabled default. Will start if I run it directly and it prompts me for admin access. And when compiled with PAL 2. I've made the fixes and released it Please let IOBit know. And let them know they iobit smart defrag 4 beta download contact me directly for any additional info, changes, etc.

I'm thinking we'll be posting the rest of their apps shortly as well. Skip to main content. September 2, - 8: September 3, - 9: September 3, - OK on 32 bit win 7. Works fine iobit smart defrag 4 beta download Win7 32 bit, so iobit smart defrag 4 beta download IOBit security Need to add Admin Rights to Launcher.

You need to add admin rights to the launcher to both launchers. Looking at the launcher: September 3, - 3: September 3, - 8: I am a Christian and a developer and moderator here. September 4, - 7: September 8, - 8: September 9, - It doesnt include all the apps you see. This is for the IO Bit team but here it is: September 9, - 2: We'll see how it plays out.

September 9, - 4: It leaves an entry in the autostart like this: September 10, - 3: Its not supposed to. December 19, - 6: Added the new beta. Thanks for taking interest in this, though. December 21, - 8: Updated regular version to iobit smart defrag 4 beta download test 3.

December 22, - Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome! December 26, - 4: I let IObit know. February 23, - 1: Please check out this! Create new account Request new password.

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For a limited time, Raxco Software is offering a fully functional free defrag solution: PD Free is a simple solution that does not require a license key to operate with full functionality. Configure and manage PerfectDisk defragmentation schedules using the One-Time, Daily or Weekly defrag schedule buttons. Download PerfectDisk Free Defrag. To access these features, try PerfectDisk Pro.

Want to download directly from Raxco? Shop All Raxco Software. Thanks for the feedback. We were told by our developers that the SSD Optimize feature was removed for the free version.

I was just wondering if they had anything to report back. Because PD Free is a basic free defrag product it is not supported like our other paid products. You can also download a free trial of our PerfectDisk Pro product for home users, which we provide support for — even during the free trial — and it has more functionality than the free version, including fragmentation prevention and automatic background optimization: Lauren, thanks for your reply, which convinced me to uninstall the free version and install the trail version of PerfectDisk Pro version It completed in 65 seconds and reported drive performance Before as It seems counter-intuitive to me, but is a lower value for the performance percentage afterwards supposed to be an improvement or a worsening?

There are lots of other defrag products for Windows, some of them being FREE and still rather effective. Others, even if not free, could be more or effective or less so. How do you compare the benefits and advantages PerfectDisk Pro against such contenders? PerfectDisk is calculating drive performance as if it is a non-SSD drive, meaning that it is looking at file fragmentation, free space fragmentation, directory fragmentation, MFT and metadata fragmentation. We are looking to revamp how we calculate drive performance in the next version of PerfectDisk.

Secondly, regarding the free options out there. Not only does PerfectDisk Pro intelligently file data using the SMARTPlacement strategy, which defrags and consolidates free space and reduces the rate of refragmentation, but it prevents fragmentation with OptiWrite, reducing the amount of defragmentation needed in the first place.

That, combined with our world-class reputation in customer support, the SSD Optimize feature for SSDs, advanced boot time defrag, flexible scheduling options, all other features and pricing, makes us the clear choice.

The issue is that I cannot find Global setting anywhere. Also, double-click on a drive display an error popup window with a really long error number. I am looking into this for you. Customer Support will be in touch via email. I just got word back from customer support that they contacted you Friday. Let me know if you need anything else! Thanks for the support. The issue is still there but I just sent a screen capture that should help customer support track down the problem.

Is there some other place to download it? Cnet wants you to install their app launcher first, which then goes ahead and installs advertisers programs and homepage hijacks without your permission. The last time I downloaded from Cnet, it took me a couple of weeks before I could get everything rotten found and removed. We have a video that explains the process more in-depth: I tried to install it many times in my laptop and desktop, facing in all of my attempts the same issue. The installer asks me to enter my email address.

So, what is going wrong here? If you do, I believe you will not be able to install PD Free. Usually, if that is the case, you will get a message that says you already have a more recent version of PerfectDisk installed on your computer.

It may be a temporary glitch, so retry installing PD Free from or direct download manager link: When you entered your email during the PD Free installation process, PD Free tried to validate the email and for some reason it was unable to determine or connect to the SMTP server for your email address.

Was your security software enabled? Try disabling it temporarily and let me know what happens when you try again. I notified tech support of this issue. They will respond directly to the email address you provided here if there is a solution they will be back in 9am EST tomorrow. Otherwise, I will keep you updated. Sorry and thanks for your patience! Hello again, Thank you for quick reply. About your question, no, i have not installed any other edition of PerfectDisk, nor any other defragmenter.

Also, both my computers are in very good condition without problems. The download manager link extension you mention is the CNET download manager file.

Have you tried the direct Raxco download I mentioned in my last reply? If you have already tried the direct Raxco download, it may be that your security software is blocking PD Free from accessing the Internet in order to validate your email address.

This is what tech support is telling me. If this is the case, temporarily disable your security software to finish the installation. Let me know if you have luck with this! It works very well on my laptop. If the drive to which the drive letter is not assigned is analyzed or optimized, it will disappear permanently from a drive list.

It did not come out, even if OS rebooted. I received same error message at Windows 7: PD Free had difficulty initially validating your email address but I do see that you were successfully added to the PD Free download database. Are you still having trouble? I successfully installed perfectdisk free my Hpp notebook. It runs Windows Vista. But I want to setup notebook of m wife. It runs Windows 7. But I could not…. I tried her mail address xxxxxxx removed for privacy. Security settings may be blocking the validation process on her PC.

Let me know what happens! I disabled Windows Defender and firewall also. This solution worked with Vista, but did not help with Windows 7.

Notebook has Internet connection. I tried with 3G connection, but it did not work… I alwasy get this error message: Unfortunately, this is some type of email verification issue. Thank you for the feedback. I think my rooter caused the email verification error.

Email verification and setup worked this way, thanks. Dear teamraxco, Freedefrag works fine. I have only one question. What about half year later I will have to setup my Windows again. Will E-mail verification server work about half year later? Are you referring to the CNET download manager? Downloaded the free version and there is no way to select a time either daily or weekly to have it defrag….. Yes, there is a daily and a weekly tab but they do nothing when clicked on. If I put the mouse pointer on the tab a popup appears saying that it will defrag at 8pm daily or sundays weekly.

Hi Kevin — It is working as designed. Daily and Weekly defrag runs at the specified time. For more flexibility, you can upgrade to PerfectDisk Home or Pro. I am pretty sure that W7 detected it as SSD: Number of excess MFT fragments: I double click the hard drive , 2 small windows pop up and close immediately and get the following error.

It provides the most complete defragmentation possible and slows down refragmentation of your drive. Quick Defrag only defragments fragmented files without attempting to place files according to usage patterns or attempting to consolidate free space.

It provides the fastest defragmentation pass but is not the most thorough and it should only be used if you have lots of free space. SSDs are not affected by file fragmentation like traditional electromechanical disk drives and defragmentation can shorten the lifespan of the SSD. As this is a beta will there then be a RC version then V 1. The free version does include SSD Optimize.