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Lawyer, economist, portfolio manager and best selling author James Rickards is well known for his strong dislike of Bitcoin and crypto currency in general. In dozens of media interview Rickards has dismissed Bitcoin and crypto currencies as a ''scam'', ''useless" and vehicles for ''terrorists and money launderers''. During February he claimed to have discovered one crypto that is not a scam. Indeed Rickards is very excited about this crypto claiming this is his most important investment call of calling it, ''An explosive opportunity that is set to deliver a massive cash windfall'' for his readers.

In the Daily Reckoning newsletter of Friday james rickards bitcoin to usd February Rickards explained why he is so excited about this crypto:. In a special broadcast on 27 February Rickards revealed his 3 reasons why this crypto out of the 1, out there is so special. Firstly, it is backed by one of the world's biggest companies — IBM along with a dozen banks and Deloitte one of the world's biggest accountancy companies.

Apparently, IBM has hundreds of staff working on developing james rickards bitcoin to usd international payments platform that will allow banks and individuals to send money all over the world. As Jim points out sending money across borders can take days and be expensive once fees are added in.

So this crypto is set to transform the multitrillion dollar foreign exchange market. Rickards states that I would be interested to hear what readers think about his claim that only one crypto passes this criteria.

Rickards claims that IBM want to launch this crypto on its payments platform this year. Once IBM launches james rickards bitcoin to usd payments platform this will give this crypto a huge pump up james rickards bitcoin to usd price and make investors a very handsome return. After dangling all these carrots in front of your nose Jim finishes his special crypto call by saying that if you want to find out what this crypto is you will have to take out a subscription to his newsletter. Well sorry folks but that is just a little too expensive for my thread bare wallet.

Now I am no Sherlock Holmes and would never claim to have research skills as good as Jim's but darn it I was determined to try and find out what I was missing out on. Jim mentioned that this crypto was in a formal partnership with IBM and other companies such as Deloitte and KlickEx group.

A simple Google search revealed that our special crypto, the only one that is not a scam james rickards bitcoin to usd you is …. Together IBM and Stellar are working on a project called Hyperledger Fabric which aims to build open source blockchains to facilitate cross border payments. I hate to end on a sour note but all may not be as rosy as it seems for the IBM-Stellar partnership. He predicts that, in the next year, central banks will begin issuing digital currencies of their own, and that these will become an integral part of blockchain-based money transfers''.

Nor should we forget the competition from Ripple and Qtum both of which have signed partnerships with big names in the banking, cybersecurity and cloud storage space.

Time will tell if this partnership will bring about a revolution in cross border payments. Hold on to your seat for the wild ride to come. With a B, not likely I almost forgot the rest of the story. But hey, it's getting us closer to mainstream, right?

Thank for sharing the story. I think most of us have made mistakes similar to your james rickards bitcoin to usd. It is all part of the james rickards bitcoin to usd curve.

Well lets hope Rickards is right and Stellar has stellar james rickards bitcoin to usd Bitcoin hater James Rickards does a U-turn and endorses one crypto to go to the Moon. In the Daily Reckoning newsletter of Friday 23 February Rickards explained why he is so excited about this crypto: Reason 1 Firstly, it is backed by one of the world's biggest companies — IBM along with a dozen banks and Deloitte one of the world's biggest accountancy companies.

Reason 2 Rickards states that Reason 3 Rickards claims that IBM want to launch this crypto on its payments platform this year. Please let me know your thoughts on Jim Rickards forecast for Stellar Lumens.

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The Making of the Next Global Crisis. Rickards doesn't trust the bitcoin price action and doesn't believe the cryptocurrency will fare well in a financial crisis.

And if you think the government doesn't know "who" is mining bitcoin If you are mining and reporting the capital gains Almost all bitcoins will be mined in about a year, so no electricity costs involved in the long term Who is this guy? Regarding criminality, the US dollar is the most broadly currency used Again, who is this guy? How can this guy claim Bitcoin is for tax evaders and 5 minutes later say that the IRS will track you if you don't pay taxes on it?

Not very good for tax evaders then, is it? It's funny how agitated people get when someone says there is a huge probability and possibility that you are wrong about this thing. If I asked 1 person to lend me dollars of there hard earn cash for , they scratch their heads. They ask for my credit score. Yet, this same person will swear up and down wall street that bitcoin is here to stay. Same thing was said for so many pieces of technology, we can't even count.

In retrospect, the ones who got out early will brag about it at every dinner party, and the ones that got creamed will go to work wearing uniforms and having to ass kiss someone of low intellect. I usually say, you could be right but the idea of trading is to be right at any time. So being oblivious to it's downside, that will be the end of a lot of people. Don't be surprise, when your next door neighbor jumps before some form of transportation because he lost all the equity in his house and his daughter's college fund.

We are all too smart for our own good until we aren't. As far as bitcoin, I would say, invest any money you would mind losing the best casino house in vegas. That way you know you aren't taking much risk at this point. So he started with a liable story and ended up with threatening people with IRS. Great way to get your point through.. Its going too look stupid if the US dollars collapes and me trying too carry gold in pocket trying too use it using a hammer too break pieces off.

Go buy paper gold and silver in a highly manipulated precious metals market. You're sure to make gains in it! This guy is a whacko because the only bubble is in his head. Nobody knows how any currency will act or even exist 6 months from now. So many currencies have collapsed over the last 10 years while bitcoin is sovereign. Gold is a bubble, look at the chart long term in history. America is a bubble! Stock market is a bubble. Bitcoin isn't regulated but gold and silver is regulated by criminals aka wallstreet.

Other than that mining gold requires a physical capacity on the other hand mining bitcoin requires computing capacity which is bound to improve in the near future. Did he really say that Bitcoin is no good because of tax evasion and other criminal activities? Cause nobody has ever done anything illegal with fiat money, stocks, bonds or gold have they He's clearly not heard of staking, although he's right about bitcoin, other crypto will stay.

Jim's opinion is sound, his opinions, not conclusions, are based on knowledge, theories and proofs, not on blind speculations. This guy is worth listening to! But still as he says, buy if you want to. Give me bitcoin and i will let everybody know its a scam. I bet it was measured 40 years ago Biggest bubble in history.

Hard to imagine, I know: Many of the exchanges have been hacked, lots of people have lost money. Recently, doctors are harnessing gold for cancer treatment. Irrelevant, all currencies are going to be used for criminal activities. Crypto's are not an investment but gambling. Know this before going in.

If these doomsday people are truly correct, there is more than enough room for bitcoin, cryptos and gold. Gotta own both if you want to be prepared for that.

These anti-bitcoin arguments are very short sighted. Long term Blockchain and crypto will overcome many of the current shortcomings. That doesn't mean there is anything wrong with gold. It's not one or the other, but both. Get your facts straight old boy. He doesn't want to play in that space because? He's used to the standard form of criminality and feels crypto is too hot and he'll get caught.

So his reasoning for gold is There is a LOT less fraud in crypto That's it's point, by nature. I agree that the energy cost is high But this moron isn't considering that as efficiency increases cost decreases and value increases. Gold is complete bullshit and has absolutely no long term value. Last time I checked, data can't degrade over time Also, blockchain is essentially the internet of currency. This guy is old as fuck and living in the past. Moron doesn't understand that it's regulated via math!!!

He just called traders, miners. He doesn't know shit. That's like calling an accountant a stock trader. Some are complete scams like mysterious healing oil used by, allegedly, Jesus. Sorry fact is a fact. No one went to jail. They got a fine. You have to claim all gains Even in Bitcoin trade There's already a fucking fee! Cambridge House Where is Gold Going in ?