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BitPurse allow you to manage your bitcoin address, view your balance, and emit transaction directly from your mobile device. No Blockchain Download The app uses Blockchain. Double Encryption Your main wallet password will be saved on your phone however you can optionally set a second password required before you can make payments. This means even if your phone gets stolen your funds will still be safe! The source can be jolla bitcoin wallet on my github repository and are licenced under GPLv3. You probably have a repository that isn 't available anymore.

Blocking the apt-get update process. Sorry but no this require a port. I ve started it, but with all hardware jolla bitcoin wallet I got with my device, and jolla bitcoin wallet low confidence I ve in Jolla about openess and their marketing convince me to not devel anymore anything for that plateform.

Sorry, I will not create app to promote proprietary protocol and which connect to third party server which will leak private informations This app has one of the most innovative and beautiful splashscreens I have ever seen. Skip to main content. You are here Home. Create new account Request new password. Tags Cloud ambience game gps harmattan 1.

Who's online There are currently 4 users online. TamarindoJuice TMavica davidm00r kravich. Secureyour wallet is never stored on your phone. Fix for fixing issue emitting a transaction due to Blockchain API change. Log in or register to post comments. Why can't i install it? Now it won't install. It wants to download more data and it fails everytime. When a Jolla bitcoin wallet URL see below is copied over to the address field, the leading number of bitcoin address is jolla bitcoin wallet "bitcoin: I ll restore jolla bitcoin wallet n9 and try it How about for support for other popular currencies?

Would it be possible? Thanks, is there any binary for SailfishOS? Hi, Sorry but no this require a port. Of course its a top notch app.

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The project was unveiled and introduced during the congress for the first time publicly. It was the introduction of both: The tablet was designed to be a host running Sailfish OS 2. This allowed and caused significant development and major updates based on its predecessor, Sailfish OS 1. Fixes and upgrades counted in dozens of thousands, including:. The new version 2. Built-in Android compatibility layer of Alien Dalvik allows the usage of software in an emulated Android environment on a Jolla Tablet, without changes to the software nor performance slow-down, as Sailfish OS and Android both use the Linux kernel.

Sailfish OS multitasking capabilities allows user switching between software, both native and emulated, on the fly. Upon community demands for a Developer Program, the community beta cbeta group was introduced in as an endeavor to collect feedback from the community.

After that, there was an invite-only pilot phase for the Jolla Tablet Developer Device loan program. The aim of this program was to gather feedback in the form of failure reports and suggestions for better process. The developers were hand-picked based on their technical contributions to Sailfish OS. Active community members including current cbeta members were to provide appropriate feedback during the pilot phase to serve the program's expansion in the future. A number of loan devices were shipped to selected developers with an early access to the SDK and tablet Software Release s , which at that time had not been made public.

On the third day of the campaign, Australia and Canada were announced as additional countries the device would ship to.

There were not many backers from China, and they were offered a refund in spring The company explained, that about half of the crowdfunded money had been spent on Sailfish 2. The original delivery date for the tablet was stated to be May , but had been delayed several times. After issues with both financing and supplier the company stated in December , that the production was cancelled.

In total, less than tablets had been shipped by the company. Soon after the Indiegogo campaigns Jolla experienced severe issues with component deliveries and with the display quality.

In August—September as the pre-order campaign for the Jolla Tablet was started, Jolla stated it was confident it could start deliveries according to the revised project schedule.

In October, the first batch of tablets shipped to test the order and logistics chain. Meanwhile, Jolla's supplier had its own issues and had to change factories twice for production, again affecting the schedule. Jolla entered into company-wide financial trouble as financing round C was unexpectedly delayed in late autumn The initial impact was that Jolla could not pay subcontractors, causing more delays. The financing delay resulted in a fight for the survival of the whole company, not just only the Tablet Project.

In December , long-awaited financing finally arrived, but at that point the company had already been hit hard and in order to continue had been forced to apply for debt-restructuring in Finland.

It temporarily laid off a large part of organization. This further impacted the Jolla Tablet project. The tight financial situation remained a major constraint and the main factor determining the ultimate outcome. Owing to the delays in the financing round it had become too late to produce all the tablets for the project as the supplier no longer had the necessary components and many of them were no longer available.

According to Jolla there was nothing that could be done to change this. When Jolla's financial situation stabilized in December meanwhile in China, there was a 2nd batch of tablets waiting, already produced but left unpaid. The manufacturer had placed these under forward sales due to delayed payments, since then Jolla had not any official status. When the financial situation allowed, Jolla could buy back devices from the manufacturer, but the factory had already started forwarding tablets precisely from that batch to other retailers.

Some had been sold forward already and despite Jolla efforts to repurchase from the manufacturer it was not possible to get back already sold equipment. Those devices were initially ordered by Jolla, but after having been sold, Jolla lost control over them.

Jolla worked to get these back, but had no agreements directly with the retailers. This also meant the tablets do not have official support or access to Jolla Store. System updates are uncertain depending on what changes have been made to these tablets. Also, sellers were informed they have more devices than mentioned, only of which can be from the legitimate batch manufactured for Jolla.

Others can be, or were, produced illegally or with completely different specification. Hence Jolla warned "there are no guarantees if the devices are now similar or not" and stressed Jolla doesn't guarantee these. There is additional risk when buying a look-a-like, e. Some devices were successfully updated to version 2. China continuously remains a part of Jolla's BRICS strategy, and Jolla can only adjust future activities to prevent such issues from reoccurring.

Considering the above Antti Sarnio in the name of Jolla has declared they intends to do the following:. Failure to fully deliver Jolla Tablets was disappointing and seriously damaged Jolla's reputation and trust in the company. Those who received tablets have shared positive opinions. But the lack of delivery of devices, both crowdfunded and ordered via website, caused reasonably critical opinion.

Comparing the delivered devices with 21, crowdfunding bakers allows an estimate of the scale of unsatisfied demand, and the number of customers from many countries who want such devices. Jolla had not declared how they intended to answer this demand in the current situation. It was mentioned that they were going to continue more as a Sailfish OS development, and software licensing for vendors, company, more than a supplier of devices, as those were the current financial limits and as there were other companies specialising in production and supply of devices.

Jolla possessed finished and positive validated project of demanded product, but by end of January had not declared how it could be produced and delivered to expecting markets, whether it would be continued as Jolla brand product or as a 3rd party product.

Jolla informed that they were to split to establish a completely new company which would be focused only on hardware and its delivery.

Expected was more information at upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Jolla published instructions and a tool for the refunding process. To receive money back it was necessary to provide confirmation in the tool which was online from " Jolla stated that it needed all Indiegogo backers to go through these pages in order to receive their refunds. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

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