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Katara is a fourteen-year-old waterbender i. She and her older brother, Sokkadiscover an Airbender named Aangthe long-lost Avatar, frozen in an iceberg, and accompany him on his quest to defeat the imperialistic Fire Nation and bring peace to the war-torn world.

Katara kataang family bitstamp appeared in other media, such as trading cards[3] T-shirts, video games [4] and web comics. In the commentary of the unaired pilot episode, co creators Bryan Kataang family bitstamp and Michael Dante DiMartino state that Katara's "hair loopies" were intended to hang downward, but were thought too hard to animate and looped backward instead.

Katara is described as "smart, capable; an anime heroine", [9] and as "kind, brave, and passionate. Katara tends to be kind and generous, but is often stubborn or confined by her morals; becomes angry if doubted, insulted, or betrayed; and carries resentment for years on end.

When Katara was 8 years old, her mother, Kya, sacrificed her life during a Fire Nation raid in order to protect Katara; whereafter her daughter assumed an adult's role in later life.

The events of Avatar: The Last Airbender begin six years thereafter, when Katara and Sokka find Aang in suspended animation and identify him as the Avatar, a messianic figure. Katara then accompanies Aang to the Earth Kingdom for him to learn earthbending. After the earthbender Toph Bei Fong joins the group to teach Aang, Katara and Toph initially quarrel; but thereafter become friends.

In the Earth Kingdom's capital, Katara encounters antagonist Prince Zuko and his sister Kataang family bitstamp ; and during the battle, Aang is injured by Azula's lightning, whereupon Katara takes him to safety and eventually heals him.

In a village burdened by the Fire Nation's pollution, Katara disguises herself as the river spirit 'Painted Lady' in order to help the village. Later, she offers to teach Katara a Waterbending technique called "Bloodbending", which kataang family bitstamp physical control of animals and humans.

When Katara refuses to learn this technique, Hama uses it on Aang and Sokka, forcing Katara to use the technique kataang family bitstamp on Hama. Though deciding not to take her revenge nor forgive, she does come to terms with Zuko and accepts him as friend. During the four-part series finaleKatara assists Kataang family bitstamp in preventing Azula from becoming Fire Lord and battles her; eventually defeating her, she heals Zuko.

When the kataang family bitstamp ends, she is seen in Ba Sing Se with the other protagonists and she finally shares a passionate kiss with Aang, starting a romantic relationship with him. In the sequel series The Legend of KorraKatara, now eighty-five, is one of the surviving members of the original Team Avatar along with Zuko and Toph.

She is a high-ranking member of the White Lotus kataang family bitstamp took it upon herself to train Korra in waterbending, becoming the latest in a line of masters to serve as a teacher to multiple Avatars. Katara and Aang are also revealed to have had three children: She plays a rather minor role in the first season of the series, only giving Kataang family bitstamp her blessing to leave for Republic City to train with Tenzin and attempting to unsuccessfully heal her after she lost her waterbending, firebending and earthbending abilities to Amon.

While together with them, Katara, holding her new grandson Rohan, watches sadly as she notices Kya and Bumi joking at Tenzin's expense.

At the end of the episode, Katara implores that Kataang family bitstamp take his brother and sister with him to the Southern Air Temple, saying that he will enjoy looking back on the time he had to spend with his siblings and that kataang family bitstamp might be best for the three to visit their kataang family bitstamp home together. In "Harmonic Convergence," Katara is seen in her healing hut tending to injured Southern Water Tribe soldiers, and later used healing to keep her granddaughter Jinora's body alive while her soul was kataang family bitstamp in the spirit world.

In Light in the Darkshe is seen listening to Avatar Korra addressing the independent Southern Water Tribe and how she decided to kataang family bitstamp spirits and human coexist by leaving the spirit portals open. Kataang family bitstamp the fourth season episode "Korra Alone", Katara aids Korra in healing her body after being poisoned by Zaheer at the end of the third season, enabling her to walk again after being wheelchair bound for over six months.

Katara's abilities develop considerably kataang family bitstamp the series. At the outset, she has little control over her innate waterbending, and often kataang family bitstamp control in moments of frustration or anger.

Thanks to diligent practice, an instruction scroll, and tutelage under a Master, her skill improves until she is bestowed with the status and title kataang family bitstamp " Waterbending Yang-style Master ". She was chosen by Korra as her instructor in the Southern Tribe Yang-style martial arts, bending arts and the healing arts. Katara is highly skilled in Waterbending which utilizes chinese martial arts techniques of " internal style " T'ai chi ch'uan and Jeet Kune Do ; Katara is the only surviving Master of " Southern Tribe Yang-style " after the year genocide.

Waterbending emphasizes "softness and breathing" over "hard aggression"; fluid and graceful, acting in concert with the environment; creating opportunities where none exist; this "flow of energy" allows their defensive maneuvers to translate into focus on control and counter-offenses, turning their opponents' momentum against them. Despite these advantages, Waterbending is almost entirely dependent on inertia; it is essential for practitioners kataang family bitstamp not be rigid, but to be fluid and able to adapt to any situation.

Water is patient and waits. Wears down the cliff tops, the mountains. There is nothing softer and weaker than water, and yet there is nothing better for attacking hard and strong things. Katara has demonstrated to be a formidable opponent to her enemies, able to fight on equal terms with Azula and Long Feng; she eventually outmatched the fire nation princess to demonstrate the extent of her skill.

Without the aid of a full moon, Katara can use water to cut through objects; summon lashing waves and whips of varying sizes; cover herself with a sheath of water; surf on a length of ice; run and stand on the surface of water; melt and control existing ice; form ice into various shapes; freeze water and objects surrounded by water with little effort; create walls of mist and steam; transform steam into ice; evaporate large amounts of water; or derive a weapon from any moisture including her own perspiration.

On one instance, Katara knocked down the entire Dai Li, Zuko, and Azula while riding atop a giant wave. As with all Waterbenders, Katara's powers max under the influence of a full moon. Katara demonstrates the ability to levitate and control water-based liquids, as well as pure water, in episode kataang family bitstamp Southern Raiders", wherein Katara bends ink onto a map. She is also seen bending soup which allows her to cook mealsand kataang family bitstamp perfume while battling a smell-dependent monster.

In the episode "The Painted Lady," she uses her bending to create a thick fog. Katara also kataang family bitstamp the ability to bend sweat and the ability to manipulate mud with Toph, who manipulates the dirt while Katara controls the water.

Kataang family bitstamp is one of the few waterbenders born with the sub-ability of healing injuries or wounds, first kataang family bitstamp after she is burned by Aang's first attempt at firebending; [29] She strengthens this ability under the tutelage of the Northern Water Tribe's healer Yagoda. She uses kataang family bitstamp thereafter to relieve sickness; [18] overcome brainwashing; [30] and heal seemingly mortal wounds kataang family bitstamp as burns and bleeding injuries.

She speculated that she would be able to use that same water from the Spirit Shrine to heal the scar on Zuko's face when they were imprisoned underground together in Old Ba Sing Se. However, they were interrupted before she could attempt it. By the time of The Legend of KorraLin Beifong Toph's metalbender daughter claims that she is the strongest healer in the world.

Katara has another waterbending technique known as "bloodbending". She is able to manipulate the fluids inside a human body and presumably any other living creatureleaving the target unable to move or resist in any way. Once she has taken control, she can make it move in any manner she desires.

She is only able to bloodbend during kataang family bitstamp full moon, when her waterbending power kataang family bitstamp at its peak. Katara was forced to learn bloodbending by Hama, an elderly Water Tribe woman who originally developed the technique and who wanted Katara to learn it in order for it to be passed on to others "The Puppetmaster".

However, Katara abhors this technique and has only used it twice in times of great stress. In later years, she worked to make the practice a criminal offense. Katara's character appeared in the Avatar: Like Aang, Katara also appeared in Tokyopop 's films comic sometimes referred to as cine-manga. In film adaptation of the series, The Last Airbender directed by M.

Night ShyamalanNicola Peltz portrayed Katara. Many reviewers cited inconsistencies within the plot and kataang family bitstamp the screenplay and the source material, as well as the acting, writing and casting and has been considered to be one of the worst adaptations ever made.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bloodbending disavowed Healing abilities. This section is empty. You can help by adding to kataang family bitstamp. Nickelodeon Magazine Winter Archived from the original on The Last Airbender Cine-Manga.

Archived from the original on 16 April Episode 15 Book 2. Smart, capable Katara is a generic heroine The year-old is kind, brave, and passionate. Michael Dante DiMartino Michael Dante DiMartino; Writer: Joaquim dos Santos; Writer: Water, page 31 of The Lost Scrolls Collection. The Last Airbender Flash Site".

Retrieved December 2, Elizabeth Welch Ehasz April 7, The Last Airbender Video Game". Night Shyamalan 'wins' big at last night's camp-fest". Fire " Sozin's Comet ". Lego Roller coaster ride Trading card game.

Air " Welcome to Republic City " Book 2: The Last Airbender video game soundtrack Zuko's Kataang family bitstamp. Nickelodeon kataang family bitstamp Animation portal Television portal s portal Fictional characters portal. Retrieved from " https: Fictional kataang family bitstamp introduced in Avatar: The Last Airbender characters Animated human characters Child superheroes Dark Horse Comics superheroes Female characters in animation Fictional aboriginal people in the Polar regions Fictional child soldiers Fictional characters with accelerated healing Fictional characters with ice or cold abilities Fictional characters with water abilities Fictional medical personnel Fictional taichi practitioners Fictional tribal chiefs Fictional women soldiers and warriors Superhero television characters Television superheroes Teenage characters in television Fictional characters with healing abilities.

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This page was last edited on 29 Aprilat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Nicola Peltz The Last Airbender. Hakoda father Kya mother Sokka older brother. Bumi firstborn son Kya daughter Tenzin second son. Kanna paternal grandmother Pakku step-grandfather Jinora granddaughter Ikki granddaughter Meelo grandson Rohan grandson. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Katara Avatar:

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