Kiki the nano bot

5 stars based on 68 reviews

A must have for every puzzle game fan. Excellent graphics, sound and kiki the nano bot to create something of a masterpiece. Kiki the Nano Bot is probably one of the best and most creative 3d puzzle games I have ever played.

The storyline is kiki the nano bot little bit hard to describe. You control a small robot named Kiki and your ultimate mission is to help kiki the nano bot your maker, whose master control program has been destroyed by a parasitic capacity. Each level consists of a 3 dimensional cube. The aim of each level is to get to the exit by rolling along the walls, jumping on the platforms and moving various objects around.

At first the controls are quite disconcerting and frustrating, but if you practice during the first level, they become a lot easier.

You can literally roll anywhere on the cube kiki the nano bot and if there is a platform within jumping distance, you will be able to latch on to it, with the 'camera' following close behind.

It may also take you a while to figure out exactly what to do kiki the nano bot the game has a fairly steep learning curve.

Fortunately it does offer you some help - if you press ESC while playing and go to HELP you will be told the process which you will need to follow to complete the level.

Even with this help the game remains extremely challenging and unless you are an experienced puzzle game player, it won't take many levels to become rather difficult. To be blunt, the sound effects are superb and the graphics are a stand out. Both surpass any expectations I might have had. This would have been a pretty decent game even if the graphics had only been half as good as they are and the sound had been absent, purely because kiki the nano bot game is such a joy to play.

You owe it to yourself to play kiki the nano bot game. It's really simple, yet can make you feel stupid. To give you an analogy - it's like beating a water bottle against the wall until it explodes so you can drink it and then later realizing all you have to do is unscrew the top. It has straight to the point directions but in some cases you find yourself not sure what to do. Seriously, it's a great game - the graphics are high quality [reminiscent of GLtron, for those of you who have downloaded that game] and the gameplay is flawless.

I recommend it to anyone who has the internet and 4 MB of space on their computer. Sure, just interacting and solving puzzles to get to the exit would be pretty sweet but kiki the nano bot in a 3d environment - the choices and complexity skyrocket.

Though the earlier levels are fairly simple, the later ones force you to visualize and kiki the nano bot in a 3d setting. Probably the kiki the nano bot bizarre reason for this is that the direction of gravity is entirely dependant on your position. Get too carried away thinking of one direction as down and you completely miss obvious solutions.

A truly amazing game. This game is so amazingly powerful! The graphics were awesome worthy of PS2 possiblythe sound had no glitches Sony would be proud and the game play was intricate, without the slightest bit of boringness to it! It would make you burst into flames at its awesomeness! How could anyone think of such a game?

Excellent music, graphics and of course a totally new idea. It's sure difficult to tell anything about the game, so you've got to try it to get a feel of how good it is!

The idea is very simple: Yet the game is complex! Then just download it and you will know what I mean! Though I am stuck on level 10, I still think this game is fabulous work. The concept it spectacular: And the gameplay is stupendous, I've yet to find a glitch! And it's tricky, then it's not, once you get how to play it's easy, like some puzzle games get. I'd pay for this game, excellent, pure excellence. Kiki the Nano Bot Download 4.

By the way, for instructions on a level, go to help in the escape menu. Great graphics, excellent gameplay and good sound make this a 9 out of XBill for Windows Stop the evil hacker Bill from installing vicious software and viruses on Diabolika Daibolika - The devils game is a puzzle game kiki the nano bot you have to kill demons Quest For Glory Trapped in a maze you battle the computer to gain all the prizes.

Revenge OF Froogie you play a frog who has to jump across a road. Crazy Tetris Your classic Tetris style game. Hottest Games Dragonball Z Vaderz. Contribute Add a Game Unreviewed Games.

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So gcc4 broke it, it won't work with the current version of Python, and it's missing a lot of header includes a problem I had. I didn't managed to successfully compile it - fails at linking. It also requires few tweaks due to Python version change that's why I wasn't able to link it - I'm not really familiar with Python's build subtleties.

The game doesn't seem to be "Windoz'ed" either. I think you can contact Debian Kiki maintainers and ask what changes they had to make to get it running. Okay, I'll try to compile it in the weekend and report.

By the way, the game itself is rather good installed from repos. Finally managed to compile it after fixing much software rot, only to have it throw a std:: This code was written for Windows, never meant to be portable, hasn't been updated since it was sent in as a contest entry and suffers from massive software rot as such.

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