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Okay, I am a bit of a newbie with this, having only begun in the world of cryptocurriences in June. But I've successfully gained in my understanding of this thanks to numerous insightful publications and many posted videos by some of Steemit's most knowledgeable members. I will admit, it hasn't always been easy. In fact, I've had to learn things the hard way like most of you I'm sure.

My most painful experience to date was losing a relatively small chunk of Bitcoin over the last hardfork fiasco with Bitcoin Cash. Permit me to explain. Heading ledger wallet bitcoin legacy or segwit advise of the "pros," I made sure to acquire a "hard" wallet for my cryptos. I'd begun by using Electrum on my Linux Ubuntu laptop, but soon after discovered Exodus, and began using that instead for its ability to store a variety of ledger wallet bitcoin legacy or segwit. When the hardfork arrived in August I thought I was prepared.

I had all my satoshis off the exchanges, and off my computer's harddrive as well. By the time the fork happened, I had diligently watched a ledger wallet bitcoin legacy or segwit of videos and read all the instructions I could find from Ledger and others on "How to Claim Your Bitcoin Cash. Trouble is - Nothing worked! Try as I might, no Bitcoin Cash materialized. I put it aside because my Chrome app for Bitcoin didn't even look as some of those I'd seen in the videos.

Figured I'd wait and try this again later All of my Bitcoin disappeared! Try as I could, nothing showed up in the Bitcoin Cash wallet, and nothing re-appeared in the Bitcoin wallet as well - no matter what I tried!

Oh well, "OJT" we used to call it So in the weeks that followed I didn't give up. Everything else I made sure to send to Exodus. Inadvertently - in my haste before Ledger timed out! I sent a few bucks worth of BTC to the Legacy chain. But then I noticed the instructions in the app that Ledger recommends sending BTC to the Segwit chain for lower fees and faster confirmation times. The Legacy chain is differentiated with a prefix "1" in the address, while the Segwit address begins with a "3".

Now I see there'll be another TWO forks! The first, on October 25th, calls itself "Bitcoin Gold. It kinda reminds me of the government swapping out our MPCs with hardly a notice in Vietnam. Those of you vets that were there may remember all that - I know, it's dating us! And now, based upon my recent missteps and losses, I have countless questions that arrise. Bear with me - I'm certain many of these are "newbie," inexperienced questions, but here goes:.

What happens on October 25th? Is this like, "When Worlds Collide" and two galaxies merge? I expect they won't co-exist very well since Exodus doesn't have a "Segwit" wallet category. Where can it be secured in a safe wallet? The incumbent implementation based on the existing Bitcoin consensus protocol will continue to trade as BTC even if the B2X chain has more hashing power.

Can I move them back to my Exodus wallet as long as there aren't any BTC remaining with the "1" prefix? These are all questions I'm posting here since my Steemit community has ledger wallet bitcoin legacy or segwit most Crypto "gurus" that I know.

It is sure a lot easier stackin' silver. When the "Morgans" changed to "Peace" dollars and then ledger wallet bitcoin legacy or segwit silver "Eagles" later on, they still stack together in my box! A heck of a lot easier! Ledger wallet bitcoin legacy or segwit, so I sent a few bucks more to the newer Segwit address Bear with me - I'm certain many of these are "newbie," inexperienced questions, but here goes: And What About Sedwit2x?

According to the Bitfinex exchange: Any suggestions or clarifications would be ledger wallet bitcoin legacy or segwit appreciated! Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. Trending Trending Votes Age Reputation.

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Litecoin has not been the darling recently in the crypto world but that is about to change due to the death spiral of ETH. If there are 4 times the amount of bitcoin to be mined that would put 1 litecoin at about I think we have a potential sleeping giant here, I think bitcoin and litecoin will start to trade in lockstep as traction continues to grow in bitcoin interest! Litecoin will be here 30 years from now when the last bitcoin is mined on earth.

Gold trades at 70 times silvers price. If Litecoin being what silver is to gold being Bitcoin then one could fairly estimate that if litecoin trades at 70 times bitcoins price that would put it at dollars. In my honest opinion I think the Climb starts now. I want to hear from some devs on what they think I am receptive and open to all opinions.

To get there, it would have to have a similar ecosystem to Bitcoin. Ecosystem in my thought to be the community of organizations building and supporting it. Now that the new version has SegWit active, it appears the Litecoin development team is active in putting in place improvements. With a 5 year history, the coin has been tested, and there are many coins out there that have stabilized the price.

If the sentiment of people shifts, and there becomes more of a desire to hold cryptocurrencies as assets, I see no reason why Litecoin would not be a player in that space. It does not have to have VC backing like Ethereum, does not have unproven scaling ability like Monero, and does not have limited current vs.

It also was not instamined or premined like some of the other currencies out there, as far as I know. I do not see much peoples interest in LTC, despite the significant positive changes in code. Currently LTC has no much interest of people and investors. We all should write artikels about litecoin get the word out… In 20 years time we will have more then 7 x as much traffic on the Internet.

I can see a value…Give it time right and make promotion. Litecoin is a Legacy currency! What I see, being new to it, and in USA, is an already decent ecosystem: Hardware wallet support already available in Ledger Nano S, coming soon with Trezor. A good amount of active supernodes - about or so.