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Actually she just posted her new nail game, but it may or may not be her crypto portfolio. Judging by this, I'm thinking that Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Litecoinmonero ltcxmr and Stellar Lumens are all big time buys at the current price points: Here's the Instagram post: It's actually pretty funny though, since this isn't Katy Perry's first post on Insta about crypto.

Here she is recently asking Warren Buffett his thoughts on crypto news alert, he doesnt like it. Did Hollywood inflate the crypto bubble? We're looking at the Chinese, Koreans and Japanese, but it was those airhead celebrities all along! This is first Nail paint design in the world that I actually like. Now I litecoinmonero ltcxmr what the fuss is all about.

Wonder how that is going to go Would love to ask Katy Litecoinmonero ltcxmr if she even knew what her pinky is, lol. I know she can understand the others, litecoinmonero ltcxmr Stellar: Good luck to her.

We hear about gangsters and money launderers giving cryptocurrencies a bad name, so we should be grateful when some person of note for respectable reasons jumps on board.

There are litecoinmonero ltcxmr already on Steemit, aren't there? I heard today that Arsenal football club are getting involved too. If they won on the cc markets, it could change the whole face of English football. I'm no Arsenal fan! Buffet will come around, also, at some point hoping that cc's go from strength to strength.

It's not like he needs to get on early, though, is it? So he can afford to bide his time as he does his due dilligence and what not. There is no way to see how good litecoinmonero ltcxmr company is doing so his investment philosophy doesn't line up with crypto currency currently.

And besides why would he bother to change he's had amazing success. Easy there Bobby, my dad turns 91 this year and is a WWII vet, definitely "old school," and after some convincing from me he moved some money out of the stock market and into crypto.

It's never too late! Do you litecoinmonero ltcxmr feel like a plastic bag I recently made a post litecoinmonero ltcxmr Ripple Please checkn it out! Liked yours and followed you so I would be very happy if you did the same! Well, in some interviews she looks plains stupid which tbh could be just to promote her albumsbut this is litecoinmonero ltcxmr smart! The 50 cent thing with TMZ remembering he had Bitcoin was great.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. Well, now we know litecoinmonero ltcxmr all the litecoinmonero ltcxmr for these crazy altcoin pumps is coming from. Super excited for when the litecoinmonero ltcxmr buy my crypto bags at the top! It's certainly better catching the crypto fever than the flu!

Coins mentioned in post: I wonder how many more celebrities are interested and invested in cryptocurrencies. Nice post, despite, Katy nail game I believe that's is a good buy time for most of coins. So, now is official, illuminati are behind this game: Buffett is 87, he's not coming around haha. This is great info.

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