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With the Titus Coins, merchants and customers will be linked together in a Titus Community where payments, whether they are large or microscopic, national or international, person to person, moneta blockchain stockholm to business, business to person or any other transaction are made instant, secure and simple.

Those individuals who are instrumental in building this Titus Community globally will be rewarded through a sophisticated and fair compensation plan. Everything around Titus is created to be transparent, secure moneta blockchain stockholm simple.

Moneta blockchain stockholm Coin shall become a global instrument for payments and transactions in a moneta blockchain stockholm, instant and simple way. Titus shall build a community where Titus Coin users will receive the best possible offers from affiliated merchants, where Titius Community members will moneta blockchain stockholm rewarded for their effort to grow the use of the Titus Coin and to expand the Titus Community and where affiliated members will be able to benefit from the most efficient direct advertising tools ever built.

Based on a strong foundation of IT skills, international business experience and legal knowledge, Titus will become a new power factor in alternative payment methods and still be a bridge between conventional fiat money like EUR, USD etc.

The users of Titus Coin are joined in the Titus Community. Registration in Titus Community is free and even free members benefit from the great offers given by the affiliated merchants. For those who want to also receive a part of the cash discounts given to the company from affiliated merchants it is possible to become a paid member and by that receive commissions from all activities in the community.

The introduction of these memberships and their terms and conditions are presented as the services are introduced. As the number of affiliated merchants grow, the use of the Titus Coin will increase. Increased use of the coin will lead to a higher coin value, moneta blockchain stockholm it will also increase the bonuses paid to the members.

As a result of the increased coin usage, Titus Community will be an increasingly larger cash-back solution as well. He is from Ukraine but has the last five years lived in Stockholm, Sweden, where he has been involved in several startup IT projects. With his IT skills and the solid network of software developers and designers, Maxim is in a perfect position to guide the Titus project through all the hurdles and challenges on the way to create our vision - a global, secure and simple blockchain based payment system.

To create the Titus Coin world with all the apps and functions moneta blockchain stockholm are on the drawing board in the Titus development group, a strong project manager is necessary.

Maxim Moneta shall lead the team through all challenges and deliver state of the art technology to all members of the Ttus Community. Pierre comes from Sweden and with his extensive background from international sales he brings true value to the management team.

During his moneta blockchain stockholm years in relationship marketing, he has worked with some of the largest and best Network Marketing companies in the world as well as with more traditional sales, Pierre will ensure that our company and members have the best material and structure to create global success.

As a hands on entrepreneur and family man, Pierre moneta blockchain stockholm used to create results and to solve problems. In a growth company like the Titus Community, his background and personality are truly important elements in our work towards global success.

Kristian has 17 years of experiences from the Direct Selling industry having spent a considerable amount of time 13 years moneta blockchain stockholm Oriflame as Country Manager in 4 different countries and on 3 different continents. He has also been involved in different start ups in Moneta blockchain stockholm Europe, Spain, moneta blockchain stockholm in Sweden.

For the last six years Kristian has been managing his own advisory company based in Slovakia. To ensure the best possible service for all who wish to contact Titus Community, the company has set up a solid support service. Depending on the type of request you have, the support team will forward your request to the right person.

Titus Community is moneta blockchain stockholm operating moneta blockchain stockholm in the Titus sphere. Titus Community moneta blockchain stockholm set up to become a major player in the field moneta blockchain stockholm crypto currency usage. The community and networking model is essential in the creation of many distributors able to link online and offline merchants to the Titus Coin world. The linked companies will join Titus Community loyalty program and offer various discounts and cash backs.

Titus Invest Ltd will continue to expand services and functions which may become available for Titus Community Ltd. The use of Titus Coin is a combination with other payment and financial services is one of the main areas of interest for the company.

These are to be sold to members of the Titus Community until also external customers are invited to purchase coins when merchants are affiliated and accept Titus Coin as means of payment.

These funds can not be used by the Sparkassa for any purposes other moneta blockchain stockholm buying back coins moneta blockchain stockholm members who wish to sell.

Is an external service engaged by Titus Community and Titus Invest to deliver software for direct sales activities, payment moneta blockchain stockholm, compliance services and some operational functions. The Titus Mission Titus Coin shall become a global instrument for payments and transactions in a safe, instant and simple way. Kristian is an international executive and has been active in many parts of the world.

Back to the top. Edward JP Evans is the company director and manages this operation.

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BitcoinRates. Exit signals: This information includes the name of the coin being signaled, which market it is in, the current price, the percentage change in the last 24 hours, the transaction volume, Frequency of signal and the transaction time information of the signal.

The difference isn't whether to scale, but whether on-chain scaling is the long-term solution. While Coinbase is a great place to start because of its simple and intuitive interface, quick funding process and good reputation, it has a very limited currency offering.