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Neo bot scripts Where's my license time? Converter neonbot script to ibot. Where is my bot!! I need to add P bolts to Jonatas loot counter! Not sure what the problem is. Question on howdays left works Set cavebot off when msg ss change weapon with x creature Itemcount debug Items that cant be picked up or moved Lotting PayPal Payment!

Resizing screenshots Bot select monster to attack but BP closing and not looting Bot 1. I need help to purchase bot Help please! Player on screen proposal!

Help Call to verify!?!?!?!? Payment confirmed and do not get my license. Payed bot days ago with credit card, and it didnt arrive yet. Keep Away Muggy Plains how could i fix this?? NOT using the damn Hotkeys! Won't let me buy with same card I had just bought premium time with sucessfully. General questions, help needed! Have Error in the action? Use Machete If player neo bot script paladin 100 afk screen use ring Net Framework problem distance attack cavebot help what pre paid card works everytime for this?

Charges counting issues GFB hotkey! Email I cant use the new version to play 9. Problem with multiclient, please help me. About you guys service. Ghastly dragon curse How do I save a script? Barbarian big camp Problem Targeting Usar Ibot em outro computador-como trocar ip- ajuda por favor I need help!

Why this won't work? Targeting neo bot script paladin 100 afk Farmine - Killer Caimans for Paladins Looting my corpise and the dead moster no open!!!!

Rp money making place? Connection neo bot script paladin 100 afk Strong terra strike hotkey help me! Why my forum chat don't appear? Need help with looting. Need a little help in here Cant post replies on threads. Help With Northern Pike Script! Green Djinns yalahar isnotlocation Help me with making my script full afk please!

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You want me to bot? Well, been botting for a long while now and I seem to spend everything instead of saving up. So, to help me save, I need somewhere I can post my screenshots etc. Optional pvp Bot of choice: ElfBot Knight 1 Botting place: Big Barbarian Camp http: Will update the list as the project goes on.

Dunno, I guess I always configure it like that when I make my scripts. Knight 2 and 3 will be botting tonight and maybe a few hours when I get home from work. Results will be published later on tomorrow. Nice shit you got there son, keep it up and try not to spend. If your current plan doesn't work out, you can always try putting a small amount into the noob bank everytime ,and then working your way up to bigger amounts until your used to depositing alot.

Or you could just deposit all loot on 1 hunt, and then keep the money from the loot on the next one, but you woulld have to have enough supplies to last through a full deposit.

Ill really stick to this, and hopefully I'll have enough to buy me a nice rare or something. Comp restarted by itself during the night so the botting failed.

No char died tho and I'll resume knights 2 and 3 when I get home from work. Knight 2 at cults. Just got home from work and after I went to buy some stuffs needed at home.

Anyways, started 4 clients and all bot chars are going now and will continue on all night. Loot will be sold on sunday or monday so until then I'll probably not be selling anything except red pocs, cream cakes ect. I'll hold on then and regen stamina until this is fixed. I honestly have no idea, all I know is that it can handle like clients without any probs: P And still no response of the deposit issue that came after update tibia made: Ah well, I'm thinking about botting again even tho depositer doesn't work.

I'll add a sound hotkey everytime one of my chars stays by the dp and deposit manually. And eventually I'll buy a house in Yalahar and make my bots drop the loot inside the house so I can continue botting. Started to bot on all my chars today with manual depositer. So after tomorrow I'll edit my scripts and it will get so much easier to bot afk: Got the house in Yalahar today end edited scripts for knights 1 and 2 aswell as paladin 1 to drop loot inside house to make it possible to afk bot again.

The house cost me 1kk but meh, it was so worth it! Will have another house in svar for knight 3 after server save so he will rest stamina until then. The only loot I won't sell is the paladins loot, will save up until I've killed 4k necros and then sell it: Been botting all night, and it was successful: Somehow, I can't post 4 images in one post because it says I have 5 img tags, strange Knight 3 http: I've added a buying list on the first page.

Those items is the items I'm allowed to buy with the bot balance. Sold loot today instead, was curious on how much it was and I guess it was quite alot: And in total that results in something like 1,,4kk which I'll put into the 1,5k demonic essences: You earned the achievement "Dread Lord".

Now it's time to save for demon legs or vamp tokens! Well, masskicks got 2 of my chars killed last night. So I need to sell all the loot ive gotten since last time in order to afford bless. Do you bot with soft boots? Im a 93 EK I just recently bought a soft boot.. Should I go bot dragons with it? Or Should i bot Barbarian camp with it? Yeah without softs it wouldn't be as much profit.

I'd say you should go barbs with softs because you will get so much profit and decent exp. I bring about mana potion each time i but there but i usually use only around mana potion to hit cap 0 If i use a soft boot how much do u think i will use?

Seems like my project is close to an end Since this update, ekx has also refused to update the bot for the latest version so it is with regret that we must discontinue ElfBot NG and I have dissolved my partnership with ekx.

Our customers deserve better than this but this is ekx's decision, not mine. We will also leave the key system and order system in place so that customers may continue to receive new keys or buy the bot for older OT servers. TibiaBot NG will take longer to update since all of ekx's code has to be removed from it. I guess I'll read the tutorials on NeoBot but first of all I want to see how this plays out.

Elfbot will always be my favorite bot: Have u seen daniel is workin hard to fix blackd? D so maybe u can keep it up.