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There are multiple options as to how to deposit money into your account to buy Litecoin. We will cover the fast and easy way that charges a fee, and the slower method that doesn't charge any fees. A Onion bitcoin exchange fast and easy way - This way involves you using a Credit Card to deposit funds into your account.

You simply enter your Credit Card, verify the two small payments they send, and you are ready to purchase some Litecoin. Anyways, once you select the amount of money you want to spend and click "Buy" you will instantly get those coins onion bitcoin exchange to your account. B The slow but No Fee way - With this method you can set up a direct deposit with your bank account.

This will take a few days to get verified and once you get set up it will take another days for the money to show up in your account. This can take a while to get your money but at least with this method there is No Fee. Setup onion bitcoin exchange Account at Cryptopia an exchange that trades Deep Onion For this step you will have to head to Cryptopia to setup onion bitcoin exchange account.

This step is much easier then Coinbase as they basically just need your email and very basic information. Now that your account onion bitcoin exchange setup you need to transfer your Litecoin from Coinbase to your Cryptopia onion bitcoin exchange. To do this start by selecting the "Bitcoin" icon near the top right:. Next select "Litecoin" as the coin you will be depositing Make sure you are only transferring Litecoin to this address.

Now you just need to copy the "Deposit Address". This is your personal address that will store your Litecoin. Now that you have your Cryptopia Litecoin address, you just need to enter it on Coinbase.

Go to Coinbase and click on the "Accounts" tab. Then look for your "Litecoin Wallet". Once you have found it click the "Send" button. After clicking "Send" a window onion bitcoin exchange popup.

Then choose the amount of Litecoin that you would like to send It will show the Dollar value to help you visualize the amount. It will usually take several minutes to see the Litecoin show up in your account sometimes it can take longer. To check your balances, select the "Bitcoin" icon up top and select "Balances".

From there you will enter "Litecoin" in the search box in the future you can sort by "Favorites" or "Hide zero balances". When your money has fully onion bitcoin exchange it will show up in the "Available" column the one highlighted. While it's pending it will be in the "Open Orders" column. Once your Litecoin has arrived it's time to buy Deep Onion.

You need to first find the "Litecoin" market. This is where Deep Onion is traded on. Click the "Exchange" icon at the top and then click the "LTC" exchange on the right. Now you just need to select how much Deep Onion you would like to buy. The easiest way onion bitcoin exchange do this is to first click the "Price" button it will automatically put in the last price that Deep Onion sold forand then click the amount of money you have we have 0 in this example but you should see a balance here.

By clicking the amount of Litecoin you have, it will attempt to buy as much Deep Onion as possible. If you would like to buy less, you can just change the numbers manually. DeepOnion has onion bitcoin exchange Crowdholding's co-creation platform. You can log into Crowdholding for free and earn crypto for giving feedback.

Have a look by click here! How to buy Deep Onion coins steem Created with Sketch. We recommend CoinBase as they are one of the largest and most well known exchanges. Depending on your location you might have to fill out additional verification but we can confirm that they are indeed onion bitcoin exchange legit company. Purchase Litecoin onion bitcoin exchange trade for Onion bitcoin exchange There are multiple options as to onion bitcoin exchange to deposit money into your account to buy Litecoin.

Deposit Litecoin onion bitcoin exchange your Cryptopia Account Now that your account is setup you need to transfer your Litecoin from Coinbase to your Cryptopia account. To do this start by selecting the "Bitcoin" icon near the top right: Enter the Deposit Address on the Coinbase site Now that you have your Cryptopia Litecoin address, you just need to enter it on Coinbase. Once you click on that Onion bitcoin exchange, scroll down until you find "Deep Onion". You have now bought Deep Onion!

You can check your balance at any time If you have any questions don't hesitate to Contact Us! Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.

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This Roadmap is intended to provide an idea of when certain features are likely to become available. This Roadmap might change at any time, especially in response to Community feedback. Released February 26th Released February 23th Released January 31th Released January 21th Released January 11th Released December 20th Released November 26th Released November 16th Released May 18th Released March 22th Released February 11th Released November 19th Released October 20th Released September 4th Released August 29th Released August 26th Released August 8th Released July 30th Released July 27th Released July 5th Released April 29th Released April 27th Released April 23th Released April 17th Released April 14th Released April 08th Released March 20th Released March 11th Released February 9th Released January 27th Released January 19th Released December 28th Released March 30th Released December 11th Planned milestones Version 1.

Cannot select US national bank transfer in Create offer Fix bug: Cannot remove deactivated offer Version 0. If connected to localhost Bitcoin node and connection get lost prevent that Bisq connects to public network.

Show info in footer and splash screen if localhost Bitcoin node is available Fix issues with price feed requests Fix issue with incorrect display of nr.

Creativecoin, Infinity Economics Add onion address to Bitcoin node btc. Revert change in 0. Choose sending or receiving amount. Choose all available inputs or manual input selection. Make version label clickable and show if new version is available. Only use hidden service btc nodes if Tor is enabled for BitcoinJ and provided nodes are used. Optimize P2P network startup behavior Separate fees in trade complete screen. Show withdrawal btc address only after button click in trade complete screen.

Cagecoin, Spectrecoin, Verify Add more provided Bitcoin nodes Add more seed nodes Add more provider nodes market price, miner fee estimation Add second seed node for DASH and LTC Add filter for btc nodes Use domainname instead of IP if both are known for btc nodes Increase connection timeouts Increase timeout for offer availability check Increase time for showing Tor settings at startup to 30 sec.

Increase offer refresh and republish intervals and offer TTL. Decrease maxConnections for btc network from 10 to 9 Remove unneeded broadcast trade fee tx tasks Remove checks for min. That also avoids the privacy issues with bloom filters. Instead of using bytes as estimation of trade fee tx we create a dummy tx to get the exact size id funds are on the wallet, otherwise we use bytes for maker and bytes for taker deposit and payout tx are larger.

If both already existed if user has run 0. Fix issue with non-english OS Add a reminder to write down the wallet seed and make a backup before setting the wallet password Rename ClearXChange to Zelle Improve build setup auto install protoc Fix date format Only request restart at base currency selection if it has changed from default.

Remove popup at startup for selecting base currency Version 0. Remove dont show again option for tx summary popup at withdrawal. More will come in future releases. Use fee estimation service form https: Use dynamic trading fees. Trading fees are based on trade amount and distance to market price. Make security deposit for buyer customizable at offer creation allowed range: In exceptional situations like at long bank holidays exceeding the period will be tolerated.

Swap input text controls when toggle between fixed price and percentage based price. Hide percentage based inputs if no market price is available. Support for translations of all application display strings User can select preferred language of those which are already translated and default country. German, Spanish, Greek, Portuguese and Serbian still require UI layout adjustments Remove ask and bid market price and use always last price. Check for market price age on client.

Add checks for locked up funds of failed trades. Add shortcut to remove failed trade from pending trades view. Use for Windows build no version nr at jar files to avoid collecting multiple jars at updates. Prepare the split role of arbitrator in mediator has no MultiSig key and arbitrator 3rd key holder of MultiSig. Not implemented yet in the UI, so mediator is at the moment identical with arbitrator.

For more details see: Fix wrong percentage calculation in spreads view for altcoins Fix missing tx fee at emergency wallet payout. Ability to re-open a dispute e.

Coin Now all traffic is going over Tor price requests from Poloniex could not be routed over Tor because they use Cloudflare Added request to CoinMarketCap to get more prices for altcoins not listed at Poloniex Use 2 proxy price feed providers as hidden service for requesting accumulated BitcoinAverage new API , Poloniex and CoinMarketCap price data Add program argument to add custom price feed providers Add module for running a own proxy price feed provider requires BitcoinAverage API keys.

Supports both clearnet and hidden service Display time of latest price update at tooltip over provider icon in market price widget Remove http proxy option because it is not needed anymore Cloudflare issue with Poloniex solved by the proxy Remove tor bridge support was not solving GFW issues and caused only problems when connections to Tor failed at startup Add option for setting custom bitcoin nodes in network settings additional possible via program argument Add new block explorers to settings Increase max.

Improved wording Improved layout for small screens Fix bug with withdrawal if tx size exceeds kb Fix and improve build doc and scripts Update to latest jdk version with bugfix for SortedList remove our jdkfix module Version 0.

Opal, Synereo Fixed bug with invalid offer ID causing wrong balance display and duplicate trade statistic items Added new payment method: No response and Protocol violation Change warning popup if create offer button pressed with no account for selected currency in offer book views Revert decrease of Nr. Price chart, volume chart and table for trades. Bugfix with missing bank name field when payment method same bank account was used Display offerers bank name or bank ID in offer details Version 0.

Fix bug with support for multiple arbitrators Version 0. Add new seed node Added new coins: If sticky market price is selected market price does not change with currency selection, otherwise it is context sensitive. National bank transfer, Transfer with same bank, Transfer with specific bank Support 75 global currencies and 18 alternative crypto currencies Price feed for all major currencies and all alternative crypto currencies Make list of displayed currencies customizable Separate crypto currencies accounts Increase trade limits to 0.