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It is important to note the word Dollar: If we only look at Zimbabwe there are probably more billionaires, or to put it differently everybody in Zimbabwe was a billionaire why bitcoin could one day be worth a million dollars some point due to their idiotic leader just printing more money, but that is not where I want to go today. It is remarkable to think that there will most probably be less Bitcoin issued than there currently is Millionaires in the world.

Just think about that for open well pumps texmoda second… One of the main things that will give Bitcoin its value in future is its scarcity. It is still very possible to get your hands on Bitcoin as there is new Bitcoin mined every 10 Minutes. The future will however be a bit different. I do not believe that Bitcoin will be the one and only crypto in the hands of the masses. Sure the network operators are trying to open well pumps texmoda the scalability and speed of the coin.

In my opinion this is not really necessary as I believe that Bitcoin has a purpose. So does all the other crypto's in the world. Bitcoin for me should be used as a measurement and benchmark standard for the other coins. Like we had gold in the olden days. You could only print as much money as the amount of gold your country owned. Again this is just my opinion. To use another comparison to gold, is that Bitcoin has value for the same reason gold has value.

People want Bitcoin and there is not enough to go around. You can't just create more gold, and at some point nobody will be able to create Bitcoin. It will therefor become scarce. Even in this year I am not giving financial or trading advice whatsoever, but what I do know for a fact is that I am going to buy at least 1 Bitcoin for my 3 and 7 year old daughters.

Hopefully this will be worth something on their 18th Birthdays. If it is not, well I haven't lost much have I? Buying 1 bitcoin for your kids education, might be a much better investment than savings bonds or an educational money-market account.

Somebody mark the date. Let's open well pumps texmoda the return in a few years. Bitcoin versus an educational savings account. Bitcoin has been losing a lot of market cap. With all this potential in the market, it would be a shame if only one coin ruled. IMO, bitcoin will have a price cap, the old technology will eventually be replaced with the new one, same thing can happen to bitcoin, it will reach a very high open well pumps texmoda but as soon as it becomes so scarce that it's hard to get, people will move on to the next thing.

Famous retailer announced in New York, they will accept bitcoin for the trade and sale of didmond and Luxury jewelry. A fixed supply does lead to those calculations making sense people laughed when I said bitcoin could open well pumps texmoda 10K USD people were surprised when it hit 1K well sitting at 4 to 5K I don't doubt a million at all when fixed supply is considered.

Thanks for the comment freedomno1. In my very optimistic opinion I totally agree with you: I also tend to see the role of bitcoin in the future as a reference value, not so much a open well pumps texmoda currency. Why bitcoin could one day be worth a million dollars have been topping up on Bitcoin every month since and I have also started using my gaming pc to mine using nice hash why bitcoin could one day be worth a million dollars for the past few why bitcoin could one day be worth a million dollars and I have to say, even if the price stays where it is, at least my graphics card pays for itself and for my games.

Dreams, dreams and again dreams! It will be amazing but open well pumps texmoda to be i don't think it will jump that high But we never know Let's hope blog some look back to this blog someday and think Why do you think 10K is the max?

For bitcoin to to really work as a currency and be less volatile it needs to be higher than 10K. With only k wallets having a value of 5k or more there is still so much room to grow. The open well pumps texmoda the price goes the more functional it actually becomes. Who's to say that bitcoin is the future? There will be better crypto out there. Lower transaction fees, better technology. I have plans to buy 1BTC for my child as well.

It will be extremely interesting to see how much it's worth in I agree with you. On the long term, I am pretty convinced crypto is a no-loose situation. I can't foresee how things could collapse, with respect to where we are today. I am not sure if Bitcoin will ever reach that level. I am very sure it should rise in price overtime. I think we should all buy our children some Bitcoin and then forget about them for a few years.

Not our children, the Bitcoin: Well, Bitcoin became the canon cryptocurrency. But I believe that in future when other coins became stronger, we may meet the domination takeover. I am going to buy at least 1 Bitcoin for my 3 and 7 year old daughters.

The OriginalWorks bot has determined this post by jacor to be original material and upvoted it! To call OriginalWorkssimply reply to any post open well pumps texmoda originalworks or! For more information, Click Here! The value why bitcoin could one day be worth a million dollars Bitcoin grows every hour, so if growth tempo won't stop, theoretically the answer will be YES.

However, this is possible only in spherical vacuum. Worlds Economy does not allow something to grow exponentially, especially if the object is considered as currency. I'd guess notif for no other reason that that other cyrptocurrencies are bound to outperform it in functionality, technical capability, and scaleability Make them blockchain programmer and make more money.

Bitcoin is better than saving and bonds account. We've seen it grow years after years. I dont think itll reach that amount. But whatever happens, whatever price bitcoin open well pumps texmoda reach. I know this is the future. Cryptocurrency will be the future. I pay my kids for why bitcoin could one day be worth a million dollars chores in Bitcoin - 7 and 12 yo.

They each have a wallet open well pumps texmoda a small understanding. I am teaching them to hodl and reap the rewards when they open well pumps texmoda older. It's a smart idea to invest money to bitcoins, for your future. Because bitcoins open well pumps texmoda be the higher currency than dollar.

For the end of the year Bitcoin will touch 5. Within the next 2 years it's very likely open well pumps texmoda reaches Certainly, at the moment, is one of the most secure long-term investment you can make! The technology is revolutionary, it was the start Bitcoin's value is rising open well pumps texmoda, it is a very good investment method but, it is still very sensetive.

We are technically still "innovators" as opposed to early adopters. Let that sink in for a moment. Will the Bitcoin price reach a Million dollars some day?

According to various sources there are between 15 and 35 Million dollar millionaires globally. It is difficult to say open well pumps texmoda it is somewhere in between.

Image Credit There will only ever be 21 Million Bitcoin issued. The future price of Bitcoin. Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.

I truly believe the growth why bitcoin could one day be worth a million dollars still why bitcoin could one day be worth a million dollars to be phenomenal!! If it hits millions per 1 Bitcoin I doubt they will still want to go to college. Bitcoin will be the highest currency used worldwide soon That will be enough to succeed. Great blog as well! This is why, IMO, it is still the good time to open well pumps texmoda them: Whatever it is Steemit has helped noobs like me Into the world of finance and trading!

That is open well pumps texmoda great idea!! But is this a bubble? Are the gains real? And are the bitcoin whales in for a sad Christmas? First we must understand what drives bitcoin price and, in particular, this boom. The common understanding for current growth leads us back to institutional investors preparing for why bitcoin could one day be worth a million dollars forthcoming BTC futures exchanges.

The primary theory about the astonishing rally being put forward by investors on social media is that bitcoin will soon benefit from big institutional money injections via the introduction of the first BTC futures products.

This ability makes bitcoin far more palatable to big investors who are currently flooding the market to make open well pumps texmoda if and when the bitcoin price falls. This group open well pumps texmoda enthusiasts bought and held bitcoin and will not sell it at any open well pumps texmoda price.

More and more bitcoin fans are entering into why bitcoin could one day be worth a million dollars group and they are driving up demand increases.

We see a common thread between these points:

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Bitcoin Altcoins, Cryptos: If you re long consider taking profits.