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You might not know it yet, but this area boasts two of the best food markets in London. Walk past Leather Lane food stalls or Exmouth Market cafes any day of the week around lunchtime and you will find yourself engulfed in crowds of hungry workers from the multiple startup offices nearby easy to spot: Just walk down a few paces.

We can now present to you paesan exmouth market review ultimate review of the best places for lunch in Clerkenwell and neighbouring Farringdon to save you the agonising decision-making process. KIN — Leather Lane market. This one is Charlie's favourite. If you are looking for something that warms you all the way down to your toes and wraps you in an aromatic, paesan exmouth market review, then get yourself straight to KIN. Moro holds a restaurant on Exmouth market, as well as a stall.

Both are stellar examples of North African cooking. The stall serves up flatbreads filled with creamy hummus, fluffy couscous and shredded, spiced lamb that is the tastiest meat you might ever try. The portion size is slightly smaller than some of the other stands nearby, but the flavour is huge no, seriously. The food is so damn good.

Spinach and Agushi — Exmouth Market. If you like heat in your lunch, then you really must try this Ghanaian stand. Delivering a veritable brick of jollof rice and multiple paesan exmouth market review curries, these guys know how to ensure your sinuses are clear and your stomach is stretched.

Top the whole thing off with fried plantain and you might not even need dinner — the value for money here is on another level. Grill My Cheese — Leather Lane. Working on a hangover?

You probably need a warm, oozing, grilled cheese sandwich — crisp and buttery on the outside, gooey and melting on the inside. They even do a sandwich filled with mac-n-cheese. Let that sink in.

Crosstown Doughnuts — Leather Lane. Sourdough doughnuts encrusted with sticky icing are just the thing to get everyone in the office on your side. If you buy a couple and hand them out, you can probably bet on a few precious minutes with zero productivity as everyone is too sugared up to concentrate.

It seems to be a rule that all the best food markets have a jacket potato stand. On Leather Lane, you can get a hot potato slathered in butter and topped with your choice of the classics — cheesy baked beans, tuna mayonnaise, coleslaw and more.

These are inexpensive and come in a polystyrene sleeve with no frills, for the traditional worker. Fan of big portions? This lunch option is distinctly weighty, and yet still kind of healthy. You get a box filled with multiple different delicious salad choices, two kinds of meat pulled pork and beef stewplus mac-n-cheese, AND charred sourdough toast.

Paesan — Exmouth Market. Delicious, hot box of fresh pasta, coated in sauce and a generous grating of parmesan. We have a lot of love for proper Italian pasta made right paesan exmouth market review front of you. These guys operate their stall directly in front of their restaurant, so if you are feeling like a more of a leisurely lunch, then grab a table and begin with some starters.

Banh Mi Bay — Midtown. Paesan exmouth market review is the only one on the list that is not part of either Exmouth or Leather Lane paesan exmouth market review. This Vietnamese restaurant owns a secret recipe to some amazing chicken.

Salty, unbelievably moreish, and sitting on a bed of steaming hot rice — perfection. Try their infamous banh mi baguettes to complete the authentic Vietnamese experience. Realistically, if you wander paesan exmouth market review Leather Lane or Exmouth Market you will find something paesan exmouth market review sate your appetite before long, so just head out with some cash and take your pick!

BrighterBox connects the fastest-growing companies with the brightest graduates. Skip to main content. Monday, October 23, Spinach and Agushi — Exmouth Market If you like heat in your lunch, then you really must try this Ghanaian stand. Jacket Potato Stand — Leather Lane It seems to be a rule that all the best food markets have a jacket potato stand.

Meat Box — Exmouth Market Fan of big portions? Paesan — Exmouth Market Pasta, pasta, pasta. BrighterBox connects the fastest growing companies with the brightest graduates.

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