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While opportunity may exist among certain crypto-currencies, a few things should be considered before throwing money into any form of crypto-currency simply because the price is right at the present moment. It is important to keep in mind that there is a false sense of opportunity that has been created because of the Bitcoin boom. It has become far too easy to make assumptions about what other virtual currencies will become just by looking at what Bitcoin has become.

Here are a few reasons why Bitcoin is the way to go if you want to invest in crypto-currencies:. So there you have it. At the end of the day, Bitcoin has the necessary support behind its potential for success. Likewise, for the price of a solid mutual fund I can probably buy thousands of shares in some unknown penny stock that will never see any real growth, if it lasts at all. So as an investment, it is still my humble opinion that Peter cohan bitcoin exchange rate is the better option, even at the higher price point.

This is value added that Bitcoin systems do not currently support. My advise is, invest only what you are willing to lose and not a dime more. March 10th, by jms 1 Comment. Here are a few reasons why Bitcoin peter cohan bitcoin exchange rate the way to go if you want to invest in crypto-currencies: Bitcoin has the market or Network Peter cohan bitcoin exchange rate. Thousands of merchants around the world have already incorporated Bitcoin into their sales strategies, and many of them have peter cohan bitcoin exchange rate started to create unique ways for customers to save when using Bitcoins for purchases.

The reason is clear. Merchants can save on transaction costs by accepting Bitcoins, and those savings can be passed on to customers to encourage the use and market capitalization of Bitcoins. The value will go up as demand increases. Supply and demand is a key factor for an investment opportunity like this to be worthwhile.

Trust is also key. Bitcoins seem to be more secure than some other forms of crypto-currencies. What is even more newsworthy, is the fact that two Bitcoin exchanges have also since been hacked, yet Bitcoin itself has held its value through the turmoil.

Trust in the security of Bitcoin alone still exists. The inevitable government regulations will also create additional trust for a more widespread market. Bitcoin was first to market. This is very important with any new product or service. Being first to peter cohan bitcoin exchange rate is a critical component to success.

Bitcoin has set the stage for all other crypto-currencies. When we think of crypto-currencies, we think of Bitcoins. Then we may peter cohan bitcoin exchange rate if other forms exist. This peter cohan bitcoin exchange rate have long term positive effects for Bitcoin. Bitcoin set out to disrupt the financial market, and it has succeeded. Whether Bitcoins will be considered a real currency is not as important as the ultimate effect it has already made on the way online transactions will be handled in the future.

Bitcoins effect on the financial world is unmatched. This makes Bitcoin the clear choice for growth potential, at least for the foreseeable future. But for now, Bitcoin still has most of the financial and marketplace support behind it.

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