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Are you looking for some ideas on low priced coins to purchase? Below are short summaries on 22 coins pinkcoin ethereum reddit why you should, or should not buy them. This is a list with no basis whatsoever on actual technical analysis. This is all purely speculation based on two simple criteria.

I am only doing this analysis for coins listed on Poloniex under the price of. Your expectation should not be to put anything into these coins for a huge short term return. Your goals should be to get hundreds of thousands of these today for almost nothing, with the hope of just one of them becoming the next Monero or Ethereum. This is a gamble, so I do not recommend putting more than a very small amount into any of these. I only started with. This is just a starting place to keep you from having to do a lot of research into coins with no redeeming value.

I recommend you do some investigation into the ones you are interested in and buy the ones you think have a good chance pinkcoin ethereum reddit get pumped. I do own a small amount of approximately half of the coins I recommend as buys. I even own one of the coins I recommended avoiding for some reason. I pinkcoin ethereum reddit not remember why I bought it. Reddcoin — RDD. The team is actively working on content, doing interviews, and communicating regularly with the world.

They are trying to develop a coin that can be used to tip on any social media platform, similar to what DOGE is known for on Reddit, but large scale. The coin is priced very low due to there being 28 Billion of them. This is a similar problem other coins below have. Bytecoin — BCN. Since then they have fallen off the map with no announcements or updates.

If they start communicating again this might be worth a gamble, but avoid it for now. Qora — QORA. There is no way to get in touch with them that I can find other than posting to the message board or forum and hoping for an answer, and I am not sure what they are working on or when it will be available. Still… people are excited about the pinkcoin ethereum reddit and they do seem to be working, and at this price I think it is worth a buy. They actually have a working application, and are actively developing.

I expect it will again. DigitalNote — XDN. I did find an email link to contact them, so I sent off a request for someone to pinkcoin ethereum reddit in touch with me, but have not received a reply. If I hear anything back I might change my mind. Horizon — HZ. One of the developers put up a post two months ago saying he had moved on. Nothing has been heard from anyone else on the project since In the past week it pumped twice for no apparent reason related to anything I can find on the Internet.

Doge — DOGE. They are an active community. They do keep the wallet updated. There pinkcoin ethereum reddit a few DOGE fans around who think there is a potential pump in the future, but I am not one of them. I would prefer RDD at this point as far as potential pinkcoin ethereum reddit moves go for this type of coin.

Myriadcoin — Pinkcoin ethereum reddit. There is no news, nothing posted to Reddit, and no updates on Bitcointalk that I could easily find. Pinkcoin — PINK. DigiByte — DGB. They are bad about releasing news, though, and have 7 Pinkcoin ethereum reddit coins. NuShares — NSR. The communication is a little lacking.

No posts in Reddit recently, and no news, such as what they are working on, available from their website. I just cannot tell from the information they provide what there is to look forward to, so unless you hear some news you probably don't need to hold this one long term. There has to be some reason to own it right?

Not that I can find. Siacoin — SC. They have a vision, and passion, and this should take them a long way. I wish communication was better. There is a lot of buzz about Sia. Many do not think it is a viable model, but if it pumps 10x you still get paid, and it is cheap at the moment. Now we are getting into the more expensive coins where. You start needing to make your calls on these based on a little more understanding of what they do and if the investment makes financial sense based on their model.

Even if I recommend a BUY, you should do research yourself. I have no idea where it is as you read this, so I cannot recommend a buy. They have good communications on new announcements in their own forum and active dev support on Bitcointalk. They are working on updates, and are passionate. Andriod mining sounds fun. If they look like a good buy to you after some research, pinkcoin ethereum reddit for it.

They have a wallet and a website and a few active games. If they do not abandon it C2 has a nice head start. Einsteinium — EMC2. When they were below 50sat a couple weeks pinkcoin ethereum reddit this was a no-brainer.

Now, you will need to make the decision on your own whether it is within your gambling budget. Communication is not very active, but they are still on the map. Potcoin — POT. Two months ago they made an announcement that they were working on a new App, though there are no obvious updates since. The coin could be dead. I just cannot tell so I cannot recommend it. There is good communication and very active development.

I pinkcoin ethereum reddit think it will go up more, but it is not the steal it was last week. I think it has some falling to do before it pumps again, but who knows. Low priced pinkcoin ethereum reddit is a crazy place to be at the moment, so it is difficult for me to recommend a coin that is way off its lows and does not have support under it. Cryptonite — XCN. They are very active and are communicating updates regularly.

They are working on something people are going to want and need in the future of crypto. I think they are due, and I think this is one of the few on this list that could be really big someday.

A buy for me at this price. I am told by people who read charts there is massive accumulation going on at the current level, though I am pinkcoin ethereum reddit savvy enough to figure that out myself. This is a similar coin to Ripple, but some people believe it has more to offer. The Devs do not pinkcoin ethereum reddit worth a flip, but they are releasing some updates and have plans for the future. The massive number of coins keeps the price down, but I can see this going for pinkcoin ethereum reddit run in the short term.

I cannot, however, see it going up to the price level of the elite with this many coins out there. It is soon going to be listed on Polo, where it will pinkcoin ethereum reddit to get more exposure and people will realize their plans are out of this world literally. The devs are active, and entire team is passionate. I would recommend checking pinkcoin ethereum reddit their vision and see if it is something you are interested in personally. For me, it is more than just an investment.

Verge — XVG pinkcoin ethereum reddit. It is available on Bittrex. The dev is very active both with updates and on the user forums. There are wallets for just about every platform. They are running a very secure and anonymous coin, which is all the rage at the pinkcoin ethereum reddit.

It is a project that looks like it is just waiting for some exposure. The big issue is overcoming the huge sell wall before it can break out. I think you can buy about 2 million for a.

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PinkCoin price predictions are updated every 5 minutes. We wrote a custom algorithm to hopefully predict future prices for all of our listed digital crypto currencies similar to PinkCoin. If you are looking for crypto currencies with a good return on your investment, PINK could potentially be a profitable investment option for you.

PinkCoin is a mineable crypto currency. There will be dips but our prediction thinks that PinkCoin will not crash any time soon. Will the PinkCoin price go up?

Will the PinkCoin price rise? How Much will PinkCoin cryptocurrency price increase? Will the PINK price fall? Is the PINK price going up? Will the PinkCoin price drop? When will PinkCoin price will fall? When will PinkCoin price go down? Is PINK a worthwhile investment? When will PINK price drop?

Is the PinkCoin price going to drop? Will the PinkCoin price rise, grow, increase, go up? Is it profitable to invest in PinkCoin? The long-term earning potential is profitable for PinkCoin. Will the PinkCoin price fall, decrase, drop? Our prediction thinks it will not fall in value. What will 1 PinkCoin be worth in five years from now? Where do I buy PinkCoin? Given the prediction we do think that PinkCoin will moon so hold tight.

What was PinkCoin's highest price? What was PinkCoin's lowest price? You have coins in your portfolio.