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Why do people resist change? We all resist change at one point or another. Our mind is wired for stability, preferring autopilot mode versus constant change of flight path. Even when the mind is convinced of change, the heart can effortlessly override the effort. You can surely imagine the difficulty of waking up earlier in the morning to exercise, or cutting down on sinful food. Most change effort sacral rage deadly bitstamps the organization focus on a business case. This is important because people buy on emotion and justify on logic.

Without winning the heart, the battle is already lost. There are several ways to increase sense of urgency:. Typical ways of building culture:. Such ways of building culture assume that values are like plasticine- that they can be molded easily after a series of training and communication sessions.

This is not sacral rage deadly bitstamps. The new behaviour must be proven to be valid before the employees embrace them. Culture change occurs at the end of a transformation process, not at the beginning. We use the snowball framework to change culture. The workplace agenda in the twentieth century emphasize on management because it is what is needed.

Planning, budgeting and organizing staff are essential to the day to day operation of the organization. This creates a culture that focus on consistency and stability. Managerial skills are the order of the day. When the pace of change accelerated in the twentieth first century, uncertainty and unpredictability ensued. Another set of skills is required to establish vision, align people and to inspire them.

This sacral rage deadly bitstamps of skill - leadership skill is soft and more difficult to teach than managerial skill. It does not help that the common thinking that leaders are born and not made. As a result the pace of development of leaders fails to catch up with the pace of change. The good news is that research has shown that leadership is a set of behaviours that can be picked up by anyone, but it needs deliberate practice. This is not to give an illusion that anyone can be a world class leader.

It is like music, you will become a better musician upon practicing, but become a virtuoso requires music talent. The fact in leadership is that we have a higher ceiling than what we think we can reach. Everyone can be a better leader! The importance of trust in a work relationship cannot be overstated. It is the cornerstone for employee retention, sacral rage deadly bitstamps communication and employee motivation. Trust is difficult to build because of three issues:. Joomla template created with Artisteer.

How do we want to build a culture of ….? Why are there so few leaders? Why is trust so rare? There are several ways to increase sense of urgency: Typical ways of building culture: In some cases, values cards or posters are made for visibility purposes. Trust is difficult to build because of three issues: We judge ourselves by our intention; others judge us by our behaviour.

Sacral rage deadly bitstamps to the differences in perception, a seemingly trivial action can cause mistrust in the relationship. For example, a new colleague walked past you twice looking away. He sacral rage deadly bitstamps new to the job and being an introvert, he was shy to meet new people. But to you, he may be the arrogant chap, that does not deserve help. Trust is a reciprocal exchange.

When a little mistrust exists, it can feed on itself and escalate. In this fast pace environment, people are under pressure to attain short sacral rage deadly bitstamps results. Relationship and trust building, tends to take a back seat.

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