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The book Svenska Spindlar or Aranei Svecici Swedish and Latinrespectively, for "Swedish spiders" was one of the major works of the Swedish arachnologist and entomologist Carl Alexander Clerck and appeared svenska spindlar bitstamper Stockholm in the year It was the first comprehensive book on the spiders of Sweden and one of the first regional monographs of a group of animals svenska spindlar bitstamper.

It was published in Swedish, with a Latin translation printed in a slightly smaller font below the Swedish text. Clerck described in detail 67 species of Swedish svenska spindlar bitstamper, [2] and for svenska spindlar bitstamper first time in a zoological work consistently applied binomial nomenclature as proposed by Carl Linnaeus and used for the first time for botanical names in his work Species Plantarumand which he presented in in the 10th edition of his work Systema Naturae for more than 4, animal species.

Svenska Spindlar is the first zoological work to make systematic use of binomial svenska spindlar bitstamper, and the only pre-Linnaean source to be recognised as a taxonomic authority for such names. Clerck explained in the last svenska spindlar bitstamper of the 2nd part chapter of his work svenska spindlar bitstamper in contrast to previous authors he used the term "spider" in the strict sense, for animals possessing eight eyes and separated prosoma and opisthosomaand that his concept of this group of animals did not include Opiliones because they had two eyes and a broadly joined prosoma and opisthosoma and other groups of arachnids.

For all spiders Clerck used a single generic name Araneusto which was added a specific name which consisted of only one word. Each species was presented in the Swedish text with their Latin scientific names, [3] followed by detailed information containing the exact dates when he had found the animals, and a svenska spindlar bitstamper description of eyes, legs and body.

The differences between the sexes were also described. Each species was illustrated in impressively accurate drawings printed on coloured copper plates which were bound at the end of the volume. Because of the exceptionally thorough treatment of the spider species, the scientific names proposed by Clerck which were adopted by Carl Linnaeus in his Systema Naturae in with only minor modifications had traditionally been recognized by arachnologists as binomial and available.

In the late s, Clerck's svenska spindlar bitstamper was commonly accepted as the first application of binomial nomenclature to spiders. In a complete binomial name with author and year, the year corresponds to the year of publication of the original source. Ina case was even brought before the Commission because the researchers were no longer sure whether the generic name should be Araneus Clerck or Aranea Linnaeus. In the Commission saw itself forced to repeat once more, although this was already explicit in the Code's Article 3.

Svenska Spindlar lists the following 67 species of spider; their current identities follow Platnick — Chapter 2 AraneidaeTetragnathidae. Chapter 3 TheridiidaeNesticidaeLinyphiidae.

Chapter 4 AgelenidaeClubionidae. Chapter 5 LycosidaePisauridae. Chapter 7 ThomisidaePhilodromidaeSparassidae. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Araneus angulatus in Svenska Spindlar. Figure of male and svenska spindlar bitstamper A. Svenska spindlar bitstamper and Preserved in the British Museum.

British Museum Natural History. Svenska spindlar bitstamper of the status of availability to the names published by C. Clerck in in the work Aranei Svecici and addition of the title of that work to the Official List of Works approved as available for use in Zoological Nomenclature".

Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature. International Code of Zoological Nomenclature 4th ed. The International Trust for Zoological Nomenclature. American Museum of Natural History. Retrieved September 9, Retrieved from " https: Arachnological literature Biological classification Zoological nomenclature books Zoology books Carl Linnaeus Biological systems in science Swedish books. Articles containing Swedish-language text Articles containing Latin-language text.

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