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As a manufacturer of products to where can i buy amolin sensitive laundry liquid vs powder for clothing, footwear, and outdoor gear, I am frequently asked about the difference between soap and detergent.

Remember, these folks are marketers for their industry and though their information is accurate, it may not be complete. The FDA has a definition to distinguish soaps and detergents for the purpose of applying regulations. It gives special treatment to alkali salts of fatty acids. In fact, soap is just a very unspecial form of detergent. A detergent is anything that grabs onto dirt, soil, grease, oil, odor, etc.

If the detergent hooks-up too well it may join the dirt on the fabric or surface and become part of the problem soap and detergent scum.

So our cleaning agent must remain well attached to the water so that as the water rinses away, the detergent goes with it still holding fast to the dirts and soils it has released from the material being cleaned. The difference comes from how we create the cleaner that must love oily dirt on one hand and love water on the other hand. A detergent or soap molecule is different on one end from the other.

One end loves dirt and the other loves water. A modern chemical plant can make any kind of cleaner you want. There are many compounds that are non-polar or uncharged at one end and polar or charged at the other end. The non-polar end will grab the dirt from the surface and the polar end will hang onto the wash water to carry it all away. You can make each molecule exactly the same for a very specific dirt where can i buy amolin sensitive laundry liquid vs powder you can create blends of several different molecules to attack a range of soils.

Each of these elegantly engineered molecules is a surfactant surface active agent and a blend of surfactants for a specific cleaning task is a modern detergent. The value, effectiveness, safety, efficiency, biodegradability and purity of a proper detergent is a work of art. Unfortunately, modern marketing is not overly concerned with great cleaning, so they add brighteners, softeners, colors, anti-microbials, fragrances, enzymes, extracts, essential oils, vitamins, milk, tea, oatmeal, etc.

Manufacturers can produce outstanding detergents but Marketers insist on polluting them all with counterproductive chemical slop. NO, quite the contrary! Most of them are based on the modern where can i buy amolin sensitive laundry liquid vs powder blends, same as the products called detergents. Soaps usually have all the same modern pollutants that you find in detergents and they have the additional problem of not working well in hard water.

They use fats or oils that have had a charged group of atoms attached by ancient chemistry. If they actually do the cleaning with an alkali salt of fatty acid, they meet the FDA definition of Soap.

The classic form is to boil animal fat and throw in an amount of lye that will supply charged ends for all the oil molecules. You have very little control of this process. Time and temperature cause various combinations to occur and each will interact differently with the soils and especially with the calcium and magnesium in the wash water. Now add peppermint, honey, apricot extract and a dozen more sensitizers and you have a toxic mess guaranteed to succeed in a market where products strive to distinguish themselves by the chemical residue they deposit on your hair, skin and clothing.

What ingredients should we look for and which to avoid? This is a trick question. A properly selected high quality surfactant should do the job efficiently and rinse away completely. A proper blend of two or three compatible surfactants can where can i buy amolin sensitive laundry liquid vs powder the basis of a good cleaner. Rather than name hundreds of possible ingredients that may or may not be synergistic or appropriate, my advice is to find a product that does the best job with the least ingredients in number and amount.

Liquid laundry detergents should do a machine load with one ounce or less. A laundry powder should dissolve to totally clear in cold water in one minute or less and should get the job done with one tablespoon per wash load. If more is required, there are several possibilities and none of them beneficial except to the marketers. This is a waste of packaging, space, transport, convenience, etc.

Maybe they use poorly chosen, incompatible, inappropriate, or ineffective surfactants and need lots more chemical to do the job. This a recipe for poor rinsability and lots of irritating residue.

And how do you measure performance? Assuming it removes obvious soils and odors, here are a few other things to look for. If you have very soft water and very little dirt or odor, a soap can do a fair job on common soil.

If, however, you have special fabric, soils, odors, skin sensitivities, or high tech features to restore and maintain, only detergents can do the job. The real villain is the residues of fad ingredients that can be added to both soaps and detergents. The Sport-Wash and Sensi-Clean Brands are the same product marketed to target the diverse demographics and issues that are addressed by eliminating residue.

You can get a sticky feeling for why soaps have been replaced by detergents here. Home Clothing Care Soap Versus Detergent Soap Versus Detergent Soap Versus Detergent As a manufacturer of products to care for clothing, footwear, and outdoor gear, I am frequently asked about the difference between soap and detergent.

So how do you choose a cleaner?

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Purity Sensitive Laundry Liquid Concentrate is a natural laundry liquid that features a sensitive formula that is extra gentle on the skin.

The 2 x concentrated laundry liquid leaves no harsh chemical residue or heavy perfumes, making it ideal for sensitive skin. It is suitable for both top and front-loading washing machines and contains no phosphates or dyes.

CCF accredited and dermatologically tested. Skip to main content. Natures Organics Contact Details:. Reviews Reviews reflect the honest opinions of Trial Team members. Member Reviewer 15 Aug 9: Ticks all the boxes Rating: I was given a bottle of the purity laundry, from a very practical friend, when I had my bub.

Originally I tried to keep the big people clothes separate and to keep using our old liquid for our clothes and the purity for bub gentle with no nasties. I now regularly use the purity for all our clothes, towels and sheets and have not noticed any decline in the cleanliness of our clothes. It gets out all the stains even number threes and leaves our laundry nice and fresh.

I have also found that I don't need quite as much as the instructions suggest so it works out even better value. My friends have also used purity for their reusable nappies you have to be careful what you use is the nappies degrade. They are really happy with the clean and their nappies have lasted without being degraded.

Great all round product. Member Reviewer 14 May A must have for kids laundry Rating: I am a mum of a month-old so I was very curious about what to choose for washing those delicate clothes so they don't get damaged or effect my child's skin so finally I came across this cuddly sensitive laundry liquid. I must say I fell in love with how it works and especially how good it smells! I love the different sizes it comes in and different fragrances to choose from , it's quite inexpensive and easily available and very easy to use!!

Member Reviewer 30 Dec 4: My kids have sensitive skin and i love using Natures Organics Purity Sensitive Laundry Liquid Concentrate for washing their clothes in my front loader washing machine. The clothes come out clean and there is no irritation on the skin after wearing freshly washed clothes. I love the fact that these are free from phosphates or dyes and is dermatologically tested. Member Reviewer 2 Sep 8: Great price and super soft. Especially great for newborn clothing as it is gentle on skin!

Member Reviewer 23 Feb 5: When I had my baby, I wanted to use something very gentle to wash my baby clothes which doesn't irritate my babies sensitive skin and it is perfect for that. It is phosphate free and dye free which I really like about it. It never irritated my baby's skin and clothes smells very nice.

I don't have to put a lot of product and clothes look clean and soft. You might also like.