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The only problem with choice is that citizens have to choose. Time is precious and how resources are utilized and expended, particularly in a recession, matters. Often the issue is not only the choices that are made, but the distribution of resources on the basis of these decisions.

While some eat too much, others eat too little. Similarly, governments make a decision about priorities in public services. This expendable list of expenses in the budget included cuts to public aggers propump liquidlive bacteria hicount. The reality that he was factually wrong in his comparison makes his statement even more bizarre.

Not only were aggers propump liquidlive bacteria hicount more Tim Hortons in his district than libraries 39 to 13iii but Toronto did not even hold the record for the most libraries per person in Canada, let alone the world. There is a significant lesson to be learned when a politician appears to validate fast food restaurants over libraries. The aim of this article is clear: Two examples provide a resonant introduction to this study of food and speed, platform management and information literacy.

Consider the differing speeds of our online communication. The average email is read within 24 hours and responded to within 48 hours. The average text message is read within a minute and responded to within five. Email is being used less for personal correspondence and more for business and educational communication. But this changing function aggers propump liquidlive bacteria hicount organizational communication is not the focus for this article. Instead, the speed of answering text messages is the propulsion for my inquiry.

Why are text messages read immediately and responded to rapidly? What is learnt about the priorities when negotiating analogue and digital time and space? Odd behaviours are emerging, with physical events, people and experiences displaced in favour of digitized correspondence. Analogue lectures and funerals are interrupted. Dinners and meetings are suspended, delayed, mediated and extended to make up for interruptions and distractions. This is a displacement culture. There is a desire and decision to deny and indeed lose the present and the analogue moment, which — by definition - will never be repeated.

This choice has been made so that an often trivial and pointless message can be read. The loss of concentration in an actual context — often described as multitasking — is not only significant for education and employment, with lost minutes and hours each day reducing productivity and efficiency, but results in shadowy commitments, attention and allegiances.

Andrew Goodwin developed a title — if not an argument or content — to capture this transformation: Dancing in the Aggers propump liquidlive bacteria hicount Factory. The urgent and quick is a chameleon for the significant aggers propump liquidlive bacteria hicount important. Yet receiving and answering these text messages is not about importance. Most text messages are trivial. Aggers propump liquidlive bacteria hicount are opt in or opt out advertising or push notifications from social media.

It is not the content that determines value. The speed of their arrival connotes importance. Real time and real space are lost, flitting into aggers propump liquidlive bacteria hicount displaced time and a displaced space. To consider the impact of speed on culture, including food, it is necessary to explore the emerging theories of accelerated modernity. The first maxim to consider is that the popularity of a cultural phenomenon is defined by the speed of its production and dissemination.

Steve Redhead argued that. Or the speed by which the underground becomes overground. Redhead is suggesting that there is nothing in a particular song, food, fashion or behaviour that makes it intrinsically part of popular culture. It is the speed of movement between texts that creates pop. It is distinct from other cultural forms because of its mobility.

Popular culture is therefore integral to understandings of globalization, industrialization, modernity and speed.

Particularly since September 11, celebrity chefs and the proliferation of food programming bounces from television to newspapers and magazines to blogs, through to Twitter and geosocial networking sites such as Foursquare. Media and popular culture are based upon not only speed, but the speed of the movement in ideas.

Certainly, ideas on paper have moved through space and time before the proliferation of digitized text and images. Similarly television became the dominant medium via satellites. It entered popular culture and became a powerful channel of ideas — rather than the hobby of a few - as the bandwidth increased, enabling a much more rapid movement of increasingly larger files. Therefore, the speed between diverse sites increased the range and the adaptability of media.

Speed transforms minor media into popular culture. Speed is therefore a characteristic of modernity. That which is modern is fast. While modernity has as many origins aggers propump liquidlive bacteria hicount supposed endpoints, xi it is linked with a series of expansive events, such as the rise of capitalism, socialism, urbanization and democracy, alongside social movements such as feminism, gay rights and black rights.

The increasing importance of science and technology - with the attendant ideologies of the empirical and positivist, or indeed empiricism and aggers propump liquidlive bacteria hicount - offered a secular pathway to truth. The proliferation of education, with an increasing number of people developing competencies in literacy and numeracy, was matched by the professionalization of medicine and law. Yet the greatest sensibility within modernity is movement, particularly of goods, services, money, information and people.

Together, these characteristics, attributes, events and sensibilities not only increased the actual speed at which change took place, but also invoked a consciousness of speed and its consequences. Stress, mental and physical illnesses, family disturbances and an imbalance in work and leisure, production and consumption resulted. By the early twentieth century, a series of disciplines, like psychoanalysis and psychology, emerged to diagnose these changes.

Dr Phil and Dr Oz are modern manifestations. Therefore this double problem — the speed of change and a consciousness of that speed - increased through the twentieth century and provided a seed for the slow food movement. Paul Virilio has a hypothesis aggers propump liquidlive bacteria hicount be tested and applied when considering food as a mode of communication.

He argues that the speed of an object, idea, event or entity changes its essential nature. Further, he suggests that the entity that is faster will dominate that which is slower.

Food Studies scholars have instigated a great service by defamiliarizing the patterns of daily life. When food could be refrigerated and transported, tastes and experiences were diversified. Through such scholarship, it is also important to explore the variable of time and its impact on the meaning, purpose and function of eating. Fast food activates a range of moral panics in our culture: Speed also gives fast food a taken-for-granted quality.

It is part of popular culture and is embedded into daily life. Automated decision making about food medicates a lack of ability and time to cook. Fast and slow food are a direct — and intimate - manifestation of how time, place, speed and acceleration are operating in our daily lives. They are direct applications of industrialization and connect major historical events to the intimate spaces of food preparation, cars xx and — indeed — the movement of food from hand to mouth.

Because more and more individuals spend more and more time alone, isolated in the aggers propump liquidlive bacteria hicount box that is the car, it would seem that the car has probably promoted social atomism and compromised community involvement.

Also, the time compresses between desiring food and being able to eat it, thereby reducing the capacity to create reflections and consciousness in decision making. The histories of transportation, masculinity, femininity, class, work, leisure, home and domestic aggers propump liquidlive bacteria hicount map over food. Firstly it signifies food that can be prepared quickly. Celebrity chefs recognize that the changes to work and family-life means that food must transform in response.

For example, Nigella Lawson released a series of programmes titled Nigella Express. In the 19th century in the United Kingdom, fast food referred to meat pies and fried food like fish and chips. Sandwiches were also part of fast food in the UK, therefore providing an historical connection to the Subway franchise. The speed variable in fast food captures the mode of preparation, service and the act of eating.

The modern history of fast food is part of North American history and industrialization, tethered to Fordism. The first fast food restaurant opened in and it was known as Automat. Their slogan connotes the changes to both femininity and family life: It is almost synonymous with fast food. It was founded in and offered a simple menu of hamburgers, French fries, milkshakes, Coke and coffees. The food was served in disposable paper wrapping, without conventional crockery or cutlery.

They used a preparation method aggers propump liquidlive bacteria hicount Henry Aggers propump liquidlive bacteria hicount deployed to make cars. Staff learnt one task and did not deviate from that assignment, either making the fries or cooking the burgers. The process of cooking was literally transparent, with food prepared behind glass but in the view of customers.

Yet one of the other reasons for the success of fast food was that it was linked with another aggers propump liquidlive bacteria hicount of speed: The drive-through service combined food and transportation, meaning food could be eaten, and often with fingers. The consequence of these methods of production and consumption is that fast food is processed, prepared using fordist cooking and preparation principles and standardized ingredients to ensure uniformity of taste, all delivered in the shortest period of time.

While fast food is often synonymous with cheap food, a much more complex relationship emerges between food and agricultural policy.

If food is seen as a system, rather than a relationship between producers and consumers, then the injustices and complexity are easier to see, track and evaluate. As Michael Carolan asked. How could we let this happen, where one quarter of the world is at risk of dying from eating too much, another quarter at risk of dying from eating too little, and some at risk of dying from both obesity and malnourishment? The distribution of food is a complex question, made more damning and damaging aggers propump liquidlive bacteria hicount individuals who have been characterized as obese are also malnourished.

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