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The Ashton lab occupies sq. Dedicated Ashton lab space entails sq. BSL-2 cell culture room, and a sq. Also, all lab spaces within the suite are plumed with air, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and vacuum lines supplied by the building. The protein synthesis and purification facilities include a Thermo MaxQ bench-top orbital shaker, a GloMax multifunctional microplate reader, an Akta Prime Plus chromatography machine from GE Healthcare, and a refrigerated CentriVap concentrator from Labconco for preparing recombinant protein samples for storage.

Additionally, there is a shared Labconco lyophilizer unit. To perform molecular biology and cloning procedures, there is a dedicate benchtop for RNA work, two Legend micro21 centrifuges and one refrigerated micro-centrifuge, a Sorvall RC6 high speed centrifuge, a Heratherm heated incubator, two BioRad gel electrophoresis DNA and protein units and power supplies, an Eppendorf Mastercylcler Pro for PCR reactions, a Thermostat plus for temperature sensitive incubations, and a Biophotometer plus for spectrophotometric analysis of biological samples.

Finally, the Ashton lab contains a 23 cu. Also within the WID, we have access to a sq. The WID creates a highly collaborative environment that is ideal for supporting cutting-edge biotechnology research, and provides world-class shared research facilities distributed throughout lab suites dedicated to each research theme. It broadly links over 88 stem researchers across the UW Madison campus, and organizes them into focus groups e. The SCRMC also sponsors a weekly seminar series and an annual research symposium that attracts stem cell research leaders from around the world.

As a member of the SCRMC, the Ashton lab enjoys discount rates for use of core immunology and pathology, nonhuman primate, cellular and molecular imaging, and small animal imaging services, as well as a host of discounted reagents, human pluripotent stem cell lines, and services for stem cell research provided by the WiCell Research Institute.

It provides a diverse and impressive set of tools and services to assist researchers: Both Sanger sequencing and next generation sequencing platforms are available, providing inexpensive sequencing of isolated fragments or massively parallel sequencing of random fragments.

The Gene Expression Center is also a state of the art microarray expression facility. It is a fully equipped molecular biology laboratory with appropriate equipment including computers 7 with software Microsoft Office, Microarray suite 5.

The center occupies a central laboratory, two instrument rooms, and four offices. The Gene Expression Center serves the campus as well as the Genome Center and will thereby help to integrate scientific interactions across the campus. In addition, they provide basic computational support for analysis of the data produced by next generation sequencers at the UW Biotechnology Center DNA Sequencing Facility so that it can be delivered to researchers in a usable form. The UW Biotechnology Center also provides project-specific advanced bioinformatics analysis for researchers with high throughput sequence data.

This is particularly useful for peptide sequencing and post-translational modification mapping. It contains a repertoire of machines to support 3D printing, electron beam melting, fused deposition modeling, laminated object manufacturing, selective laser sintering, and stereolithography techniques.

The Wisconsin Center for Applied Microelectronics WCAM is a shared research core facility, which provides instrumentation for micro- and nano-scale fabrication.

The Center is located within 6, square feet of cleanroom space including 1, square feet of Class 10 space. It is a university-wide shared facility, and is housed in the Engineering Centers building beside the UW Biomedical Engineering Department.

LPCVD furnace tubes and oxidation tubes are available along with a rapid thermal annealing system. Deposition resources include three e-beam evaporators and two sputtering systems. Numerous wet chemical hoods are located throughout the cleanroom. A critical point dryer and a wafer bonder provide unique solutions for MEMs processing. Two wafer saws, a diamond scribe, a die attacher, and two wire bonders provide a means to package devices. U niversity of W isconsin —Madison. Home Resources Laboratory The Ashton lab occupies sq.

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